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“My reps think selling means discounting
                           until the prospect say yes.”
CustomerCentric Selling and its
CustomerCentric                                                                            CustomerCentric
  Messaging™   ...
Grzegorz Domagala
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Grzegorz Domagala about CustomerCentric Selling

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Grzegorz Domagala about CustomerCentric Selling

  1. 1. “My reps think selling means discounting until the prospect say yes.” TRYING TO BUY BUSINESS? “We spend too much time selling feature and function to people who can’t buy, rather than having meaningful business discussions with the people that can.” LOSING SALES PRODUCTIVITY? “We’re lucky to close 50% of what we forecast. My people need to learn how to sell.” INACCURATE FORECASTS? “We lose more sales to no decision than to any single competitor.” LOW WIN RATES? “Few of my new hires become top producers.” INCONSISTENT PERFORMANCE? Sound all too familiar? CustomerCentric Selling ® — CustomerCentric The Message Driven Sales Process ®can help. Selling® www.customercentricsystems.com
  2. 2. CustomerCentric Selling and its focus on prospect goals and objectives, has helped us accomplish two things: higher quality customer interactions, and better customer under- standing of how they'll actually CUSTOMERCENTRIC SELLING® The CustomerCentric Selling use our products and services equips your sales people with the sales methodology is to achieve their objectives. transferable and can be ~ Rick Betts skills required to sell more effectively mapped to forecasting PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT in today’s competitive marketplace. Ventaso milestones. The process Following a repeatable, scaleable and can easily be learned, verifiable sales process, your reps are better implemented, monitored, coached and adjusted. enabled to: CustomerCentric Selling trains your reps to: • Initiate opportunities at decision maker levels • Prospect more effectively • Identify decision maker business goals • Diagnose prospects’ needs with a bias toward • Understand prospects’ current situation and measure your offering its cost • Reach the right person with the power to buy • Propose only the parts of your offering that can help your prospect achieve his/her goals • Eliminate 'no decisions' • Help prospects understand requirements for successful • Hold the price without losing the sale implementation • Shorten sales cycles and close faster • Gain mutual agreement with decision makers on what • Eliminate peaks and valleys in their pipeline has to happen in order to make an informed purchase • Prepare an accurate sales forecast decision • Document efforts comprising the buying cycle to Following our comprehensive sales methodology, your organiza- maintain control, keep senior management informed tion benefits from increased revenue and improved forecasting and allow forecasting at an opportunity level. accuracy. Margin improvements come from shorter sales cycles. More effective marketing campaigns are created. Costs of sales management and administration are significantly decreased due to the implementation of repeatable objective processes. WORKSHOPS CustomerCentric Selling workshops are held throughout the world and For larger clients, we customize workshops specific to markets and have proven to be a convenient way to train new staff; train entire offerings. Find more information about our workshops, customizing staff; and for previewing the sales methodology before adopting it. a workshop and how to register at www.CustomerCentricSystems.com. CUSTOMERCENTRIC SELLING® • Negotiating and managing • Create effective marketing collateral, • Communicating effectively to Learn to understand and execute a expectations including key messages, the purpose insure goals, objectives and systematic sales process specific to of each piece, and how it is delivered required capabilities are met the high tech market. An assortment of CUSTOMERCENTRIC MESSAGING® • Conducting an internal transition lectures, in-class labs and role-playing Document dialog with your prospect CUSTOMERCENTRIC SERVICES® meeting from sales to the imple- scenarios. Key skills include: about how your offering can solve Learn to implement products and mentation consultants • Prospecting and developing new services to the customer’s goals and his/her goals. Learn related marketing • Guidelines for implementation business objectives. Provides a road map for efforts to help your reps sell effectively. implementation consultants. Topics consultants to create their own • Identifying and creating unique Concepts include: include: processes for managing the business value • Effectively document conversations ongoing implementation • Linking CustomerCentric Selling • Qualifying and disqualifying so both sides clearly understand to the implementation phase prospects • Develop a messaging strategy that • Watching for changing require- • Controlling the sales process relates to the prospects’ market, ments, additional needs and new job title and goals sales opportunities CustomerCentric CustomerCentric Selling ® — The Message Driven Sales Process ® Selling® www.customercentricsystems.com
  3. 3. CustomerCentric CustomerCentric Messaging™ Services™ CUSTOMERCENTRIC MESSAGING® CUSTOMERCENTRIC SERVICES® The foundation of any sales process is a meaningful docu- Research shows that nearly 80 percent of mented dialog between seller and prospect about how the buyers of software and related services feel prospect can solve a problem using the seller's offering. they do not receive the predicted benefits and, That’s where CustomerCentric Messaging is vital. as a result, are dissatisfied with their supplier. Frequently this is due to poor communication in both the In order for the seller to relate to the prospects’ market, job suppliers' and purchasers' organizations during the transition title and goals, the dialog must follow a specific defined sales from sales to implementation and during the implementation strategy supported by effective messaging. This encompasses process itself. every element associated CustomerCentric Selling helped with marketing collateral, Beyond the initial sale and messaging, CustomerCentric us develop a winning strategy. including key messages, Services trains organizations to effectively implement prod- In fact, I recently used one of the purpose of each piece, ucts and services to the customer’s documented goals and the ‘take-back’ letters, received a response in 15 minutes via how it is delivered and objectives agreed upon during the sales cycle. Yet also being e-mail, and completed a more. cognizant of the customers’ changing requirements, additional $3,750,000 sale that was about needs and new sales opportunities. The net result of following a month overdue. Without a strong docu- this methodology is an improved implementation and a ~ Linda Taylormented messaging satisfied customer. VP OF SALES strategy, teaching sales- Thinking Edge people to qualify the For more detailed information about CustomerCentric CustomerCentric Selling provides prospect, gain access to Selling—The Message Driven Sales Process, please visit a process for engaging a prospect power, negotiate, create a value us on the Web at www.CustomerCentricSystems.com. and managing that opportunity proposition and strategic sales to a logical conclusion. I strongly believe the tools and strategies training are irrelevant. will allow us to better forecast and ultimately close more of the opportunities we are engaged in and avoid the frustration of hav- ing a prospect disappear after months and months of effort. CUSTOMERCENTRIC SELLING — A RECOMMENDED APPROACH ® ~ Frank Chisholm SVP OF SALES Wheelhouse 1 Test Drive Our Methodology: Attend one of 4 Participate in the CustomerCentric Selling our public workshops before making a formal Workshop: It will give a detailed "how-to" plan commitment. on what to consider doing next with an account. 2 Analyze your sales process to determine what 5 Train the Sales Managers: An opportunity to can be improved: What marketing support will be evaluate each sales rep, develop an objective plan required, and how it can be efficiently managed. according to the predefined sales process and how to create an accurate forecasting model. 3 Create a Customized Sales Tool Kit: Program materials and templates customized 6 Maintain the Process: Direct intervention and to specific products and markets. coaching in areas of need for support. CustomerCentric CustomerCentric Selling ® — The Message Driven Sales Process ® Selling® www.customercentricsystems.com
  4. 4. Grzegorz Domagala CUSTOMERCENTRIC SELLING® AFFILIATE Grzegorz Domagala has spent over 11 years in the CustomerCentric Selling definite- information technology ly puts a proven sales process in your hands and emphasizes the industry. importance of using all of the steps in the process in order to At Computer Communication take a prospect from initial Systems Ltd, he sold software, hard- interest to closure. ware, and professional services. After ~ Chad Wanless 3 years, line of business managed by TECHNICAL SALES REPRESENTATIVE Actional, Inc. Domagala reach 35% of total company revenue. Domagala then joined Scala Polska, as Sales Manager, within a Products and services that are viewed as that knows what it takes to be successful newly created territory in Southern difficult to sell; hard to describe; intangible; in difficult selling environments. Poland and grew the region to the require long sell cycles; are typically sold second top district. At IMG Polska to committees and perceived as expensive Our founding partners joined with Mike (the biggest partner of SAP Polska), characterize the high technology market- Bosworth, founder of the Solution Selling ® Domagala implemented complex place. sales methodology and the original author of sales process management, helping "Solution Selling: Creating Buyers in Difficult the company become profitable in a CustomerCentric Systems specializes in Selling Markets”, to create CustomerCentric down economy. In 2002, Domagala helping companies in this competitive Systems. With growing resources nationally joined Pervasive Software. market define and implement their and throughout Europe, we are uniquely Operating in 14 countries from organizational sales process through positioned to help our clients meet the Poland to Russia, after 18 months our business development processes and demands of a global economy. Domagala was responsible for 50% workshops. Our founding partners have a of the direct sales growth in Eastern combined 75 years in senior-level sales For more information about Europe Region. management roles. Every member of our CustomerCentric Selling, please visit www.CustomerCentricSystems.com Domagala has a master’s from staff is a seasoned sales and marketing or contact us via email at Technical University of Wroclaw and executive from a high technology company info@CustomerCentricSystems.com. has done post-graduate study at the Warsaw School of Social Psychology. CustomerCentric Selling® Affiliate Praxis. Performance Solutions Warszawska 28A 40-025 Katowice, Poland PH: + 48 (32) 2578749 FAX: + 48 (32) 2578750 Mobile: + 48 (602) 515215 www.praxis.com.pl For more information or to arrange for an onsite Executive Overview, contact Grzegorz at grzegorz.domagala@praxis.com.pl CustomerCentric CustomerCentric Selling ®— The Message Driven Sales Process ® Selling® www.customercentricsystems.com