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Benefits of Wearing Hoodies - Geek Hoodies

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In this PPT, we have discussed about the tips of wearing hoodies and its benefits which will provide the help to feel more comfortable, unique and stylish.

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Benefits of Wearing Hoodies - Geek Hoodies

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  Hoodies are also called as sweat shirts usually with large pockets at the front and a hood adjustable by drawstrings. The hoodies has long been associated with renegade youths, gym junkies and rappers with a penchant for ill-fitting clothes.
  3. 3. STYLISH WAYS TO DRESS UP THE HOODIE  The are are various ways to wear a hoodies such as:  Formatting shape  Go Monochrome  Focus on Fabric  Work It Likely A Waistcoat  Look To Hybrids
  4. 4. FORMATTING SHAPE  Like anything dressed-up the drape and fit of the hoodies needs to be snug and slim. Gone are the days of ill-fitting, gangster hoodies, which bunch at the stomach and give the wearer an unwelcomed gut. Instead, the shape is almost jacket like for most luxury versions, as the lines between fashion and sports continue to blur.
  5. 5. GO MONOCHROME  This might be an obvious point, but still (some people need reminding) black isn’t just for fashion editors. Anything ‘casual’ looks more dressed-up in a plain color like: black, white or grey.
  6. 6. FOCUS ON FABRIC  It’s amazing what quality fabrics can do to a garment. Like a suit, polyester and other synthetic-cotton blend make the average hoodies look, and feel nasty. A big textile win is a hoodie in pure-cotton jersey.
  7. 7. WORK IT LIKELY A WAISTCOAT  The smoothest way is to treat the hoodie like you would a waistcoat, especially the zip-through kind. Pick a neutral-hue and layer (zipped-up) over a cut- away collared shirt and tie (nonchalantly tucked into the open tuck of the hoodie).
  8. 8. LOOK TO HYBRIDS  By hybrid, we mean quasi-blazer hoodies and utility variations. The former is the most sophisticated, recognized perhaps for its breast pocket.
  9. 9. BENEFITS OF WEARING HOODIES  Here are describe the various benefits for wearing a hoodies such as:  Warmth  Comfort  Versatility  style
  10. 10. WHO I AM..  Geek Hoodies is a international company which will provide the various stylish and unique hoodies cloths, currently that located in United States.