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Intro to Lean Software Development

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Presentation I gave to the Chicago ACM about Lean Software Development. Full audio can be found here:


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Intro to Lean Software Development

  1. Trimming The FatAn Intro to Lean Software Development
  2. ConductQuestions OK Raise Hand
  3. Who Am I? Local Entrepreneur1530 Technologies & A Part-Time CTO Organizer Lean Startup Circle Lean Proponent Since 2003
  4. AssumptionsTeam based development vs. solo Ideology still valuable
  5. Lean Software Development( While touching on Lean Manufacturing )
  6. “Lean” vs. Lean
  7. Lean Origins1.Started in Japanese Manufacturing & Auto Industries2.Crystalized in Toyota Production System However, the TPS is Lean, but Lean is NOT the TPS
  8. Software vs.Manufacturing Crucial Differences
  9. Heterogeneous vs. Homogeneous Economies of Scale vs. Scope
  10. Eliminate FailureTotal Quality Management (TQM), etc...
  11. Wrong!If you’re not failing, you’re not learning.
  12. Donald G. Reinertsen “Failure is actually a good thing in learning systems, as this is one the most information is generated, so weactually want ways of generating an appropriate ratio of failure to success, if we have too much of either the system is not generating enough information to properly learn” - LeanSSC 2010
  13. Reduce Variability Six Sigma, etc...
  14. Wrong! Reduce Economic Impact of VariabilityFeature differentiation & Economies of Scope
  15. Eliminate Bugs & Defects Sig Sigma, etc...
  16. Wrong!Preventing defects has a cost. Need to weigh that cost with fixing
  17. So There Are Some Critical DifferencesLean Software Development Follows Spirit, Not Letter, of Lean
  18. So what is Lean?
  19. The Lean Methodology
  20. WaterfallAgile (XP, etc..) Vs. LeanCustom Process RUP
  21. Forget your currentProcess / Methodology!
  22. Lean Waterfall Lean Lean ( Not Really )Agile (XP, etc..) RUP Lean Custom Process
  23. Lean Principles CultureKanban Practices
  24. There is no ‘Finished‘Kaizen or Continuos Improvement
  25. Relies on Cultural ChangesInternalization is key. It’s most important than any process you follow or certification.
  26. Principles1. Add nothing but value (Eliminate Waste)2. Build Quality In3. Create Knowledge (Focus on Learning)4. Defer Commitment5. Deliver Fast6. Respect People7. Optimize the Whole, Not the Parts
  27. Waste“Reduce the time from Order to Cash.” - Taiichi Ohno
  28. Bugzilla vs. Trac Should We Migrate?
  29. 7 Types of Waste1. In-Process Inventory - Anything other than the finished product2. Over-Production - Anything produced but not sold / used.3. Extra Processing - Rework, reprocessing4. Transportation - Unnecessary movement of materials / product.5. Motion - Extra steps.6. Waiting - Downtime because an upstream activity is late.7. Defects - Product not conforming to specs.
  30. 1. Partially Done Work In-Process Inventory
  31. 2. Extra Features Over Production
  32. 3. Re-learning Extra-Processing
  33. 4. Handoffs Transportation
  34. 5. Task Switching Motion
  35. 6. Delays Waiting
  36. 7. Defects Defects
  37. How can youidentify waste?
  38. Value Stream Mapping Identify Waste
  39. Example: Text
  40. 2. Build Quality In“Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped.” African Proverb
  41. Build in TestingThe job of QA is NOT to find defects.
  42. 3. Create Knowledge“Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped.” African Proverb
  43. Early, Rapid Feedback1.Automated Builds2.Automated Testing3.Release Early w/ Minimum Feature Set (MVP)
  44. PDCA -Dr. W. Edwards Deming Plan - Do - Check - Act
  45. 4. Defer Commitment “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  46. OODA Loop -Col. John Boyd USAF Observe - Orient - Decide - Act
  47. 5. Deliver Fast“A good plan, violently executed today, is better than a perfect plan next week.”- George S. Patton
  48. Batch Size Reduction1. Feature2. Release3. Iteration4. Story / Requirement / Task5. Source Control Check-Ins6. Etc...
  49. Example: Software ReleasesDef: Transaction Costs - Hand off / switching costs Def: Holding Costs - WIP before it’s released
  50. Transaction Costs1.Release Notes Creation2.System Downtime3.Customer Notifications4.System Migrations5.Source Control Churn6.Employee Overtime
  51. Holding Costs1.Defects2.Missed Migration Steps3.Rework4.Broken Regression Tests5.Missed Customer Feedback6.Source Control Churn
  52. ContinuousDeployment Seriously.
  53. 6. Respect People
  54. Push Decision Making DownThose with the most information should make decisions.
  55. Respect All OpinionsUS Military: Lowest Ranking Member Speaks First
  56. 7. Optimize the whole, not the parts“Local optimization leads to global inefficiencies” - Eliyahu M. Goldratt
  57. Systemic ThinkingUnder how things influence one another within a whole.
  58. Root Cause Analysis“At a fulfillment center recently, one of our Kaizenexperts asked me, “I’m in favor of a clean fulfillment center, but why are you cleaning? Why don’t you eliminate the source of dirt?” - Jeff Bezos
  59. 5 WhysFacilitates Root Cause Analysis
  60. Theory Of Constraints Cost Accounting vs. Throughput Accounting
  61. Theory of Constraints1.Identify The Constraint2.Exploit The Constraint3.Subordinate Everything To Constraint4.Elevate The Constraint5.Repeat / Find New Constraint
  62. (Create 10/day) (Process 8/day) Machine 1 Machine 2 CustomerDay 1 10 8 8 .........Day 5 10 8 8 End of Week Inventory: 10 Leftover Widgets
  63. (Create 10/day) (Test 8/day) Dev QA CustomerDay 1 10 8 8 .........Day 5 10 8 8 End of Week Inventory: 10 Leftover Tasks
  64. Flash Demo!Many many thanks to Tom Looy
  65. KanbanPull Based Product Production
  66. Kanban CardsPhysical cards signaling the need for an activity
  67. Kanban Board
  68. Divergence from AgileWith pull-based product development, iterations become useless.
  69. There’s a lot moreKaizen, Sensei, muda / muri /mura (waste)
  70. Lean StartupBringing Lean/Agile practices to Marketing / Sales
  71. Resources
  72. Questions?I love hearing from people, so please reach out: Email: gcaprio@1530technologies.com Twitter: gcaprio
  73. Final Thought “In product development we want to trade-off variability with cycle time and we should focus onuseful patterns rather than methodologies.” - Don G. Reinertsen, LeanSSC 2010