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Modernize your SAP BI applications with Geo-Analytics

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Webinar held by Galigeo and SAP

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Modernize your SAP BI applications with Geo-Analytics

  1. 1. Document confidentiel Galigeo – 2017 Modernize your SAP BI Applications with Geo- Analytics Webinar 27-06-2017
  2. 2. Speakers Gregory Botticchio Galigeo | Confidential2 Vincent Dechandon Philippe Ghattas Product Manager BI SAP Customer Success Manager GALIGEO Product Manager LI GALIGEO
  3. 3. Galigeo – Location Intelligence Since 2001  SAP SolEx Partner – SAP certified solutions Document confidentiel Galigeo – 2017  More than 250 customers  Offices : France, USA, Canada, Germany  Local Partners  Technology Partners: ESRI, IBM et Salesforce
  4. 4. Document confidentiel Galigeo – 2017 Customers by Industry Retail & Distribustion Healthcare Police & Security State Local Gov. 4 Federal Gov. Transport & Energy Finance Telcos
  5. 5. Galigeo – New Webi Extension!  Multi-Maps Available – ability for users to incorporate multiple maps in a given webi report using one or multiple datasets Document confidentiel Galigeo – 2017  Territory Design – Empower users to manage your custom territories directly from the SAP BI environment (without ever leaving Webi)  Enriched Catalog – Enriched Geo Catalog now available in all 3 extensions (can of course leverage your personal Geo-data)
  6. 6. Galigeo – Lumira 2.0 Beta Announcement! Document confidentiel Galigeo – 2017  Flows – The must have for Logistics, Distribution…easily see flows from different points/locations to destination directly on a map with Galigeo for SAP BI  Geocoding – Now available in Lumira 2.0 with the Galigeo Extension! Convert your address to Lat/Long directly in Lumira!  Time Series/motion maps – Enahnced TS funtionality added to Lumira 2.0. Ability to animate on the time dimension or other categories available.
  7. 7. Try it Like it! Document confidentiel Galigeo – 2017 http://www.galigeo.com NEW! Galigeo for WebIntelligence (from 4.2 sp3) FREE Trial – Download it on our website Contact : Philippe Ghattas pghattas@Galigeo.com Olivia Sedant osedant@galigeo.com BETA PROGRAM: Galigeo for Lumira 2.0 Contact us