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Amplemax - latest tool for management excecution & performance

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1.Structure performance standards not only formats.

2.Establish metrics to measure performance.

3.We ensure that the information is available to those who execute.

4.Activate tracking tools.

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Amplemax - latest tool for management excecution & performance

  1. 1. e a better world !Imagin
  2. 2. One in which …Every day we would use 100 % On-Line tools – no more paper !•Through the design of innovative audits and follow up Applications for Smart phones which have acces to data, pictures, e mail notifications, analytics and reports as a day to day job.•We could structure execution standards into fieldsurvey templates.•We could design reports to bring data to actionable knowledge.•Our data and applications will be securely hosted.
  3. 3. And now, all this is possible … Our Mision:•We design Tools to improve execution leadearship..•More than 20 years innovating technology in execution tools for consumer companies.
  4. 4. What we love to do …•Help our customers to increase value and make their dreams come true !•Developing tools to help evidence how tasks are being executed !•Helping the strategy flow into action•Technology that can capture data:–And you can work with it!–In a structured way!–That really brings value to your business!
  5. 5. Execution Challenge…•Complex Strategy: Quantity of products, brands, services, customers, pricing, account management,•Complex Operation: structure, dispersal, equipment, assets, technology, systems, training,Execution faces a greater challengeas the complexity grows, ..soExecution Technology must evolveto maintain its simplicity.
  6. 6. Execution Challenge…• Any process can be found scattered : from execution in a concrete plant or at a supermarket, or in a hospital, government office, sanitary inspection, in a hotel, etc..• When processes are standardize but measured and corrected organizations run "more even" and execution moves to the right so value increases. MEASURE, SHOW, ALERT, MONITOR, ANTICIPATE, CORRECT……. IS OUR BUSINESS
  7. 7. What Really matters in Excecution…<C Focus on what matters: Structure performance standards not only formats. Measuring Results Establish metrics to measure performance. Make it available:MWe ensure that the information is available to those who execute.WFollow up: tools.F Activate tracking
  8. 8. integrates mobile applications, reports, printing reports evidence, surveys, etc.. 3. Alert Follow Up 2. Field: a)Alert filter and change a.Data Collection of status b.Picture/Evidence c.Alerts Sending d.Field print outs4. Reporting 1. Set Up:a.Web reports a.Project Buildingb.Photos, GPS, Summaries b.Template buildingc.Graphics c.Project Assigmentd.Data export to d.APP SyncXLS,PDF,CVS The APP is synchronized to the server: Any changes will be done online It downloads any other APP The user enters his/her tasks exclusively Audits are scheduled to perform Once downloaded, audits and then sends the information
  9. 9. Measure Adjust helps to structure the standard tomeasure and adjust the implementationBy measuring You adjust the standard as well asmake more precise execution according to thestandard. Standards Excecution Results
  10. 10. What we basically do !1.Structure performance standards not only formats.2.Establish metrics to measure performance.3.We ensure that the information is available to those who execute.4.Activate tracking tools.
  11. 11. Reports & Alert, GPS modules.
  12. 12. AmpleMax S.A. de C.V.Av.Santa Lucía 810Col. Olivar del CondeMéxico, D.F. C.P. 01400Main Contact: Gerardo H. du TillyOffice: (52) 55 5680 16 99Cell: (52) 55 41300305Email: gerardod@amplemax.comAmpleMax LLC (USA)10240 Stone Gate Dr.Conroe, TX 77385Main Contact: Keith Gutterman (COO)Email: keithg@amplemax.comCell: (407) 459 3325Office 1-800-394-7781 www.amplemax.com