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How to use Angelika's language planners

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The planners are available to buy on all Amazon platforms. These slides show you how they work. For more information go to your Amazon or check out http://bit.ly/AngelikasPlanners

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How to use Angelika's language planners

  1. 1. ? ? ?? ?? ? Learning a language on your own and struggling to keep track of it?
  2. 2. • 52 weeks • Undated (no loss of paper) • 2 pages for every week 1st page Lots of space to write • What resources used • What learned • Use as a diary & write sentences in the other language • Colour in flower for every day’s work ☺ Monday: Duolingo first 2 units Mittwoch: Ich habe meine Hausaufgaben gemacht. Friday: watched a Youtube video about French grammar Thursday: Read Italian online newspaper Tuesday: practised past tense
  3. 3. End of the week reflection What went well? What needs a bit more practice? Any plans for next week? German perfect tense with ‘sein’ Listening to that song and trying to sing it Write diary entries in the perfect tense
  4. 4. Examples of quotes German planner French planner Language planner
  5. 5. ideas: • Plan in advance what you want to learn/ do each month • Or write at the end of the month what has been covered
  6. 6. Available on all Amazon platforms Or go to http://bit.ly/2zHBeKK