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Measuring outcomes... or how to get meaningful metrics

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Presented at the Lean Agile Network meetup in Toronto on November 1, 2019.

- What can metrics do for you?
- What to be aware of?
- How can you build good metrics?
- Examples of delivery metrics

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Measuring outcomes... or how to get meaningful metrics

  1. 1. Measuring Outcomes … or how to get meaningful metrics
  2. 2. Who am I?
  3. 3. Keep in mind...
  4. 4. Brainstorm metrics Focus on metrics that • you currently use in your environment • measure team performance
  5. 5. What happened? How can we make it happen? What will happen? Why did it happen? Why measure anyways?
  6. 6. What to measure? Deliver early and often!
  7. 7. Assess your metrics Discuss for every metric you listed • What question they answer? • If they measure the process or the outcome? • If they are descriptive, analytic, predictive or prescriptive?
  8. 8. Pitfalls
  9. 9. Game your metrics Brainstorm strategies to make your metrics look good… While not improving (or even worsening) the result
  10. 10. An alternative approach?
  11. 11. Guiding principles
  12. 12. Where to start?
  13. 13. A single datapoint...
  14. 14. A bit more data...
  15. 15. What’s next?
  16. 16. An additional datapoint...
  17. 17. Keep failure demand as low as possible Deliver as much value to users as early as possible Standards?
  18. 18. Remember
  19. 19. Thank you!