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Why Does My BMW Shuts Off When I Stop in Oakland

  1. Why Does My BMW Shuts Off When I Stop in Oakland?
  2. BMW is referred to as a well-oiled machine that is designed to run very efficiently on the road.
  3. Sometimes, the machinery parts of the car are struggling to perform well in an unexpected place.
  4. Scariest situation while driving a car on the road is it is shutting off suddenly while slowing down or stopping. Moreover, these problems are highly dangerous especially when you are driving your BMW on the highway or busy streets.
  5. The following points define the reasons behind your BMW shuts off when you stop.
  6. Failed alternator
  7. If the alternator stops working, then the engine is unable to get the right amount of power for running smoothly.
  8. As a result, your car shuts off when you stop or slow down on the road.
  9. Low oil level
  10. Thus, the most common reason behind your car shutting off while slowing down or stopping is the low oil level.
  11. Due to the lack of oil in the engine, the engine components are unable to lubricate properly and overheat eventually.
  12. Thus, the low oil level in the engine may seize it and shut off when you stop the car on the road.
  13. Dead battery
  14. In general, a bad battery is a common cause of your car shutting off when you stop.
  15. Apart from the engine shutting off, the dead battery also causes other problems in your car.
  16. Problems in the fuel injector
  17. When the fuel injector is failed, you will notice low fuel pressure issues due to inconsistent flow of fuel to the engine.
  18. If it is clogged with outside contaminants, then it sprays erratic fuel and causes engine shut-off issues.
  19. Problems in the engine control unit
  20. Engine control unit or the ECU is controlling all the functions of the car such as: · Electrical systems · Emission systems · Ignition system · Fuel injection system
  21. A small problem within the engine control unit can cause the car to run poorly or shut down eventually.
  23. Due to numerous other reasons also your BMW shuts off suddenly when you stop.
  24. If your BMW shuts off when you stop it, then consult a mechanic to diagnose the problem and fix it immediately.