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Editorial Newsletters at the INMA Media Innovation Week 2018

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Publishers are rediscovering newsletters. Social media channels are volatile and trust in platforms as a news source is at an all-time low. Email subscribers are more loyal.

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Editorial Newsletters at the INMA Media Innovation Week 2018

  1. 1. INMA Media Innovation Week 2018
  2. 2. Publishers are rediscovering newsletters Social media channels are volatile and trust in platforms as a news source is at an all-time low. Email subscribers are more loyal.
  3. 3. Traditional publishers are successful with editorial newsletters The New York Times was one of the first to start with personal newsletters, created and published under the journalist’s name. LINK The New York Times now has 13 million subscriptions to 50 email newsletters
  4. 4. Traditional publishers are successful with editorial newsletters NOS gives their journalists a platform to create personal and topical newsletters. LINK Editorial Newsletters for Publishers with Revue
  5. 5. Up and coming digital media companies are innovating newsletter formats Quartz has an average 50% open rate with more than 700,000 subscribers. In 2018 they expanded into short-run newsletters tied to major events. “The inbox is the new homepage for executives” LINK Why Quartz has gone niche with newsletter topics Katie Weber — VP of client partnerships for Quartz
  6. 6. Up and coming digital media companies are innovating newsletter formats Casey Newton, Silicon Valley Editor of The Verge, writes an evening newsletter about Facebook, social networks, and democracy. LINK Sign up to The Interface
  7. 7. Newsletter-first media companies are born TheSkimm was founded by two girlfriends that felt out of touch with news media. These days they reach over 7 million millennials with their daily newsletter. LINK How the Skimm Became a Must-Read for Millennials
  8. 8. Newsletter-first media companies are born Every morning Dave Pell visits 75 news sites, collects the most interesting links and sends them over to thousands of readers. LINK Dave Pell brings you the most fascinating news of the day with NextDraft
  9. 9. Personal, editorial newsletters simply perform better TRADITIONAL EMAIL CAMPAIGNS Avg. open rate: 22% Avg. click rate: 4.7% EDITORIAL NEWSLETTERS Open rates up to 60%, or even higher. Email Marketing Benchmarks by MailChimp
  10. 10. Open rates up to 60% Publication Flagship newsletter Subscribers Metrics Editorial staff Primary business model Blendle Daily Digest 700,000 30-40% OR 12 Micropayment Brief.me Brief.me 26,000 60% OR 3 Subscription Buzzfeed Buzzfeed News n/a 30% OR 2 Adverts, affiliate links Economist Espresso 50,000 50% OR 2 Subscription, adverts Financial Times FirstFT 160,000 25-50% OR 5 Engagement, adverts, conversion New York Times Morning brief 700,000 50-60% OR 12 Conversion Ozy Presidential daily brief 1,500,000 25-40% OR 3 Adverts Quartz Daily Brief 200,000 40% OR 4 Adverts The Browser The Browser 9,000 45% OR; 12% CTR 1 Subscription The Times Red Box 35,000 48% OR; 8-10% CTR 2 Conversion, adverts Washington Post The Daily n/a n/a Conversion Reuters: Editorial Email Newsletters - The Medium Is Not Only The Message
  11. 11. Less spam Email was very discredited because of spam. People feel that they have more control now. People read more of your content Subscribers of newsletters are loyal readers. Newsletter are convenient for them. Short and digestible Newsletters have a beginning and end, in contrast to the never ending stream of social media. A way to get around Facebook Keep control over your distribution and effectively reach your audience in their inbox. Easy and mobile People understand email, it’s easy and familiar. Everybody has an email app installed on their mobile phone. Personal Email has always been a more intimate and personal way to reach an audience. POLIS: Back to the Future- Email Newsletters as a Digital Channel for Journalism
  12. 12. Techstars Revue is an editorial newsletter tool for writers and publishers
  13. 13. Techstars Built with editorial teams in mind This is the email body copy. The text is set in 17pt SF UI Text. If you don’t have access to this font, use Helvetica Neue as a replacement. Enjoy, and have a great day! Download this at dribbble.com/mds September 22, 2015 at 11:15 AM Issue is awaiting approval HidePhil DunphyFrom: CameronTo: Inbox (10) MDS 5:00 AM 100% Or log in to edit the issue yourself. Hey, Phil Dunphy requests approval to send their latest issue “Why you should send personal newsletters” to 1295 subscribers. You can view the issue here. If you believe this newsletter is ready to be sent, click approve. If not, hit reject (you’ll be able to give feedback). Approve Reject Organization: Techstars • Manage multiple newsletters • Built-in approval workflow • One consistent design for all your newsletters
  14. 14. THANK YOU! Want to receive this presentation? Shoot me an email at martijn@getrevue.co or leave your business card and I’ll send it over.