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Making the mundane memorable

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Slides that accompanied my talk at Practical Pedagogies 2016 about how simple yet effective ideas can make the difference.

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Making the mundane memorable

  1. 1. @davidErogers What three objects represent learning in your space?
  2. 2. @davidErogers
  3. 3. @davidErogers What is the point of you?
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  16. 16. Before practical pedagogies we need to figure out the why @davidErogers
  17. 17. Sort out the high attaining Pupil Premium students Humans before data @davidErogers
  18. 18. Photo Credit used through Creative Commons ‘…there was a clear tendency amongst best teachers to see the power of the humdrum, the everyday.’ Practice Perfect, Lemov, D; Woolway E; Yezzi, K p5-6 @davidErogers
  19. 19. Is your curriculum full of JONK? @davidErogers
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  24. 24. I'm not a teacher @davidErogers
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  26. 26. Curiosity glasses “Nothing is more fatal to the progress of the human mind than to presume that our views of science are ultimate, that our triumphs are complete, that there are no mysteries in nature, and that there are no new worlds to conquer.” Humphrey Davy, quoted by Prof Brian Cox @davidErogers
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  28. 28. Testing is good Low stakes, high frequency @davidErogers
  29. 29. @davidErogers
  30. 30. 4 November, 2016 What are the social, economic and environmental impacts of climate change for the UK? Starter: Bing image of the day: 1. What are the physical features of this landscape? 2. What are the human features of this landscape? 3. How could this landscape be affected by climate change? @davidErogers
  31. 31. @davidErogers
  32. 32. Mini whiteboard test from memory 1. Define: a) Social b) Environmental c) Economic d) Sustainable development e) Political 2. For the UK list: a) 2 social impacts b) 2 economic impacts c) 1 impact on the built environment d) 1 impact of the natural environment @davidErogers
  33. 33. Why does the UK need new houses? 1. Draw a line graph predicting what has happened to the UK’s population over time. 2. Describe your prediction in words: ‘I predict that the UK’s population has…..’Population (y) Time (x) Trends v Variation video @davidErogers
  34. 34. Improve your writing…with VCOP! Hydraulic action corrosion attrition abrasion Coastal erosion population Residents visitors wave cut platform Wave cut notch constructive wave destructive wave however likewise whereas even though on the other hand unlike contrasting to in addition to despite because so as to Nevertheless although similarly Coastal processes such as……………….. can create landforms by………….. Hydraulic action is when…………………..and this can create…………… Constructive waves are when…………………..whereas destructive waves…………. These produce landforms like……………………because……….. Stuff people pollution things affect / effect up / down ocabulary onnectives peners anned @davidErogers
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  46. 46. Power of the humdrum
  47. 47. Associations between foods and cancer @davidErogers
  48. 48. bit.ly/EEFToolkit @davidErogers
  49. 49. Metacognition How do we overcome pupils’ difficulty in recognising and believing in their own capacity for improvement? @davidErogers Visual Strategies How do we standardise visual and non- visual learning cues? Peer Teaching How do we get the most vulnerable and disadvantaged students involved in leadership? Homework Not all parents view homework in a positive light. How do we work with these groups? Teachers talking about teaching to teachers Grit and self management
  50. 50. bit.ly/PHSresearch @davidErogers
  51. 51. Grit groups identified through Duckworth test Exceeding expectations Below expectations Gritty Not Gritty What can we learn from this group? May drop out post-16? Too much support? Will probably be OK? Measure this group and let them know their score @davidErogers
  52. 52. Grit Groups and Progress 8 Exceeding expectations Below expectations Gritty Not Gritty 0.50 86 Students 80% (69 students) positive P8 0.22 40 Students 65% (25 students) positive P8 -0.82 25 students 25% (6 students) positive P8 -0.85 23 Students 21% (5 students) positive P8) @davidErogers
  53. 53. ‘Learning is hard. True, learning is fun, exhilarating and gratifying – but it is often daunting, exhausting and sometimes discouraging… To help chronically low-performing but intelligent students, educators and parents must first recognise that character is at least as important as intellect.’ Angela Duckworth p61 in How Children succeed. @davidErogers Grit can’t be taught but schools can create the conditions in which it can be grown.
  54. 54. @davidErogers Teaching is research
  55. 55. Dowiadujemy się o kilku różnych językach, które są wypowiedziane w Priory School. Będziesz w stanie: 1. Pracy w zespole 2. Przeczytaj mapy 3. Użyj technologii mobilnych w celu zbadania @davidErogers
  56. 56. We learn several different languages ​​that are spoken in the Priory School. You will be able: 1. Work in a team 2. Read the map 3. Use of mobile technology to explore @davidErogers
  57. 57. Teachers + Kids + Creatives http://bit.ly/mobilecookbook @davidErogers
  58. 58. @davidErogers
  59. 59. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
  60. 60. I guess we all alike to be recognised not for one piece of fireworks, but for the daily leger of our lives. Neil Armstrong
  61. 61. Figure out the why Humans before data Power of the humdrum Teaching is research Great teachers change the world @davidErogers