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Customer World : The Customer-Centric Business

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Summary of keynote, as presented at Warsaw 9 May 2016. Much more information, including case studies, videos and toolkits at www.theGeniusWorks.com

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Customer World : The Customer-Centric Business

  1. 1. WORLD CUSTOMER What it means to be customer-centric and how it applies to your business Professor Peter Fisk Pivot to Growth Warsaw 9 May 2016
  2. 2. +genius “I’m a 50 year old, bald, accountant, and love to dress in black leather, and ride through small towns and scare the shit out of young children”
  3. 3. Winning in a changing world Customer-centric business What it means for you
  4. 4. Kaleidoscope world +genius
  5. 5. Customers in control +genius
  6. 6. Anything is possible
  7. 7. New opportunities to grow +genius
  8. 8. Uber and beyond
  9. 9. Periscope by Twitter
  10. 10. Nestle’s marketing lab
  11. 11. Lego’s innovation lab
  12. 12. Tesla’s market vision
  13. 13. Xiaomi replaces Apple
  14. 14. Tectonic shifts +genius
  15. 15. East Small West Big IdeasSize © Peter Fisk 2015
  16. 16. ImaginationCapability CollaborativeIndependent DisruptingEvolving © Peter Fisk 2015
  17. 17. Customer Emotional Business Rational © Peter Fisk 2015 RelevantAverage
  18. 18. Think different
  19. 19. Winning in a changing world Customer-centric business
  20. 20. @geniusworks Customer-centric business
  21. 21. Amazon.com
  22. 22. Amazon Dash
  23. 23. +genius Amazon Buttons
  24. 24. Amazon Echo
  25. 25. Amazon Stores
  26. 26. @geniusworks 10 ways to be customer-centric
  27. 27. 1. Customer vision
  28. 28. 1. Customer vision CustomerBusiness
  29. 29. Corning
  30. 30. 2. Customer insight
  31. 31. 2. Customer insight Energisers Enablers Essentials
  32. 32. Umpqua Bank
  33. 33. 3. Customer brand
  34. 34. GE Brilliant Machines
  35. 35. 4. Customer propositions Segment Value proposition Communication and engagement Segment Value proposition Communication and engagement Segment Value proposition Communication and engagement
  36. 36. GE Brilliant Machines
  37. 37. Brilliant Machines
  38. 38. The shape of stories
  39. 39. Storytelling
  40. 40.   Someone ... (a character) Wants ... (a quest, a goal, a mission) But ... (a challenge, an obstacle) So ... (a means of succeeding)
  41. 41. © Peter Fisk 2015 5. Customer solutions
  42. 42. 5. Customer solutions Product-centric Consumer-centric
  43. 43. “The consumer is boss” © Peter Fisk 2015
  44. 44. P&G Growth Strategy
  45. 45. P&G Connect + Develop
  46. 46. 6. Customer channels
  47. 47. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Segment Value proposition Segment Value proposition Segment Value proposition Events Sales team Clinical Websites Email Mobile Find Learn Try Adopt Use Recommend 6. Customer channels
  48. 48. Juan Valdez Cafe
  49. 49. Juan Valdez Cafe
  50. 50. Juan Valdez Cafe
  51. 51. 7. Customer experiences Commodity product Branded product Personal service Branded experience Customer’s experience Distinctive design Empathetic delivery Integrated journey Enabling more 2c coffee beans 20c branded coffee $2 coffee in store $20 lunch with friends Addedvaluethrough differentiation Added value through relevance
  52. 52. Customer Experience Map
  53. 53. Customer Experience Map
  54. 54. Rapha Cycle Club
  55. 55. 8. Customer relationships Movement Collaborative Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Brand- enabled community Co-enable Co-design Co-create Co-sellCo-support Co-consume
  56. 56. ARM Technology
  57. 57. ARM
  58. 58. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Make and distribute business model eg CocaCola Microsoft Spectrum retail business model eg Amazon Marks & Spencer Make and sell direct business model eg BMW, HSBC Niche retail business model eg ToysRUs,Wiggle License to make business model eg ARM, Ed Hardy Curated retail business model eg Fab, Positive Luxury Membership club business model eg Costco, Quintessentially Crowdfunded ventures business model eg Kickstarter, Zidisha Opensourced community business model eg RedHat, MySQL Subscription payment business model eg FT.com, Graze Buyer and seller marketplace business model eg Etsy, NYSE Micro payments business model eg Flattr Grameen Danone Collaborative consumption business model eg Buzzcar, Regus Regular Replacement business model eg Gillette, Nespresso Branded Consortia business model eg Cisco, Spar Advertising or Sponsorship business model eg Google, Metro Newspapers Listed or Promoted business model eg Monster Linkedin Network builders business model eg Hotmail, Twitter Demand then Made business model eg ZaoZao, Threadless Auction retail business model eg eBay, Sotheby Knowledge and time business model eg McKinsey, Harvard Franchised retail business model eg McDonalds, Subway Certification and endorsement business model eg ISO, Verisign Remainder retail business model Eg Saks, Vente Privee Multulevel marketing business model eg Tupperware, Natura Group buying business model eg Groupon, Huddlebuy Reverse auction business model eg Priceline Freemarkets Shared rental business model eg Zilok, Hilton Tradeable currency business model eg Bitcoin Air Miles Freemium pay within business model eg Angry Bird, Coursera Transaction facilitator business model eg Paypal, Visa Pay as you go business model eg AzuriTech Techshop Dynamic pricing business model eg Expedia, Uber Reputation builders business model eg Tripadvisor, PaywithaTweet Customer data business model eg Facebook, 23andMe Non-profit business business model eg Oxfam Wikipedia Maker models Channel models Crowd models Payment models Exchange models Asset models 9. Customer commercial
  59. 59. ARM
  60. 60. ARM v Intel
  61. 61. 10. Customer performance Actual profits of previous years Estimated profits of future years Adjusted profits of future years (discounted for uncertainty) Economic “value” is the sum of the likely future profits (more accurately, we consider the “economic” profit, which takes into the cost of capital) This year Future years Previous years
  62. 62. Winning in a changing world Customer-centric business What it means for you
  63. 63. Acting with speed and agility Seeing the world like customers Passion to make life better Solving the important problems Shaping your own vision Making sense of change Persisting to make it happen © Peter Fisk 2014 Gamechangers.pro
  64. 64. How will you lead?
  65. 65. Command Control Connect Catalyse Communicate Coach How will you lead?
  66. 66. Command Control Old leaders
  67. 67. Connect Catalyse Communicate Coach New leaders
  68. 68. What can we achieve together?
  69. 69. +genius
  70. 70. Vision Canvas Strategy Canvas Growth Canvas Disruption Canvas Brand Canvas Engagement Canvas Proposition Canvas Relationship Canvas Insights Canvas Co-creation Canvas Innovation Canvas Business Canvas Leadership Canvas Sustainability Canvas Culture Canvas Performance Canvas FUTURELABBRANDLAB CREATIVELABPERFORMANCELAB +genius
  71. 71. +genius
  72. 72. Be bold Be brave Be brilliant
  73. 73. Email: peterfisk@peterfisk.com Phone: +44 7834483830 Twitter: @geniusworks Website: www.theGeniusWorks.com