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Transitioning into Tech

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Tips on effectively transitioning from a 9-5 job to work in tech / entrepreneurship.

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Transitioning into Tech

  1. 1. Transitioning into TECH by Gillian Morris Presented at Harvard in Tech meetup, 18 November 2014 @gillianim
  2. 2. FORMER LIFE Journalist/Consultant in Istanbul view from my kitchen
  3. 3. 2 years later Founder & CEO of Hitlist, a mobile app tha t helps you build a list of places you’d like to go then alerts you when there are cheap flights to get to those places • 200k+ downloads • Venture backed • Won 4 hackathons • ‘35 under 35’ Young Leaders to watch in Travel @gillianim
  4. 4. 1. Build something people= want Not just you and your yuppie friends @gillianim
  5. 5. Know the difference*: Lifestyle Do what you love! And make enough to live comfortably • Incremental improvement on something that already exists • Nice to have not need to have Venture backable Build something market-changing in a minimum $1bn market • Differentiated: new product or 10x better • Sustainable: network effects • Compelling: solves a real problem *there are exceptions to every rule, but have a good reason if you think you’ll be one @gillianim
  6. 6. Validate your idea • In a weekend • In a quarter @gillianim
  7. 7. 2. Build your network (virtual & local) @gillianim
  8. 8. FACT: • the best investor introductions come from fellow entrepreneurs who are already making/have made the investor money • The best jobs come from personal referrals • The best employees come from personal referrals @gillianim
  9. 9. @gillianim
  10. 10. Useful meetup groups: • NY Tech Meetup • Women 2.0 • Ultra Light Startups • Entrepreneurs’ roundtable • PandoMonthly / Startup Grind Check out my ‘complete guide to NY Tech – Abridged!’
  11. 11. 3. Build your track record @gillianim
  12. 12. ‘Investors invest in lines not dots’ - Mark Suster Google this & read the blog post! @gillianim
  13. 13. FREE ways to build your track record: Hackathons • TechCrunch Disrupt (NY in May, SF in September) • NYC BigApps • Look for ones related to your industry Pitch competitions • AlleyNYC Startup Battles • TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield Speak at/organize Meetups Blog Send updates Help others
  14. 14. RECAP: 1. Build something people want 2. Build your network 3. Build your track record @gillianim
  15. 15. @gillianim Qs: Contact g@hitlistapp.com Gillian.im