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Pitching Tips: presentation tips from The Pitching Coach

This is a remix of tips and advice from David S. Rose's presentations on how to pitch to a VC for money. These slides are not designed to be a stand alone presentation. The design of the slides is experimental and are not the actual slides used by David S. Rose in his presentations to entrepreneurs. Do not adjust your computer -- the display type (Carbontype) is suppose to look that way (whether that is good or bad -- effective or lame -- is another issue all together).

Watch David's excellent talk on the TED website:


About David S. Rose

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Pitching Tips: presentation tips from The Pitching Coach

  1. Howtop th ic a VC for money. ps for pitching Ti By David S. Rose
  2. 1 tig yu 0 hns o m ut s cne i yu ovy n or pth ic. (What the VC is loo king for.)
  3. 1.Integrity 2.Passion 3.Experien ce 4.Knowledge 5.Skill 6.Leadership 7.Com mitment 8.Vision 9.Realism 10.Coa chability
  4. To -0 p1 is tp From David S. Rose
  5. Do not look at the screen. (1)
  6. Do not read your speech. (2)
  7. Do not do a Live Demo. (3)
  8. w ys Al a use a remote control. (4)
  9. Remember: Handouts are not ation. your present (5)
  10. Donot tell es okr! j.eve .. (6)
  11. Do not oll stror fid get. (7)
  12. Pa th ce e presentation smoothly & evenly . (8)
  13. ck Chement uip eq or ur own use yo computer & projector. (9)
  14. Only theCEO e the can giv money pitch. (10)
  15. Slides created by GARR REYNOLDS presentation zen