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FutureBank: Creating the Future of Financial Services

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Alior and La Caixa to Umpqua and Zuno. How can you innovate and win in the fast changing world of finance? Inspiring and insightful, over three days, we help your leadership team explore and define their future. For more information contact peterfisk@peterfisk.com

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FutureBank: Creating the Future of Financial Services

  1. 1. TM Who are the gamechangers of financial services? … What are the best ideas and next practices shaping markets around the world? … How can you learn from them … and how you can win? by Peter Fisk
  2. 2. “FutureBank”explores the next generation of financial services. From Ally to Zopa … Monetise and Moven, Simple and Square … through mobile payments and bank boutiques, lending communities and digital kiosks, embedded or enriched … what is the future of banking, in general, and for your business? Focusing on consumer finance, we bring together new insights and ideas, stimulus and surprise from banks, and related experiences around the world. Fast and creative, we encourage you to participate with peers in your local market, to explore the possible futures through collaborative development. Advantage is about out-thinking your competitors. Having a better vision, understanding the change drivers better than others, thinking bigger and smarter, implementing better and faster. Futureworld:how banking is changing, the visionaries, innovators, and market makers Gamechange: new concepts, harnessing technology and business models creatively Betterplace: a new vision for retailing locally and globally, practical, profitable. Futurebank is part of the “Gamechangers” research project, and also available now as a keynote speech or innovation workshops for senior executives. Workshops are highly interactive, ideally over 2 days to enable time for exploration, real application, and developing a future vision, and potential new strategies
  3. 3. First National Bank. South Africa's award winning bank with eWallet Square, the plug-in mobile device to make payments available everywhere Zidisha. Peer to peer microfinance, for emerging entrepreneurs. Virgin Money. Cocktails and lounges, how Branson makes money fun Umpqua, the community bank Inspired by Gap and Starbucks M-Pesa. Kenya's Safaricom turned SMS messaging into a new currency Itau Unibanco.The bank from Brazil that blends physical and digital Moven. Brett King's start-up bank 2.0 that promises to be different. Fidor. Germany's mobile bank that sets interest rates on Facebook likes. China Unipay. China’s payment network becomes world number 2. La Caixa.The Catalan bank is small and functional, loved by the locals. Alior Sync. Poland's 24/7 synchro bank targeting GenY only!
  4. 4. We work with you to rethink, refocus and redefine every aspect of brand and business … from innovative business models to products, channels, stories and culture. ... to change the game … new ways to win …
  5. 5. . “Futureproof" your business, bringing together your top team for three inspiring days. Challenging and provocative, stretching and enlightened … Re-think your direction, re-focus your priorities, re-energise your leaders, your strategy and business. 1. Futureworld. How has your world changed? What are the new customer priorities? Who are the new thinkers and innovators? Where are the best opportunities? 2. Gamechange. How can you shape your markets, change the game? What does it mean for your business direction and structures? How could you work smarter, do more, better? 3. Betterplace. Where should you innovate to grow? How should you invest your capital, and reduce costs? What are the imperatives for change, and what difference will it make?
  6. 6. “FutureBank” is part of the “Gamechangers” project exploring the future of business .The collaborative workshop is developed and facilitated by business innovation expert Peter Fisk and local colleagues. It is ideally a three-day team-based experience enabling time for exploration, application and development . Each participant receives a post-workshop “Future Map” that brings together the best ideas explored, and that you developed for the future of your business. … a better starting point for a new vision, business strategies and innovation. . This is a customised version of the “FastFutures” business innovation experience which is used with senior executives across all sectors as a fast and inspirational three days in which leaders rethink, refocus and reenergise their business direction. © GeniusWorks 2013
  7. 7. How are you embracing the new consumer agenda, the changing needs and aspirations of your target audiences? +genius+genius We combine big trends with specific insights … Exploring what matters most to your consumers in today’s post-crisis uncertain world. © GeniusWorks 2013
  8. 8. © GeniusWorks 2013
  9. 9. © GeniusWorks 2013 Peter Fisk brings together a team including experts like Brett King, author of Bank 3.0, and currently launching his own new bank, Moven, in NewYork City.
  10. 10. © GeniusWorks 2013
  11. 11. As the world changes, how are you changing? How will you embrace the power shifts, mindset flips, technological impacts, consumer expectations, and changing rules of the business world? © GeniusWorks 2013
  12. 12. How will you embrace the best new ideas and next practices which you see all around you in the changing business world? © GeniusWorks 2013
  13. 13. gamechange © GeniusWorks For discussion 14 June 2012betterplace Future Back Making sense of all the existing research to cluster, stretch and challenge the insights ,to explore new spaces and new language. Parallel Worlds Market Disruptors Ideas Fusion Learning from similar markets (sectors, segments, geographies) to explore customer behaviour and new ideas and applications. Definition of all the real and assumed “rules” of for consumers and brands, then creatively “break” each of the rules and explore alternatives. Collating the many ideas generated, clustering them into themes and bigger ideas as hypothesis-based problem solving. Value Propositions Inspiring Vision Strategic Horizons Articulating options for value propositions based on consumer insight and competitive positioning, articulating key benefits and potential pricing. Working “future back” to articulate a vision for the brand, how it makes peoples’ lives and world better, and how it shapes the market and mindset. Mapping the strategic pathway with key moments towards the vision, defining what will be delivered by when, and the business impact. Context Framing Reframing issues and ideas in new contexts in order to enable richer solutions. Defining the contexts based on new enablers and energisers Creative Narratives Using “pyramid logic” to articulate themes and messages from a consumer perspective, making the brand idea relevant and compelling. Action planning Design Direction Brand Platform Mapping the key work streams against the horizons in order to deliver the brand practically in a way that works from outside in. Translating the brand concept into iconic symbols, colours, motifs, words, language and experiences to inform all aspects of brand design. Developing a number of strategic concepts and themes around which to build products, design communication and sales as a coherent evolution. Think Tools DesignTools BrandTools With practical tools to provide stretch, provocation and challenge; structure, facilitation and connections, helping to open up, and close down … © GeniusWorks 2013
  14. 14. © GeniusWorks 2013 Example outputs of high energy, collaborative workshops driving new insights and ideas
  15. 15. The new breed of market leaders think and act differently. They fuse digital and physical, global and local, ideas and networks. They win by being smart, fast and connected – rather than through scale and efficiency. They embrace all the new business tools - from empathetic design to disruptive technologies, social media to sustainable innovation – bringing them together for more impact. These are the building blocks for you to come a gamechanger too. • Human … customer-driven, human-centred emotionally-engaging business • Creative … design and innovation, to think bolder , different and better • Networked … built around networks and partnerships of supply and demand • Social … social media and online communities, but local and tribal too • Participative … crowdsourcing, co-creating, collaborating with customers • Responsible … doing better by doing good, socially and environmentally “Gamechangers: Next Generation Brands and Business Innovation” … the next book from Peter Fisk including FutureBank in much more detail Explore and collaborate with the work in progress at www.NextGenerationBrands.com
  16. 16. We develop the right approach for your business, working collaboratively to achieve your objectives better, faster. We combine a wide range of processes and tools, insights and ideas, people and partners © GeniusWorks 2013
  17. 17. Business vision Masterclasses Gamechangers Innovation Business summits Think Different Brand strategy Customised training New Customer Agenda Propositions Innovative Leaders Einstein Picasso Business impact Winning Marketers GenY+SoLoMo=expG Future Innolab Brandlab optima fast Strategic consulting Practical development Inspiring keynotes Contact Peter Fisk at peterfisk@peterfisk.com or +44(0)783448383 … new articles, book extracts, videos, and blog at www.theGeniusWorks.com Exploring your biggest challenges and opportunities, developing smarter strategies and innovative solutions for implementation and profitable growth. Customised approaches, built around these proven formats: Fast, intense process helping executive teams rethink purpose and strategy in a fast changing world, and then to refocus and reinvent the business for the future. Recent clients: Cinnamon, Vodafone Accelerated and collaborative three phase process exploring insights, designing concepts and delivering innovative solutions for market success. Recent clients: Savola Foods, Turkcell Developing or extending your brand for a better future, based on purpose and relevance, differentiation and identity, experience and effective delivery. Recent clients: Aeroflot, Philosophy Developing fresh, distinctive value propositions for each target audience, building on the brand to engage customers and deliver better solutions. Recent clients: TeliaSonera, Visa Europe Exploring your biggest challenges and opportunities, developing smarter strategies and innovative solutions implementation and profitable growth. Recent clients: Microsoft, Pinar Developing people to think different and act smarter in the new business world, from summits and seminars, to practical workshops and retreats, the content and experience is designed around your people: Inspiring, practical and stretching 1-2 day seminars on future strategy and brands, marketing and innovation applied to your business issues and sector opportunities. Recent clients: BNP Paribas, Skanska Bringing your people together to rethink and refocus their priorities and direction. Designing and facilitating the format and content to energise, connect and enable. Recent clients: Hershey’s, Time Warner Working with you to design better programmes from 40+ modules, based on team and personal capabilities and priorities, qualifications and real impact. Recent clients: Coca Cola, Eczacibasi From 2d to 4d: command and control to connecting and collaborating, catalysing and creating, amplifying potential to deliver business and market leadership. Recent clients: Coty Beauty, Lastminute Customer champions, business innovators, growth drivers … how to drive and align the business, and deliver more business and market impact. Recent clients: Nestle, Standard Life Alibaba to Zidisha, Ashmei to ZaoZao, the next generation of brands are shaping markets with new ideas and tools. What does it take to compete, innovate and win in these new markets? Example themes for keynote speeches: How to shape your market in your own vision, not live in the shadow of others. How to innovate from the future back, then win now forward. What is the future of health, retail, travel and your world? Steve Jobs was a genius and a geek, who defied the rules of business to create new markets, and phenomenal results. How can you apply the magic of Apple to your business, and Steve to your leadership? What do post-crisis, digitally enabled, globally influenced customers really want? Connecting insights and trends, to explore how you can do more for your customers, and outthink the competition. How to combine the analytical precision and disruptive imagination of your left and right brain to think bigger, simplify complexity, shape the future, innovate smarter, and make better decisions. Young people, social media, mobile marketing … connecting digital and physical worlds, networks and content, viral storytelling and target promotions to deliver faster, exponential growth. myworld +genius
  18. 18. Peter Fisk is a business and brand innovation expert. He is a strategic advisor to business leaders on winning strategies and bolder brands, smarter innovation and better marketing … making sense of fast-changing markets, learning from the next generation of brands, digital and physical, large and small, west and east, new ideas and practical solutions … inspiring and enabling you to innovate and win in the exciting new world of business. He was recently described by Business Strategy Review as “one of the best new business thinkers” and is in demand around the world as a strategic consultant and energising speaker. Peter leads GeniusWorks, a business innovation specialist based in London, and works with senior management worldwide to “see things differently” – to develop and implement more inspired strategies for brands, innovation and marketing. FastFuture is a strategy accelerator for leadership teams, InnoLab is a facilitated innovation process based on deep customer insights and creative thinking, and BrandOptima is a platform to develop better brands and brand portfolios. He also offers a broad range of development workshops, combining new ideas, next practices and effective action. His next book is Gamechangers …about the next generation of businesses - from Alibaba to Zipcars, Ashmei to Zynga - who are transforming markets with bolder brands, smarter innovation and clever marketing. They play by different rules, embracing the growth of emerging markets and power of digital networks, human design and social entrepreneurship, and they win with better results. His previous books include Creative Genius bringing together entrepreneurs and artists, rockstars and rockets scientists, in "the essential guide to innovation for business leaders". Marketing Genius explores the left and right-brain approaches to competitive success (translated into 35 languages!), Customer Genius describes how to build a customer-centric business, Business Genius is about inspired leadership and strategy, whilst People Planet Profit explains how to grow, and be good. Peter grew up in the remote farming community of Northumberland, in the North East of England, and after exploring the world of nuclear physics, joined British Airways at a time when it was embarking upon becoming “the world’s favourite airline” and managed brands like Concorde. He went on to work with many of the world’s leading companies, helping them to grow more profitably by becoming more customer-centric in their structure, operations and leadership. He works across sectors, encouraging business leaders to take a customer perspective, and learning from different types of experiences. His clients include American Express and Aeroflot, Coca Cola and Cooperative Bank, GSK and Marks & Spencer, Microsoft and O2, Orange and Pfizer, Philips and Red Bull, Shell and Tata Steel, Teliasonera and Turkcell, Vitra and Virgin, Visa and Vodafone. Previously he was CEO of the world’s largest marketing organisation, the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He led the strategic marketing consulting team of PA Consulting Group, was MD of Brand Finance and partner of The Foundation, before founding his own business, GeniusWorks. . Email: peterfisk@peterfisk.com Twitter: @geniusworks Website: www.theGeniusWorks.com Project: www.NextGenerationBrands.com
  19. 19. Email: peterfisk@peterfisk.com Phone: +44 (0) 7834483830 Twitter: @geniusworks Website: www.theGeniusWorks.com