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Smart city

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A complete introduction to smart city ,why we go for smart city,Technology req in a city to be called as smartcity,application of smartcity etc.

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Smart city

  1. 1. SMART CITIES Guided By :- Prof. S.P DUDHE Presented By :- ANKITKUMAR . J. SINGH (135147) Presentation on Government Polytechnic,Nashik Department of Information Technology
  2. 2. We will clear following point ● What is Smart City ? ● Why ? (We need it) ● When ? (History and Future of Smart City) ● How ? (Enabling Technologies) ● Where ? (Applications)
  3. 3. DEVELOPING - City Mobile - City Smart - City Electronic - City Smart cities Development
  4. 4. Smart city A Combination of many Vertical Solutions Smart Education Smart Energy Smart Healthcare Smart Transpor- tation Smart IT and Communications
  5. 5. Need of Smart cities Challenges Cities Face Today :- ➢ Growing population ➢ Traffic congestion ➢ Space – homes and public space ➢ Resource management (water and energy use) ➢ Global warming (carbon emissions)
  6. 6. Smart I.T And Communication 1) Big data 2) Internet of Things (IoT) 3) Mobile apps 4) Location-based services 5) Sensors 6) E-Governance 7)Data security and management 8) Mobile marketing
  7. 7. Big Data ➢ Big data is the realization of greater business intelligence by storing, processing, and analyzing data that was previously ignored due to the limitations of traditional data management technologies.
  8. 8. Social + Enterprise = Big Data
  9. 9. ➢ Relational Data (Tables/Transaction/Legacy Data) ➢ Text Data (Web) ➢ Semi-structured Data (XML) ➢ Graph Data Social Network, Semantic Web (RDF) ➢ Streaming Data You can only scan the data once Types of Data
  10. 10. Volume • Data quantity Velocity • Data Speed Variety • Data Types Veracity • Messiness 4 V’s of Big Data
  11. 11. ➢ Aggregation and Statistics Data warehouse ➢ Indexing, Searching, and Querying Keyword based search Pattern matching ➢ Knowledge discovery Data Mining Statistical Modeling What to do with these Data ?
  12. 12. How is Big Data actually used ? Better understand and target customers: Improving Security and Law Enforcement:
  13. 13. Application For Big Data Analytics Homeland Security Finance Smarter Healthcare Multi-channel sales Telecom Traffic Control Trading AnalyticsManufacturing
  14. 14. Future of Big data ? ➢ $15 billion on software firms only specializing in data management and analytics. ➢ This industry on its own is worth more than $100 billion. ➢ In February 2012, Wikibon released the first market forecast for Big Data , listing $5.1B revenue in 2012 with growth to $53.4B in 2017. ➢ India will require a minimum of 1 lakh data scientists in couple of years.
  15. 15. Sensor’s Network 1) Sensor :- 2) Actuator: 3) Integration with ICT SensorsActuators M2M Multi Services Gateway Meters
  16. 16. ➢Movement ➢Temperature ➢Force ➢Acceleration ➢Flow ➢Position ➢Light ➢Etc. Data Capture Through Sensors
  17. 17. Internet of Things
  18. 18. ● Internet appears everywhere in the world ● But it is still a connection between people and people. ● IoT connects all things, so it is called “the Internet of Things” What is IoT ?
  19. 19. Biosensor taken by people Equipment in public place House Regional Office Virtual EnvironmentTransportation Vehicle Network Application Of IoT
  20. 20. 1)Traffic Congestion: 2)Smart lighting: 3)Waste management: 4)Smart roads: 5)Smart parking 6)Structural Health: 7)Smartphone detection: 8)Electromagnetic field levels: City Application – At a Glance
  21. 21. Traffic Of Congestion
  22. 22. Point-of-Sight in Stadium Consumer Wearable Location Services Enhanced Video Smart city Services Smart Homes
  23. 23. Health Care
  24. 24. Smart Education
  25. 25. Thank you for listening
  26. 26. Any Question ? ?