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  1. Canon
  2. History of Canon Precision Optical Industry leader was Takeshi Mitarai who in 1945 produced commences for the midrange J II focal-plan-shutter camera. In 1946 the Ginza Camera Service Station opens, and the Canon S II introduced, receiving great acclaim from ranking officers in the Occupation Forces and Foreign buyers in Japan. Furthermore in 1947 The Company becomes canon Camera and the Government designates Canon cameras priority exports when Japan resumes export activities. In 1933, Canons predecessor was founded in Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo to conduct research into cameras. In 1934 Kwanon was the first 35mm focal-plate-shutter camera to produced it as a prototype, the company then in 1935 they filled for registration of the Conon trademark. The Hansa Canon, which was a 35mm focal-plate-shutter camera was introduced in 1936, then in 1937, Precision Optical Industry, Co. Ltd was founded. In 1940, Japan's first indirect x ray camera was developed. Production began in 1945 for the midrange J ll focal-plate-shutter camera. The Ginza Camera Service Station opened in 1946, the Canon S ll was also Occupation forces and foreign buyers in Japan. The values Canon have been them • Ideals • Trust & innovation • Equality: men-women • Sponsorship Canons target audience is now aimed towards 35- and 16-year-olds to further promote their product. Promoting it towards a youthful and adventurous audience they are more likely to get their product out wider through teenage audience and with doing so they'll be able to see more complex and different compared to 30+ year olds Canon had placed TOP 3 patient holders for the last 30 years
  3. Canon These are also some of Canon's values, which is a larger proportion and variation This is an explanation of what their values are. For example, in "What We Value" is basically how and what their product (canon) can produce and how it can / could influence people to use the cameras and see what they can create with their creativity Canons Visions Canon are trying to constantly exploring new ways to express feeling, adventure and imagination through an image. Furthermore, their visons inspires them to improve Canons the world’s imaging trade name (Canon), are certainly committed to driving advanced technologies and celebrate their innovation. Furthermore, the reason they are always innovated is because they always want to be a head of the competition, so the possibility doesn’t accrue that they don’t produce something worse than their previous product
  4. Who is the audience? Canons target audience is now aimed towards 35 and 16 yearolds to further promote their product. Promoting it towards a youthful and adventurous audience they are more likely to get their product out wider through teenage audience and with doing so they'll be able to see more complex and different compared to 30+ year olds By targeting a younger audience Cannon may be albe to build a base of customers who are lifelong cannon users which can influence other youthful people to start using cannons products, especially with them being young makes it more interesting because they are more creative and create more interesting things than people who have been using canon for years. With having a youthful audience its inspiring & motivational towards the younger audince so they can see what potential they have to create new and bizzare products
  5. Visual-Cannon
  6. On this poster of the advertisement the designer has placed the camera in the eye of the chameleon which has very good eyesight and not only that they can change between both monocular and binocular vision. Furthermore, the chameleon is looking at you and the background is blurred which is telling us that the lens of the camera is exactly like the chameleon eyesight. The designer has made sure that the "Canon Redefine your FOCUS" is the one of the things that catches your eye aswell as the chameleon and it has done that by bluring the background out making them the prime thing that’s is focused on.
  7. On this advertisemrnt of the canon camera I blurs out the background to make us focus on the camera what has been placed in front of us, the reason why is because they are showing that the canon camera can take very good quality pictures as if you were there taking the picture, furthermore it also shows that it can take pictures of things that are far away like the bridge at the front and still being able to see the bridge at the back and picks up detail very well.
  8. There are a few things that I do and don’t like about this type of advertisement for the canon camera, the things I do like is that they have used a black background to really make the camera look bold and, in your face, making all the detail really show. Furthermore, I like how it features all the other things it has for example the 6400 IOS and the 18.0 Mega Pixels However, what I don’t like, even though they have mentioned the great things about the camera, some views don’t always read or understand what they mean and go for the visuals, so I would have made the background something jaw dropping with what the camera is capable of producing. Although I like the black background it doesn’t really show what it can do.
  9. More Canon adverts
  10. What do you need to create? What we need to create is a poster for the Canon client to promote it towards an audience that will grasp their attention and potentially get them into making canon products
  11. For my idea ill use an image of me where I was a little overweight and then into fitness side by side