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Phyre - Phyre building a portable device that plugs into anydisplay and makes it easy to wirelessly show visual content on...
Drizly and Mident - Launched in 2013 by 3 BC grads (including a       ’12). The firm won the 2012 Boston College Venturepr...
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Young entrepreneurship showcase summary sheet

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Young entrepreneurship showcase summary sheet

  1. 1. Phyre - Phyre building a portable device that plugs into anydisplay and makes it easy to wirelessly show visual content onbig screens. The device is called Torch. Torch is wirelesslyaccessible from a phone, tablet, or laptop, and it allows a user toutilize a big screen like it’s an extension of their device. The co-founders, Patrick Allen, Josh Jackson, and Matt Ricketson, are all The Boston College TechnologyBC seniors with collective experience that includes winning the Council PresentsMIT$100K ESC Mobile Track, being named a MassChallengefinalist, being named a BCVC finalist, and developing the mobileapp for a venture-backed Y-Combinator graduate.Contact: patrick@phyreup.comViraleigh  –Founded  by  “20  under  20”  Thiel  Finalist  Riley  Drake  (BC  16),  Viraleigh  aims  to  engineer  broad  spectrum  viral  treatments    that  would  treat  a  class  of  viruses  as  opposed  to  a  single  strain.  Riley  has  worked  in  labs  at  Johns  Hopkins  University  and  Massachusetts  General  Hospital.   The 2013 Boston College YoungShe  aims  to  create  therapies  whose  far-­‐reaching  specificities   Entrepreneurs Showcasewould  allow  for  the  systematic  eradication  of  viruses  within  a    reasonable  timeframe,  in  a  manner  similar  to  the  global    revolution  brought  on  by  the  invention  of  antibiotics.   BCVC Alumni:Contact:  info@viraleigh.com   • Drizly and Mident   • Jebbit (TechStars Boston Spring 2013) w w w   • NBD nano (TechStars Boston Fall 2012)   • Wymsee (TechStars Boston Fall 2012)Get  Involved:  The  Boston  College  Venture  Competition  is  a  student-­‐run   Current Student Teams:organization  that  provides  juried  competitions,  prize  money,  an   • Campus Calories (BCVC ’13 Finalist)accelerator,  mentorship  and  education  for  BC  student   • Phyre (BCVC ’13 Finalist)entrepreneurs.  BCVC  participants  have  gone  on  to  gain   • Viraleigh (Thiel Fellow Finalist)admission  to  elite  accelerators  (Y-­‐Combinator,  TechStars,    Summer@Highland,  MassChallenge),  win  competitions  at    MIT  and  Yale,  launch  multiple  products,  and  raise  millions  in  capital.  To  get  involved,  visit  bcvc.org  or  contact:  bcvc@gmail.com  
  2. 2. Drizly and Mident - Launched in 2013 by 3 BC grads (including a ’12). The firm won the 2012 Boston College Ventureprior BCVC finalist) and currently in private alpha, Drizly offers Competition, graduated from TechStars Boston in Fall 2012, andusers the ability to order alcohol with their iOS device and have has received press coverage from the BBC, NPR, and otherit delivered to them by their local liquor store in under 60 major outlets. NBD nano has raised over half a million dollarsminutes. The firm’s software platform facilitates connections in capital to date and has secured exclusive materials licenses forbetween brands, liquor stores, and consumers. Drizlys exclusive the commercialization its technology.joint venture, Mident, is the leader in mobile ID verification with Contact: miguel@nbdnano.comits offerings being used by liquor control commissions and lawenforcement at all levels, nationwide. Midents current product Wymsee – started by BC ’11 alumni who participated in BCVCdevelopment and partnerships are paving the way for security in with different ideas, the Wymsee team assembled shortly aftermobile payments and banking that was previously impossible. graduation and has already launched their first product,Drizly and Mident have taken no investment, to date, to accomplish SyncOnSet, a management tool for TV and film production designthe aforementioned. teams. The companys widely-praised products have been used onContact: nick@drizly.com over a 60 productions, including NBC’s 30 Rock, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, an upcoming Martin Scorsese feature film,Jebbit – After winning the 2011 BCVC competition, Jebbit was and Anchorman 2. Data from the tool will eventually extend tothe youngest founder-team selected to participate in the highly- record product placement and fuel entertainment-linked consumercompetitive Summer@Highland program in Cambridge, MA. The commerce. A Fall 2012 graduate of TechStars Boston, Wymsee’sfirm’s pay-per-performance advertising platform that connects seed round of financing has oversubscribed.brands with the college market launched in Spring 2012, attracting Contact: alex@wymsee.comnational advertisers, including BOSE, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft. Injust 9 months of operation, Jebbit has spread to over 2,500 Campus Calories – a mobile application that allows students touniversities in the U.S. Jebbit has raised over $500,000 in seed access the nutritional information at their school. Students canfunding to date from prominent investors including HubSpot Co- search their school-specific nutritional database and track theirFounder, Dharmesh Shah, General Catalyst Founder, John Simon, daily intake of calories and other nutrients. Launched in Januaryand Boston Seed Capital. Jebbit has been named one of the Top 25 2013 at Boston College, Campus Calories has been downloadedMost Promising Startups in the World by CNBC, and has been over 3,750 times from Apple’s App Store. The app now includesprofiled in Inc. Magazine, Boston Business Journal, and other nutritional information for Boston College, UMass Amherst,outlets. Jebbit was recently named to the Spring 2013 class of and MIT. Students have requested the app over at over a dozenTechStars Boston. The firm is lead by BC undergrads Tom other colleges. In addition to adding more schools to the mobileCoburn (CEO), Jonathan Lacoste (COO), and Chase McAleese app, Campus Calories is working with BC Dining to develop much(CPO). needed software improvements for dining services departments.Contact: tom@jebbit.com Campus Calories is currently a BCVC finalist. The team is comprised of founder Jimmy Campbell (a current BC senior) andNBD nano – a material science effort to provide thin-film coatings his BC Skiing teammate Dario Baldoni (BC ’12.)that enhance condensation and heat transfer performance, NBD Contact: jimmy@campuscalories.comnano is led by Miguel Galvez and Deckard Sorenson (both BC

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