Smart Kids presentation

13 Jan 2018
Smart Kids presentation
Smart Kids presentation
Smart Kids presentation
Smart Kids presentation
Smart Kids presentation
Smart Kids presentation
Smart Kids presentation
Smart Kids presentation
Smart Kids presentation
Smart Kids presentation
Smart Kids presentation
Smart Kids presentation
Smart Kids presentation
Smart Kids presentation
Smart Kids presentation
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Smart Kids presentation

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  1. Link to: The link is embedded in the right image. “Happy by Pharrell” is a groundbreaking studiopack for Roli’s NOISE app. It deconstructs the chords, basslines, and vocals of “Happy,” giving you the raw materials to build your own song — whether you have a musical background or not. You can recreate “Happy” one layer at a time. This is Roli’s first studiopack and celebrates their new partnership with Pharrell who has been awarded the title of Chief Creative Officer at ROLI and is helping them co-design the next generation of music creation devices.
  2. Companies will take part in as many as 30 sessions and socials, that are designed around their specific needs. The challenges discussed will include maintaining team morale, managing the board, raising future funds and taking the company global. pi-top teaches you to create your own inventions on your journey as an inventor! It is an award winning ecosystem designed to make experimenting, coding and building electronics, simple, affordable and fun. They start as little as $150 pi-top want to make STEM accessible to all and can integrate their software with a standard classroom Pi-top joined Upscale by Tech City UK in 2017 “I love what pi-top is doing and what pi-top is about.” Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple “I’d like to see a pi-top CEED in every classroom.”Eben Upton, Founder & CEO of Raspberry Pi Upscale 2017 in numbers: Average number of employees is 31 Average funding raised: $4.1 million Average revenues per year: just over $1 million Average company age: 4 years old Business to Business companies: 42% Companies addressing both consumer/ business markets: 39% Consumer facing companies: 18%
  3. A couple of years ago, Tamara got really frustrated from her professional and personal experiences. She found that there are so many things that could help people living with cancer live better day-to-day, but they don't know about them or don't know where to buy them. She left her job in healthcare and set up Live Better With to change that. Together with the cancer community, they handpick products that help ease symptoms and side effects, and improve the quality of day-to-day life. Uniquely, they group all the products by how someone might be feeling (e.g., “Feeling sick” or “Can’t sleep”), so it’s very easy to discover all the relevant and helpful things that have worked for others with the same need
  4. With a high street in decline and 90% of cut flowers sold in the UK coming from overseas, domestic growers and florists are finding new ways to reach customers Bloom & Wild is a leader in floristry – an industry that is worth a staggering £2.2 billion annually in the UK alone! Bouquets of freshly cut flowers are arranged in boxes that are slim and flat enough to fit through any standard-sized letterbox and account for 80-90% of their sales with standard bouquets of flowers accounting for the rest Bloom & Wild are based in Vauxhaul and have raised over £20million to date. You can buy direct from them or through e-commerce companies such as They joined Upscale in 2016 and are now part of our Future Fifty programme
  5. LINK TO THIS VIDEO The link should connect once you click on the right image in presentation mode
  6. Link to the From the top left hand corner image.
  7. The Digital Business Academy is at the core of our strategy to build the pipeline of homegrown digital talent. We developed it to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn the skills they need to turn their dreams into real products and real companies. It is working. Almost 20% of our graduates report that they are starting digital companies after finishing at least one skill.
  8. Boiler Room is Music TV for the internet age They televise underground music as it happens from around the world to a massive online community. Video: "Upscale was a fantastic way to both learn from experienced entrepreneurs and also from the shared challenges you find with a great group of bright, driven founders also part of the programme." Mazdak Sanii, COO