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HR and Social Networking

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Presentation delivered at DMA "Mega HR Conclave" on 24th November,

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HR and Social Networking

  1. 1. Gautam Ghosh Platform Evangelistand Lead - India Marketing
  2. 2. GAME IS CHANGING350300250200 NUMBER OF ACTIVE USERS150 FACEBOOK – 35 M JOB BOARDS – 2 MILLION100 50 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Job Board Facebook
  3. 3. Society is undergoing dramatic change FROM TO Passive recipients of Active knowledge information sharers/drivers Constrained by natural Borderless (or psychological) boundaries Face to face Synchronous Virtual and Variable Living within our means Have It All Job for Life Continuous Learning
  4. 4. Social BusinessSocial Media Marketing Enterprise And Social CRM 2.0 TalentCommunities
  5. 5. My POV on why this is happening
  6. 6. How companies are benefiting McKinsey Global Survey Results % of MedianInternal Uses respondents improvement Access to Knowledge 68% 30% Access to Internal Experts 43% 35% Employee Satisfaction 35% 20% Increasing Innovation 25% 20%External Uses Increasing Customer Satisfaction 43% 20% Increasing Innovation 22% 20%
  7. 7. Talent communities People from career database People People from social visiting networks website Content & Videos Branded Talent Jobs postedfrom social Community networks
  8. 8. Content, Conversations People Company Develop interested Employees Engage Attract People with Skills
  9. 9. Creating a learning environment• Enable peer to peer learning and employer training modules around developing talent on how they can best utilise their skills and experience.• Create the Talent score: - A rank relative to an industry or a job - Based on their activities on the site, referrals, game scoring, CV data, etc.
  10. 10. Employer tools, buttons & invite functions
  11. 11. Segment and manage your community BraveNewTalent gives you the ability to segment your community into lists and engage with them on a personal level, using less time and fewer resources than you would on a Facebook page or Twitter account
  12. 12. Attract targeted candidatesTargeting Talent Talent journeyThe first step to start a Talent Words Your target candidate willcampaign is to select the people get a message, invitingyou want to target. For example: them to join your Talent Community. Your personalised landing page welcomes them into yourCommunity management community.Once your community members are all there, eagerto engage with you, you segment them in lists andtalk to them on a regular basis in a targeted way. Inside the community, they edit their professional profiles.
  13. 13. Start Recruiting directly from your community Headhunt in your own community Post jobs and analyse results Interview and take notes Hire the right people in less time
  14. 14. Social Media Hub: all your digital contentThe BraveNewTalent platform will aggregate your online content and give talent a single Media Hub in which to engage with you
  15. 15. The IBM Case StudyOverview The Brief • Target and engage with younger students from top 20 UK tech universities. • Attract those not yet thinking of jobs. • Engage with candidates that they could not reach physically, particularly on campus. The Challenge • Will engagement have a positive effect on community growth? • Engagement resource limited to 15 minutes every other day. Engagement Results • 1300+ engaged, 1st to 3rd year, top UK Universities
  16. 16. Case study - Hiring quality, not quantity• The Pinsent Masons case study Attraction results (3 months) 500+ Followers Top 15 UK Universities Engagement results •50% less applications required to hire •2x as many offered an interview •71% of those interviewed got hired •100% of offers were accepted •“..candidates who use BNT will on average perform better at both the application screening and interview stage than a typical candidate”, Recruitment Manager
  17. 17. THANK YOU! T: 91-97422-39954 E: Gautam@BraveNewTalent.com Twitter: @GautamGhosh Blog: http://www.gautamblogs.comFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/HR.Blogger