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How To Integrate Your Customer Community With CRM

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http://bit.ly/17nSYuU, Are you leveraging your community with your CRM for the most efficient work flow? Get Satisfaction is integrated with Salesforce, SugarCRM, and other CRM Applications to facilitate effective social interactions from within your CRM.

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How To Integrate Your Customer Community With CRM

  1. 1. Community Integrationwith CRM Udit Batra (@ubatra)Platform Product ManagerDoug Nugent (@DougNuge)VP, Customer Success@getsatisfaction#GetSuccess
  2. 2. @getsatisfaction  2 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatra! Purpose–  Illustrate how community content adds value to mission-critical CRMsystems + processes! Audience–  Business and practitioners involved in customer-facing businessprocesses! Takeaways–  What hidden business value can be surfaced through an integration–  How are the values delivered (functionality)–  How can I get it?Objective of this Session
  3. 3. @getsatisfaction  3 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatra! Why Bother?! Architecture! Golden Nuggets! How to get it! Q&AAgenda
  4. 4. @getsatisfaction  4 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatraData Value Propositions! Accessibility - Quickly and easily access and managesocial content! Analysis – Get business insight into discussions! Actionable – initiate action – establish new businessprocesses (i.e. product feedback), and/or expand onexisting (i.e. KB content development)Why Bother?! Get valuable community content into existing systems ofrecord
  5. 5. @getsatisfaction  5 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatraAPI based! REST API! Push API (AKA Webhooks – in limited beta)! New APIsArchitecture! Fundamentally designed for ANYCRM system
  6. 6. @getsatisfaction  6 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatraWhat does it mean?! A new dimension of the “customer relationship” – whatare they talking about?! You can manage day-to-day community engagementfrom within the existing platform! Turn conversations into action + “close the loop”Golden Nuggets! What do you actually get?
  7. 7. @getsatisfaction  7 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatraFeatures! All topics as a custom object! Topics are automatically associated to Contact records! Ability to create new Cases from Topics! Ability to create new Leads from Topics! Analytics/Reporting–  Identify Advocates – individuals and companies–  Surface issuesGolden Nuggets! What is the actual functionality
  8. 8. @getsatisfaction  8 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatra        Contact  &  Account  associa-on  Create  Lead  Topic  details  
  9. 9. @getsatisfaction  9 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatraTopic  details  Replies  Leads  Cases  Contact  
  10. 10. @getsatisfaction  10 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatra
  11. 11. @getsatisfaction  11 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatraFeatures! Update “Status” – “Answered”,“Solved”…! Submit a reply! Manage a queue! Manage multiple communities from one system! Aggregate analytics for multiple communitiesGolden Nuggets! Manage the Community from your CRM system
  12. 12. @getsatisfaction  12 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatraUpdate  Status  Reply  to  topic  
  13. 13. @getsatisfaction  13 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatraExpanding business insights & processes! Expand on categorizing content (value)! Trigger automated workflow (assignment, escalation…)! Create custom queues (for product…)! Expand on existing processes–  Resolve privately with cases/tickets–  Create leads–  Generate KB contentGolden Nuggets! Categorization and Workflow
  14. 14. @getsatisfaction  14 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatraCustom  field  (Assigned  To)  
  15. 15. @getsatisfaction  15 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatra
  16. 16. @getsatisfaction  16 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatraSugar CRM – DRI Global
  17. 17. @getsatisfaction  17 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatraHow to Get It! Salesforce.com! Sugar CRM
  18. 18. @getsatisfaction  18 #GetSuccess @DougNuge @ubatraQuestionsAnswers.Topic:  How  does  community  content  add  business  value  to  mission  cri;cal  CRM  systems?    Link:  h@p://bit.ly/crmintegra;on