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2016 GCSE Geography Fieldwork

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Slide to accompany a talk around how fieldwork should be approached in response to the 2016 GCSE Geography changes. Given as part of the Geographical Association's New Geography GCSE courses.

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  • Your resources were amazing Jeevan. They were nothing like the material we received at school. Thanks Jeevan. They helped me get an A! ➤➤ http://t.cn/AirraVnG
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  • I seemed to underperform in my mock exams - achieving D's/E's but after following your strategy and advice, I achieved a 'B' grade in my final GCSE maths exam. I was chuffed because this result enabled me to study A-Level Chemistry. I've used your revision principles again and this has helped me immensely in this subject. Thank you so much Jeevan.. my 'B' grade will definitely help me in applying for a Pharmacy' course at University...▲▲▲ http://t.cn/AirrSv7D
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2016 GCSE Geography Fieldwork

  1. 1. @davidErogers davidrogers.org.uk drogersmm@me.com Fieldwork
  2. 2. @davidErogers • Consider the point of fieldwork • Reflect on how our approach to fieldwork in response to GCSE change • Explore the use of handheld technology
  3. 3. Photo Credit via Flickr TotalTerror Learning opportunity @davidErogers
  4. 4. @davidErogers
  5. 5. https://www.flickr.com/photos/xurble/376591423 @davidErogers
  6. 6. What is the point of school? Developingaloveoflearningand intellectualcuriosity Teachersloveteaching Makinglearningmemorable CPD CPD Authentic Interleaving Deliberate practise Assessment Feedback Literacy Numeracy Routines No excuses GRIT Geog Rucksack Modelling Beliefs Pedagogy Subject Exam Students Curriculum Design Learning Behaviours Teacher Behaviours Every individual achieves more than they thought possible Developing a love of learning and intellectual curiosity Teachers love teaching Making learning memorable
  7. 7. A document is never going to be creative. Teachers are. @davidErogers
  8. 8. @davidErogers
  9. 9. @davidErogers
  10. 10. @davidErogers Great geography teachers change the world
  11. 11. Testing times Look through the available sample questions. Attempt some. How would provision have to change? @davidErogers
  12. 12. 1 in 14 adults didn’t see any sunlight on the Solstice @davidErogers
  13. 13. Students must have a deeper understanding of fieldwork This is good @davidErogers
  14. 14. @davidErogers What is the point of fieldwork?
  15. 15. How do I go about a geographical enquiry? Publish Produce your work Select the best Information Gather Information Ask questions Evaluate Questions answered? Criteria met? NoYes Start Here Who? Where? When? Why? What? How? What do you need to find out? How will you present the information? BIAS For and Against Audience PowerPoint, Publisher, Poster, Oral, Visual, Play, podcast, Video, Report.. Improve http://flickr.com/photos/milivoj @davidErogers
  16. 16. ‘Enquiry is not something to be defined once and for all on paper. It is something to be developed in the classroom in particular school and curriculum contexts.’ Margaret Roberts, Learning through enquiry, p25 @davidErogers
  17. 17. @davidErogers
  18. 18. ‘To promote intellectual curiosity and a love of learning’ @davidErogers
  19. 19. Image Source via Flickr and Creative Commons ‘The videos you see are delightful, but they’re nothing like the reality of being weightless.’ Chris Hadfield, quoted here. @davidErogers
  20. 20. How do we engage young people with the emotion of place? @davidErogers
  21. 21. Thanks to Patcham High School Art Department and Jo Debens High quality teaching from lesson one of Year 7 @davidErogers
  22. 22. @davidErogers Stories
  23. 23. High quality teaching from lesson one of Year 7 Curriculum driven by enquiry Geography first, exam second @davidErogers
  24. 24. Two contrasting environments Examination 15% Signed statement of actual fieldwork @davidErogers
  25. 25. @davidErogers
  26. 26. Testing is good Low stakes, high frequency @davidErogers
  27. 27. @davidErogers
  28. 28. Year 9 2015/16 Year 10 2016/17 Year 11 2017/18 Slapton Sands 5 Day residential Local Day trip Winter: Visit to the River Adur Catchment – Mayfield Town and Community Shopping Flood defences. Summer: Birling Gap/Cuckmere Haven/Rottingdean Coastal investigation and land use Full ‘CA’ style enquiries Physical Trip to River Adur Investigating ‘over the fence’ Settlement Short Term Lots and lots of data analysis woven throughout the curriculum. On-site and Off High frequency , low stakes testing. Fieldwork embedded@davidErogers
  29. 29. Year 7 Year 8 Geological Explorers (hand held tech) Settlement patterns Impact of Syria / migration South Downs and History Sensory microclimate Can we identify the teacher by their car? Swatch Nature – Mission:Explore John Muir Award and Eco- Challenge with FSC Field sketching Long term Lots and lots of fieldwork woven throughout the curriculum – mostly on-site @davidErogers Primary What is going on in there?
  30. 30. @davidErogers Why do we allow Year 7s to stand still? By Year 1 – local area settlement patterns, tourism and use of beach, farming system, making maps of local area, journey to school, fieldwork as homework
  31. 31. @davidErogers
  32. 32. @davidErogers
  33. 33. @davidErogers
  34. 34. @davidErogers
  35. 35. @davidErogers
  36. 36. Action Planning Activity @davidErogers
  37. 37. @davidErogers
  38. 38. Photo credit via Flickr Free Multi platform Web based Account Display @davidErogers
  39. 39. Fun Engaging Quality Geography Learning outcomes Appropriate geographical context @davidErogers
  40. 40. ‘Hang on lads, I’ve got a great idea.’ Hold your ideas lightly @davidErogers
  41. 41. @davidErogers
  42. 42. Finding out Recording Measuring Creating Planning Photo Credit via Flickr @davidErogers
  43. 43. Photo credit via Flickr@davidErogers
  44. 44. iGeology @davidErogers
  45. 45. @davidErogers
  46. 46. @davidErogers
  47. 47. Skitch @davidErogers
  48. 48. @davidErogers
  49. 49. @davidErogers
  50. 50. http://bit.ly/1ugORI1
  51. 51. Combine Skitch with MetOffice App @davidErogers
  52. 52. Bing Maps through Chrome browser @davidErogers
  53. 53. @davidErogers
  54. 54. @davidErogers
  55. 55. Combine Bing OS mapping with Skitch @davidErogers
  56. 56. @davidErogers
  57. 57. @davidErogers
  58. 58. @davidErogers
  59. 59. Curiosity glasses “Nothing is more fatal to the progress of the human mind than to presume that our views of science are ultimate, that our triumphs are complete, that there are no mysteries in nature, and that there are no new worlds to conquer.” Humphrey Davy, quoted by Prof Brian Cox @davidErogers
  60. 60. ‘It’s not worth doing something unless someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren’t doing it.’ Terry Practchett from the foreword to The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fantasy, @davidErogers
  61. 61. @davidErogers davidrogers.org.uk drogersmm@me.com Fieldwork