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Fighting showrooming with showrooming

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View stores through the eyes of online shoppers and create an online experience in-store.
Presentation at IRX: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGPis9mryvA

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Fighting showrooming with showrooming

  1. 1. Fightingshowroomingwithshowrooming
  2. 2. Diffusion of innovations
  3. 3. Industries are being disrupted
  4. 4. by technology
  5. 5. Stores are …
  6. 6. Imagine a site without …• eWallets• Social Login• Reviews• Product videos• Detailed specs/info• Personalised recommendations• Wish lists• Click & collect / Home Delivery / ByBox / Shutl
  7. 7. What does a typical store looklike to an online shopper?
  8. 8. ShowroomingInevitable
  9. 9. offlineShoppers are expected to go ...In an always-on, always-connected world
  10. 10. 45%showroomed because theywanted to see the item beforebuying online (comScore)
  11. 11. Make it natural for shoppers toorder with you, not a competitor
  12. 12. Fightingshowroomingwithshowrooming
  13. 13. • WiFi– Engage the Rule of Reciprocity (Mobile datacosts)– ‘Store mode’ mobile site• Live help– Store #hashtag and @account• Text rewards & incentives– 74% happy to receive text promo on WiFi(OnDeviceResearch)– Showroomers are 3x more likely to respond to alocation-based mobile offer (Aimia)– 98% of all SMS messages are opened
  14. 14. • Make the travel to store worthwhile• Fun• Technology– Tablets for staff– Virtual fitting rooms– Give staff autonomy to discount– Target stores to increase online orders fromwithin store– Augmented reality
  15. 15. • Scan– QR Codes– URN• Store Mode Mobile Site– Extra content/videos only available in-store– All site features including reviews
  16. 16. • Pay– In-store, for online purchase– Online, for in-store purchase• Deliver– Store– Home– Collect via ByBox
  17. 17. • Check-in / Check-out– Automatically– Social Media• Word of mouth– Social Proof
  18. 18. Online experience in-storeIn-store experience online
  19. 19. Innovate“Internet retailers will be the high streetchampions of the future” ~ Me
  20. 20. “Early adopters are suspicious of somethingthat is too polished: if its ready for everyone toadopt, how much advantage can one get bybeing early?” Eric RiesInnovate
  21. 21. Reach outE-mail: glen@justbought.itTwitter: @justboughtit@glen_richardsonWeb: JustBought.it