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Infographic Resume - Jonathan Anthony

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80% of us are visual thinkers. The sense of sight has a bandwidth of 1250Mb/s. An intellectual challenge - to turn a standard one-page resume into something that showcases my brand value visually.

This attempts to marry the language of the eye with the language of the mind to create a more holistic view of how I add value.

[Constructive] feedback welcome.

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Infographic Resume - Jonathan Anthony

  1. 1. Jonathan Anthony e! ct m linkedin.com/in/JonathanAnthonyABC onta JonathanAnthony@hotmail.com +1 604 374 3240 Vancouver, BC, Canada C SKILLS / EXPERIENCE Has “Jonathan Got Talent?!” Linkedin top 10 most overused The future-forward skills How does profile buzzwords 2011 of a MarComms leader Jonathan deliver?  Creative Oh, yes  Talent Personality, opinion, knowledge – and a willingness to share  Organizational Outcomes  Talent Scout Uncovering compelling stories and unlocking their value is critical  Effective Simple  Big Picture Painter Developing stakeholder Line of sight  Extensive experience Years of it!  Community Organizer I am committed to unleashing the power of our network(s)  Track record Proven  Multimedia Storyteller We live in a visual, ‘entertain me’ world. I can deliver that.  Motivated Highly  Social Media Coach I advocate the opportunity; and actively manage the risk  Innovative 24-7  Creative Strategist This is my ‘Killer combo’  Problem solving Sudoku-master Acknowledgement: Steve Crescenzo http://www.ow.ly/98Kwa  Communication skills No-brainer Another way of putting it…  Dynamic Duracell-like Ok – here we go… “Blah Jonathan has extensive experience – 15 years of it – in marketing and communications. He has a proven track record of driving superior organizational outcomes for companies around the world. He leverages his communication skills – a no-brainer – to deliver simple, effective communications programs and content that informs, engages, and entertains. Is he creative? Oh, yes! He marries his 24-7 innovative thinking to his Sudoku-Master problem solving abilities. Jonathan is a Duracell-like, dynamic force of nature, a highly motivated leader, a committed team player who produces Blah” the results that YOU need. Sun-shaped Expertise (founded on core passion) David Armano: http://www.darmano.typepad.com ABC Accredited Business Communicator Executive Accreditation Program Defence of strategic portfolio: Line of Sight - development of corporate strategic plan Neuro-Linguistic Programming TV & Video Production Foundation Course MA Information Technology Thesis: Creating a Virtual Community for preservation 2010 2003 of oral history in a rural community BA (Honours) Philosophy, 2000 Politics, and Economics GHT …a char acteristic of certain tra nsmiss 1999 LIN E OF SI ion s ystem s in whi ch no 1992 obs 2007 2004 t ruc tion 2001 s in xist .” a d ir ect pa rc an e th betwee eceive com n transmi tter and r ary. ondicti Network Communication Communication Director, Corporate Developer Manager Communications By the numbers… Corporate identity influencer: consulted on development of this Strategy Strategy Strategy Brand statement 2 corporate strategic plans developed line of sight key corporate drivers and goals 11,000 employees for whom I was information gatekeeper valuation of company for whom I 80+ % positive employee approval rating 1B+ was trusted aide, speechwriter, 1 complete communications editor for Executive cycle under my ownership 4 websites redeveloped for social media leverage Creative 53 Creative Creative After GUI design project: 120 videos produced in-house in 2011 = 200,000+ $ production costs savings 50 % intranet pages 25 % content European markets showing TV commercials I devised and executive-produced (also sold to markets in Asia, Middle East and Canada) within tight timeline/budget constraints. 4 blogs written – for satire, engagement, communications, market news 100 % operational efficacy Event Management Systems Systems 2004 UEFA European Football Championship 2007 tools that delivered ALL operational Team Size 2 communication content; optimizing efficacy and usability Executed Corporate sponsorship and event management 150+ managed pan-European media for product launches while maintaining client service levels now 800+ attendees to client partner events executed [ concept, design and delivery] 30+ 70,000 Marketing % active employee engagement $ savings over level in Enterprise Social Network existing intranet [surpassing best practice] 1 World’s largest Trade Fair - provided International PR Reputation Public Affairs projects large-scale change management 17 European countries for which I redeveloped and managed product websites 20+ acting as counsel, media liaison 3 projects activated as communications lead 25 % rate opt-in achieved in direct marketing initiative 3 years natural obsolescence cycle in marketing communications o Iter ty ou d ativ eR lifelong learning wha &D ying Enjo Overcome through The power of We Active participation in the conversation creative strategy, influence Co ns ks tan ris tc g re Embrace change in ati k Ta ve ch all en ge BRAND “I build (stakeholder) community” Strategy ! ? ?! ? ? !? ? ! ! “Killer combo” ! ?? ! ! Ideation Connectedness community brin gt he b! SUPER strong intuitive understanding of team cohesion, dynamics, and interpersonal relations draws others into the conversation +B open social works with and through others = SUPERB Maximizer accepting collaborative collaborating widely PREDICTIVE INDEX® Communication flexible PI RESULTS positive phew (good job I have that!) empathetic Focuses on the ‘big picture’ goals promotes teamwork confidence in his ability to gain others’ trust and buy-in x e bo Woo of th winning others over outPERSONAL vodka martini – shaken, not stirred Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte! 40+ countries visited café au lait itakdakimasu! decaff vanilla soyalatte, half-sweet, no foam, extra hot 40+ countries visited countries resident languages spoken working smarter with greater focus so I can “[W]e experience …mounting pressure, have a balanced lifestyle deteriorating performance and growing stress because we with my family continue to operate with institutions and practices that are increasingly dysfunctional… Yet, the Big Shift also unleashes a huge global flow of ideas, innovations, new collaborative possibilities and new market opportunities. This flow is constantly getting richer and faster. Today…tapping the global flow becomes the key to productivity, growth and prosperity. But to tap this flow effectively, every country, company and individual needs to be constantly growing their talents.” – quote from Thomas Friedman, NY Times, 12 Oct, 2011 Change + Lifelong Learning The Big Shift Creative Tension from “The Power of Pull” managing the gap between by John Hagel et al. our vision and reality. Compelling Storytelling ON MY MIND First Nations have been using stories to orient and understand the world for 10,000 years All graphics used under Creative Commons licence: http://gapingvoid.com • http://davidarmano.com/