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Toronto Real Estate - Market Aug. 2011

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What is happening in the Toronto Real Estate Market. We keep hearing from general folks - The market is going to crash. The speculation about the bursting of the housing market bubble sees no end.

BUT genieSABRE does not believe in this crap. First we should look at the TORONTO MARKET and not Canada. We are much more sheltered from a bubble than other provinces and smaller cities and towns.

GTA Condo is hot hot, but the fact is that most of the buyers are foreign investors buying these condo,s to rent and there is an on going supply of potential renters. Remember new immigrants by thousands enter ing GTA Toronto very year and they need a place to live.

As a residual benefit, GTA General Housing market also gets a boost. When folks move from 1st. time home buyers (TH's & Semi's ) - to bigger detached homes. With the interest rates holding low, the affordability is there.

In short my friends, - if you are planning to move up or as a renter still deciding to buy or not my advice is


By the way, you don't have to take my word at it. Study the TREB Charts and it will tell you the whole story in FACTS & FIGURES not some speculative rumors.

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