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Ginger Bread Best Cake Shops in Chennai

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We have different flavors, fresh and delicious cakes only on Ginger Bread. One of the Best cake shops in Chennai and also provide online cake delivery services. For more details visit us @ http://www.gingerbread.co.in/

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Ginger Bread Best Cake Shops in Chennai

  1. 1. Ginger Bread Cakes Developed By Ginger Bread
  2. 2. We will bake you what you desire with the same care and hygiene you would follow at home to make your kids happy and make them eat healthy.
  3. 3. Be it a midnight surprise for a friend, or a cake for yourself, we will deliver the cake in the time slot of your choice. Make your day special with Gingerbread cakes.
  4. 4. Gingerbread delivers not just a tasty cake but also a healthy cake. 100% free of chemical preservatives. Make your party special with Gingerbread Cakes. Online cake delivery in Chennai
  5. 5. When you think of Cakes, think Gingerbread. We take special care in crafting your cakes and presenting them in style. Surprise delivery at your doorsteps 24/7. Chemical free. 24hr cake delivery services
  6. 6. Fresh and Delicious cakes only on Ginger Bread
  7. 7. We are always conscious about your loved little ones at home. We ensure our cakes are chemical free and we choose the best quality ingredients which makes our bakes healthy. We bake fresh, everyday.
  8. 8. We make cakes that adore your occasion and makes it memorable. We deliver 24/7 anywhere around Chennai.
  9. 9. A cake that answers the question, "If you had to pick a last meal, what would it be?" Cake designer Laura Loukaides from U.K. created an award-winning cake that's going to make you crave for it when you see it
  10. 10. Try this from Gingerbread. You can never stop from coming back for this again. To order online visit @ www.gingerbread.co.in or call us at 9600072802. Address: Block 4, 1397, mogappair west main road, Chennai, India - 600037. Phone: +91 - 9884025451 Email: admin@gingerbread.co.in