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"Gamechanging Strategies" by Peter Fisk

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Summary of Peter Fisk's Innovation Masterclass, 3 of 3, on the Global Advanced Management Program at IE Business School, in Madrid on 9 Sep 2019 ... More info at www.theGeniusWorks.comn or email peterfisk@peterfisk.com

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"Gamechanging Strategies" by Peter Fisk

  1. 1. Prof. Peter Fisk Global Advanced Management Program, IE Business School, 9 September 2019, Madrid Part 3 CHANGING GAME STRATEGIES
  2. 2. Shaping your own vision Gamechanging Innovation Market Innovation TechnologyInnovation
  3. 3. Blue Ocean Strategy Renee Mauborgne, Chan Kim
  4. 4. Shaping your own vision Blue Ocean Strategy
  5. 5. Shaping your own vision Blue Ocean Strategy
  6. 6. Cirque du Soleil
  7. 7. Cirque du Soleil
  8. 8. Shaping your own vision Cirque du Soleil
  9. 9. Udacity
  10. 10. Nanodegrees in the future
  11. 11. Lemonade Insurance … claims processed in 3 seconds
  12. 12. Lemonade Insurance
  14. 14. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius CustomerBusiness Rethink purpose
  15. 15. +genius
  16. 16. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Rethink brands
  17. 17. Airbnb
  18. 18. +genius What does Airbnb mean?
  19. 19. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Rethink propositions Segment Motivation Key benefit Value proposition Segment Motivation Key benefit Value proposition Segment Motivation Key benefit Value proposition
  20. 20. Moven
  21. 21. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Rethink business models Make and distribute business model eg CocaCola Microsoft Spectrum retail business model eg Amazon Marks & Spencer Make and sell direct business model eg BMW, HSBC Niche retail business model eg ToysRUs,Wiggle License to make business model eg ARM, Ed Hardy Curated retail business model eg Fab, Positive Luxury Membership club business model eg Costco, Quintessentially Crowdfunded ventures business model eg Kickstarter, Zidisha Opensourced community business model eg RedHat, MySQL Subscription payment business model eg FT.com, Graze Buyer and seller marketplace business model eg Etsy, NYSE Micro payments business model eg Flattr Grameen Danone Collaborative consumption business model eg Buzzcar, Regus Regular Replacement business model eg Gillette, Nespresso Branded Consortia business model eg Cisco, Spar Advertising or Sponsorship business model eg Google, Metro Newspapers Listed or Promoted business model eg Monster Linkedin Network builders business model eg Hotmail, Twitter Demand then Made business model eg ZaoZao, Threadless Auction retail business model eg eBay, Sotheby Knowledge and time business model eg McKinsey, Harvard Franchised retail business model eg McDonalds, Subway Certification and endorsement business model eg ISO, Verisign Remainder retail business model Eg Saks, Vente Privee Multulevel marketing business model eg Tupperware, Natura Group buying business model eg Groupon, Huddlebuy Reverse auction business model eg Priceline Freemarkets Shared rental business model eg Zilok, Hilton Tradeable currency business model eg Bitcoin Air Miles Freemium pay within business model eg Angry Bird, Coursera Transaction facilitator business model eg Paypal, Visa Pay as you go business model eg AzuriTech Techshop Dynamic pricing business model eg Expedia, Uber Reputation builders business model eg Tripadvisor, PaywithaTweet Customer data business model eg Facebook, 23andMe Non-profit business business model eg Oxfam Wikipedia Maker models Channel models Crowd models Payment models Exchange models Asset models
  22. 22. +genius Dollar Shave Club
  23. 23. +genius
  24. 24. +genius
  25. 25. ! © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Rethink communication
  26. 26. Nestle’s big data marketing
  27. 27. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Rethink experiences
  28. 28. Nike House of Innovation
  29. 29. Shaping your own vision Nike House of Innovation
  30. 30. !© Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Rethink relationships
  31. 31. +genius
  32. 32. +genius
  33. 33. audacious Google X 23 and Me Syngenta Tesla Motors
  34. 34. Amazon Fidor Bank Scanadu Intuitive Surgical intelligent
  35. 35. Li and Fung Tencent Alibaba 3DHubs networked
  36. 36. Airbnb Nike+ Lego Threadless collaborative
  37. 37. Disney Moven Juan Valdez Cafe Change Why enabling Raspberry Pi
  38. 38. GET STARTED
  39. 39. How could you ‘change your game’?
  40. 40. © Peter Fisk 2013 Gamechangers.pro ChangeWHY
  41. 41. +genius Rocket’s Creative Beer
  42. 42. +genius LoveRaw’s wellbeing food
  43. 43. © Peter Fisk 2013 Gamechangers.pro ChangeWHO
  44. 44. +genius Lululemon’s Yoga Beer for women
  45. 45. +genius Coco & Lucas food and stories
  46. 46. © Peter Fisk 2013 Gamechangers.pro ChangeWHAT
  47. 47. New Zealand’s Moa Beer
  48. 48. +genius Jimini’s cricket snacks
  49. 49. © Peter Fisk 2013 Gamechangers.pro ChangeHOW
  50. 50. +genius Beer 52 by Subscription
  51. 51. +genius HelloFresh MealKits
  52. 52. 62 CHANGE THE GAME How could you change audience, purpose/motivations, products/services, and business models/process? © GeniusWorks 2018 www.theGeniusWorks.com Who Why What How INNOVATION TOOLKIT
  54. 54. Enlightened Value Michael Porter Finding Purpose Simon Sinek Smarter Choices Roger Martin End of Competition Rita McGrath Blue Ocean Shifts Kim & Mauborgne Disrupting the Disruptors Scott Anthony Laws of Globalisation Pankaj Ghemawat East-West Strategy Anil Gupta Diaspora Markets Nurmalya Kumar Brand Tribes Seth Godin Disruptive Innovation Clay Christensen Business Models Pigneur & Osterwalder Digital Platforms Weiru Chan Customer Collaboration Rachel Botsman Design Thinking Tom Kelley Sense and Respond Gothelf & Seiden Lean Innovation Eric Ries Frugal Innovation Navi Radjou Little Ideas Big Impact David Robertson Corporate Startup Tendayi Viki The 100 Year Life Gratton & Scott What Drives Us Dan Pink Give and Take Adam Grant Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goldman Collaborative Intelligence Erika Dhawen Awesomely Simple John Spence Reinventing Culture Cragun & Sweetman Multiplier Effect Liz Wiseman Happy Progress Teresa Ambil Millennial Work Karl Moore Corporate Rebels Minnaar & Morree Culture Mapping Erin Meyer Strategic Change John Kotter Project Business Antonio Nieto Rodriguez Extreme Teaming Amy Edmundsen Creative Class Richard Florida Micro Businesses Zhang Ruimen Holocratic Organisations Brian Robertson Business Storytelling Jennifer Aaker How Ideas Spread Jonah Berger Authentic Leaders Hermina Ibarra Power and Influence Jeffrey Pfeffer Humble Leaders Jim Collins Executive Presence Sylvia Ann Hewlett Disrupt Yourself Whitney Johnson Work and Life Stew Friedman Leadership Triggers Marshall Goldsmith Catalytic Questions Hal Gregorson Being a Super Boss Syd Finkelstein Grit and Perseverance Angela Duckworth Future Megatrends Mark Esposito Exponential Organisations Salim Ismael Machines and Platforms Brynoffsen & McAfee Blockchain and Wikinomics Don Tapscott Disruptive Production Richard D’Aveni Humans and Robots Kate Darling Global Impact Alexander Betts Circular Economy Ellen MacArther Fringe Signals Amy Webb Emotional Agility Susan David The best ideas for business leaders Strategy Innovation Talent Organisation Leadership Progress ©PeterFisk2017www.theGeniusWorks.com
  55. 55. The best INNOVATION ideas for business leaders
  56. 56. Clay Christensen The Disruptive Innovator 1
  57. 57. Focus on the “Jobs to be Done” of your Customers Clay Christensen1
  58. 58. The Swiss-Belgian Duo Yves Pigeur & Alex Osterwalder2
  59. 59. Defining the Business Model on a One Page Canvas Yves Pigeur & Alex Osterwalder2
  60. 60. Defining the Business Model on a One Page Canvas Yves Pigeur & Alex Osterwalder2
  61. 61. Defining the Business Model on a One Page Canvas Yves Pigeur & Alex Osterwalder2
  62. 62. Weiru Chan China’s platform innovator 3
  63. 63. Platforms connect multiple buyers and sellers Weiru Chan3
  64. 64. Sharing economist Rachel Botsman4
  65. 65. Rachel Botsman Crowds, collaboration and communities 4
  66. 66. Rachel Botsman Trust lies at the heart of the sharing economy 4
  67. 67. David & Tom Kelley IDEO’s “deep dive” designers 5
  68. 68. Design thinking is human centred David & Tom Kelley5
  69. 69. Jeff Gothelf & Josh Seiden Sense and respond 6
  70. 70. www.theGeniusWorks.com and www.thinkers50.com Jeff Gothelf & Josh Seiden6 Being connected with a changing world
  71. 71. Eric Ries The Lean Entrepreneur 7
  72. 72. Experiment with minimal solutions … test and learn Eric Ries7
  73. 73. Design thinking + lean innovation + agile growth Eric Ries7
  74. 74. Lean innovation reduces time to market by 90% Eric Ries7
  75. 75. Navi Radjou Frugal innovator 8
  76. 76. Solving simple problems with simple solutions Navi Radjou8
  77. 77. Solving simple problems with simple solutions Navi Radjou8
  78. 78. David Robertson Little ideas, big impact 9
  79. 79. Tendayi Viki The Corporate Start-up 10
  80. 80. Applying start-up culture to large companies Tendayi Viki10
  81. 81. Applying start-up culture to large companies Tendayi Viki10
  82. 82. www.thegeniusworks.com peterfisk@peterfisk.com