Presentacion the syria_that_you_dont_know

  1. This email is made with love and doesn’t have any political or religious preferences. The purpose is to make you see the real Syria.
  2.  Leave Syria Alone we don’t have oil……
  4. Are you Christian? Are you Jewish? Are you Muslim? I’m Syrian
  6. Aleppo
  7. Aleppo Citadel
  8. Aleppo University
  9. Ananias Church
  10. Azem Palace
  11. Damascus Azem Palace
  12. Cattle Ranch
  13. Apple is one of many fruit that grow in Syria
  14. Citrus Tree
  15. Damascus market, you will find all kind of dry and fresh fruit and vegetables
  16. Cham Cote D’Azur, the largest resort on the Mediteranean sea.
  17. Craque De Chevalier
  18. Crystalline cave dating back to millions of years discovered in Hama
  19. Damascus
  20. Damascus St. Pauls Gate
  21. Damascus view
  22. Damascus Museum
  24. Damascus citadel
  25. Damascus Opera house
  26. Damascus University
  27. Famous Damascus Steel
  28. One of syria’s luxery Malls
  29. Fish farm
  30. University Graduation
  31. Grapes from syria
  32. Modern Irrigation
  33. Syria new generation
  34. International Expo In Damascus
  35. Syria arabian horses
  36. Jar Dated Over 10,000 b.C.
  37. Jobar Synagogue 2000 Years Old
  38. Latakia Port
  39. Maaloula
  40. Maaloula the only place on earth that they still speak jesus christ language “ the aramic”
  41. Maraat College
  42. Mar mussa 8500 b.C. Neolithic Period.
  43. Massar Children Discovery Centre
  44. Massar Children Discovery Centre
  45. Mausoleum of Saladin
  46. Mining in Syria is one of it’s export
  47. Modern Medical Equipment
  48. Monastery of Sydnaya
  49. Mosque in Hama Syria
  50. Nimrod Period
  51. Cham ebla hotel
  52. Dining in damascus old section
  53. Noria in Hama
  54. Old Damascus
  55. Olives Field
  56. BOSRA
  57. Omayyad Architecture
  58. One of Damascus Multiple Universities
  59. Damascus Opera house
  60. Palmyra at Night
  61. Palmyra
  62. Religion Freedom and respect is one of Syria best assets.
  63. Saint Simeon
  64. Saladin Castle
  65. Student Housing at Damascus University
  66. Sufi-dance
  67. Syria is the 5th producer of olives worldwide.
  68. Syria Eighth Gate
  69. Syria Grand Mosque of Damascus
  70. Syria modernized farming by introducing greenhouses technology
  71. Syrian Congress
  72. Syrian gastronomy
  73. Syrian lamb unique in the world
  74. Syrian Mall
  75. Syrian Stock Exchange
  76. Syrian Village
  77. Tabacco
  78. Tartouse
  79. Tartus sea port
  80. Tartus
  81. Textile industry
  82. The eight gate of Damascus
  83. The Tomb of Abel west of Damascus
  84. Tomb of St. John Baptiste inside Omeyad Mosque unique
  85. Ugarit 1300 b.C.
  86. Ugarit the first alphabet of the world
  87. Umayyad Mosque
  88. Wheat Field
  89. Wood Furniture
  91. American Actress
  92. Co- Founder & CEO of Apple Computer.
  93. Correspondent for CNN.
  94. Governor of Indiana State
  95. Mexican Writer
  96. Comedian, Actor & Writer.
  97. Miss New York, USA 2003.
  98. Actor
  99. Actress
  100. Singer, Songwriter & Actor.
  101. President of Argentina 1989-1999
  102. Dancer, Singer & Actress.
  103. Actor
  104. Poet
  105. American Democratic Politician
  106. Academy Award-Winning Actor.
  107. Poet
  108. Artist
  109. Famous Singer, Composer & Actor
  110. Athlete Best Heptathlete in 1992-1995
  111. Race Car Driver.
  112. Actor
  113. At first sight you see a hub of civilizations and cultures but, if you look closer you will find everything your heart desires.  From our world-class infrastructure to our diverse business field, Syria offers endless cultural and human history.  A quick tour of our mountains, jagged canyons and rolling fields reveals that Syria offers an array of exciting destinations that are sure to fulfill your desires…  And now, don’t forget our most important feature, our people... you will find friendly welcomes, a helpful hand, and hospitality that is not Matched anywhere else in the world.  Leave Syria Alone we don’t have oil.