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Webinar: Corona Crisis > How your virtual services brand can stand out in today's climate

  2. Agenda Welcome! Part 1. Today’s Landscape Part 2. Opportunities Part 3. Be Remarkable Part 4. Captivate Your Audience Takeaways and Bonus Workbook
  3. You are here with me in this webinar because you know that the success of your business is crucial right now in trying times.
  4. Especially in the current turbulent times of our new world norm… whether temporary or not.
  5. You seek: • Insights • Support • Structure • The next step to take for your virtual services business
  6. We are going to talk about your business today. And at the end, you’ll get a handy framework to build your very own remarkable virtual services brand.
  7. Discover the opportunities for your virtual services business as a consequence of COVID-19. What will you learn today? An overview of the complicated business world we are living today as a result of COVID-19. Remarkable brands stand out in the mind of the consumer. How does this look today and what does it mean to your virtual business? To stand out in the crowded marketplace of virtual service providers, you need to captivate your audience. I'll show you how. You'll learn tried and trued methods for establishing your brand personality.
  8. 9 Nice to meet you!
  9. Who am I really? American transplanted to the Netherlands Ex- circuit car fanatic A bit of a geek  Star Wars Fan + Gamer Mom
  10. Amsterdam- based brand agency working worldwide
  11. Our Mission 12 iGina is on a mission to bring remarkable brands to life.
  12. Our Vision 13 To craft powerfully unique brands that achieve audacious goals and thrive.
  13. for whom | feelings | personality iGina is brand obsessed. Curious Guided Understood Excited Entrepreneurs Intuitive Passionate Helpful Spunky!
  14. Part 1 Today’s Landscape Many brands quickly transitioned to virtual services What are the new challenges you are facing?
  15. think about it Your Experience What sort of business are you in? Have you struggled or thrived in the new normal of COVID-19?
  16. today’s landscape Looks Something Like This Work from home Changing consumer preferences Switch in focus Offering needed services Restrictive human interaction Changing legislations
  17. these unique challenges Can Result In… Social Isolation Decreased liquidity New consumer habits New business model New Routines Change in strategy
  18. also challenges Apply to Your Brand Comms Overload Service Relevance Business Continuity Employee Health Economic Downturn Reduced Sales
  19. You aren't the only one now... The smaller the company, the harder the hit (lacking cashflow and capital) Small businesses represent 99%of all businesses in the EU 60%of small business owners feel their revenue will shrink in the next 6 months Approx. 36 million Americans employed by small businesses are at risk of unemployment
  20. Rather than simply shying away from the challenges of today's landscape, you can take the right steps to maximize your opportunities. Plan. Pivot. Persevere.
  21. Part 2. Opportunities How do I turn my challenges into opportunities? Can my business thrive in the new normal?
  22. navigating the challenges What Can We Do? As we adjust to a new normal in our business, how to help our brands to thrive can be unclear. It’s all about NOUROUSHING.  Brand Heart. the why behind your business, purpose and promise you make to the world.  Brand Soul. The personality of your brand and how you connect to your customers.  Brand Service. the way that you live your brand to the outside world.
  23. A New Normal Modifying the way we work and our services and/or products Practicing compassion with our customers and ourselves Being honest and human in the space of the unknown
  24. Part 3 Be Remarkable What is a remarkable brand? How can I stand out in a noisy market?
  25. Virtual Service Brands Have Unique Challenges How to connect to people without being in person. Customers are more wary of purchasing from strangers. The market is busy with noise and chatter.
  26. - Seth Godin, Purple Cow: Transform your business by being remarkable In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.
  27. Be remarkable 28
  28. What makes a virtual services brand remarkable? Build customer trust by delivering on your promises Be consistent (in your customer experience but also how you present your brand online) Be transparent Be authentic Stay connected
  29. Remarkable Brands Focus on 3 Things HEART SOUL SERVICE
  30. build a remarkable virtual brand Your Brand Heart Why does your business exist? What gets you up in the morning? What’s your personal driver? What is your brand’s purpose? What is your WHY?
  31. build a remarkable virtual brand Your Brand’s Soul What’s your brand personality? If your brand were a person, who would he./she be? How should your brand speak? How should your brand behave? What’s your brand archetype?
  32. build a remarkable virtual brand Your Brand’s Service Put your customers first Make authentic connections Be human Stay connected Be consistent (brand personality)
  33. All designed to captivate your audience
  34. Strategy Story Identity Visual representation of your company, product, service (logo, colors). The storyline that connects your brand to it’s everyday and messaging. Your promise, beliefs, vision, personality, positioning, DNA. Brand Is Many Things Rolled Up Into One
  35. Planning is a Critical Step Strategy is Crucial “If you want everyone on the same page, then you need this page first” Brand Growth Marketing Pivot to Persevere As a virtual service provider, YOUR personal brand is likely linked to your company brand Embrace the transition to a remarkable brand that is primed for success in today’s climate.
  36. Part 4 Captivate Your Audience Who is my ideal audience? How do I connect to them? What makes my brand unique?
  37. Step 1: Think about your audience Using the guidelines on the page, paint a picture of your ideal audience in your head.
  38. Mapping Your Audience Canvas • Why, and for whom did you start your company? A simple statement that details what problem you are solving for your audience. Craft this last after your evaluation and mapping. • Audience. Write a few words to describe your audience. Who are they? • Actions. What are some things that your audience does? • Needs. What are the rational drivers of purchasing? • Wants. What are the emotional drivers of purchasing? What would they spend their savings on? • Pain Points. What keeps them up at night? • Feelings. What does your audience feel in relation to their needs, wants and pain points? • Emotions Triggered. Use the feelings box to choose the emotions your brand will trigger in your audience. • Triggering Traits. Choose the personality traits that trigger those emotions.
  39. Step 2: Feelings Go through the feelings list and choose the words to write down in the “feelings triggered” box on the canvas.
  40. How do you want people to feel when they encounter your brand? As much as we’d like to believe that we are rational beings, we all make decisions emotionally. We decide with our hearts and our “guts” first and justify our decisions later with logic. Decide how you want to make people feel to tap into your ideal clients’ emotional decision-making.
  41. Step 3: Triggering personality traits Select which personality traits will trigger the desired emotions. This should make up your brand personality.
  42. What personality traits would you use to describe it? (Choose top 3) How your audience feels will be a result of your brand’s personality. Imagine that your brand is a living breathing being, a character in the story of your clients’ lives. How will it act? What is its tone of voice? Is it a mother-figure, best friend, coach, king, comedian, rebel, wise teacher, mentor, artist, child, tour guide, or a lover?
  43. Step 4: Put it into words Use the “blurb” space to write out what you (your brand) want to say to your audience. Use words and a tone that will trigger the emotions. Mention your USP.
  44. Write 60 second blurb using your brand personality as the basis Choose a product or service of your company and think of its unique selling point. Remember who your audience is and what emotions you aim to trigger. Use words/phrases that express your brand’s personality and triggers those emotions.
  45. Takeaways and Bonus Workbook How do I get started? What do I need to understand in order to pivot my brand?
  46. Take home messages • Build a detailed understanding of your core customer base. • Know which emotions to trigger • Develop a brand personality that connects with the audience and their emotions • BE A PURPLE COW! 47
  47. Next steps • Map ourtyour remarkable brand strategy. • Define your “noise”. Who else is vying for your audience? • Write out a list of blog topics bringing today’s learnings into practice. • Commit to your next blog topic that speaks to your audience and speaks louder than the noise! 48
  48. Are you ready to continue on your own? You can walk through the Brand Workbook on your own right now… But what if you had a sparring partner to help you unjumble all the ideas in your head? 50
  49. Q&A
  50. Thank You!
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