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Hand tools

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tools used by hand in metal work

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Hand tools

  1. 1. Hand Tools Prepared by: G. Tulloch
  2. 2. Hand Tools • Hand tool is a tool held in the hand and operated without electricity or other power. Some hand tools used in metal work include: Hammers Hacksaws Punches Files Screwdrivers Wrenches Sockets Snips Chisels
  3. 3. Hammers • Hand Tools: Hammers Ball Peen Hammer Used for bending and shaping metal and seating rivets Mallet Wooden, plastic, or metal head, they are used for bending sheet metal Mechanic’s Hammer Used for shaping metal
  4. 4. Punches • Centre punches- locate the centre of a hole that is prepared for drilling. • Dot punch- identify are for cutting
  5. 5. Screw Drivers Standard Screwdriver Available in a variety of sizes Philips Screwdriver Four-flanged tip allows for more rotational force Nut Driver Used for tightening small hex nuts on bolts
  6. 6. Sockets
  7. 7. Chisel Used for cutting through, or shearing, mild steel and nonferrous metals
  8. 8. Hacksaw • Saws Coping Saw Used for making fine, curvilinear cuts in thin metal Hacksaw Adjustable frame saw for cutting metal
  9. 9. Files Rat-Tail File Can be used with wood, plastic, and metal Metal File Has very fine teeth for use on metal Common Shapes: flat, mill, square, half round, round and three square (triangular). Common Coarseness Cuts (rough to smooth): bastard, second cut, smooth. Kinds of Teeth: Single Cut and Double Cut.
  10. 10. Tin SnipTin Snip There are four types available; regular straight snip, curved (left and right) snip, and duckbill snip Available in straight, left, or right. Compound action makes cutting easier and the jaws are usually serrated. Also called Compound snips.
  11. 11. Wrenches A wrench is a tool used to provide grip and mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn objects