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Amazing Facts About Cars

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Cars are the most common means of transportation for all. Our slide reflects a collection of 27 amazing facts you probably didn’t know about the cars. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting. Check out.

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Amazing Facts About Cars

  1. 1. 27 Amazing Facts About Cars
  2. 2. Therearemorethan1 billioncarscurrently in useontheplanet,onlyin USAit is around 300million Fact: #1
  3. 3. In Los Angeles, there are more no of cars than people Fact: #2
  4. 4. Automobiles are the most recycled consumer product in the world Fact: #3
  5. 5. Automakers are producing around 165,000 cars every day Fact: #4
  6. 6. The new car smell comes from several chemical compounds inside a vehicle. Fact: #5
  7. 7. Some of them emit volatile organic compounds which are the source of the smell you love.
  8. 8. A car is made with an average of 30,000 parts Fact: #6
  9. 9. A car takes half an ounce of gasoline to start a car Fact: #7
  10. 10. Cars of brazil uses ethanol as fuel which is produced from sugarcane Fact: #8
  11. 11. Mini car having 40km/h speed is legal on Arizona roads where certified low speed vehicles are allowed Fact: #9
  12. 12. The average American spends about 38 hours a year stuck in traffic Fact: #10
  13. 13. The first car accident recorded in the year1891 , in Ohio Fact: #11
  14. 14. The first long distance drive is completed in two days by Bertha Benz in the year1886 covering 106 km distance. Fact: #12
  15. 15. The first cars did not have steering wheels, drivers steered with a lever Fact: #13
  16. 16. Driving a dirty car is a criminal offence in Russia Fact: #14
  17. 17. 75% of cars produced by Rolls- Royce are still on the road today Fact: #15
  18. 18. The most expensive car ever sold at a public auction was a 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196R Formula 1 race car Fact: #16
  19. 19. A blind man was the inventor of the cruise control system Ralph Teetor Fact: #17
  20. 20. Fact: #18
  21. 21. Fact: #19
  22. 22. Running your car down to empty shortens the life of the fuel pump. Fact: #20
  23. 23. It is illegal to slam your car door in Switzerland. Fact: #21
  24. 24. Stolen cars have approximately 60-65% recovery rate Fact: #22
  25. 25. People are three times as likely to buy used cars than new Fact: #23
  26. 26. Honking the car horn without any emergency is illegal in New York city Fact: #24
  27. 27. A car spends 95% of its life in parking Fact: #25
  28. 28. Nevada is the first state to issue license for self-driving car in2012 Fact: #26
  29. 29. Fact: #27
  30. 30. Thank You Website: http://germanautowerks.com/services.php https://www.facebook.com/Baldwinsgerma nauto?ref=br_tf https://twitter.com/BaldwinsGerman