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Attention, Money and the Future of the Internet (Gerd Leonhard at Internet Hungary)

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The PDF from my presentation at Internet Hungary 2009 in Tihany see http://bit.ly/dAnvc. Topics: defining 'broadband culture', why and how attention is the new currency, content 2.0 and the new pricing logic, the shift from mass media to niche media, why conversation beats monolog and why social media is CRM, the shift from push to pull, 'free gets you to the place where you can ask to get paid', how sharing generates income, the future of content, education trends, the end of control,

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Attention, Money and the Future of the Internet (Gerd Leonhard at Internet Hungary)

  1. 1. Attention, Money and the Future of the Internet ‣ Futurist ‣ Strategist ‣ Author & Blogger www.mediafuturist.com twitter.com/gleonhard
  2. 2. www.mediafuturist.com What I do: www.twitter.com/gleonhard
  3. 3. Was... Is...
  4. 4. A Mobile, Engaged, Connected Culture
  5. 5. Imagine what this will do to your life... b i le o d M e im e r -T a l h a S e R l ia o c e o id S V
  6. 6. Social Media and Citizens Action Social media has created a drastic increase in transparency, and reduced citizens’ response time to hours instead of days or weeks
  7. 7. Soon: the Mobile becomes ‘The Internet’
  8. 8. Source: Slideshare
  9. 9. The Success Formula: Content - Context - Connectivity - Community - Convenience +++
  10. 10. The irreversible shift in Content & Media Co munity omnterf Con nv en C I ien ace texte c Content Timeliness Curation Content
  11. 11. And another pricing logic! Price Users 100 75 50 25 0 Was Will be
  12. 12. It used to be... “Option” “Extra” Default
  13. 13. Soon: The New Premium The new Normal
  14. 14. Content is first a Service & an Experience - and only then (maybe) a Product.
  15. 15. From Stuff to Bits (1)
  16. 16. From Stuff to Bits (2)
  17. 17. From Stuff to Bits (3)
  18. 18. Content is only ~20% of the Cost Thanks to Flickr.com/alextorrenegra
  19. 19. From Physical to Digital From Fixed to Mobile From Consumers to Users From Top-Down to Social From One-Way to Interactive
  20. 20. How commerce has changed Transaction Transaction Trust Dominance Audience Attention Masses + Attraction & Money = Attention Reach
  21. 21. What we can learn from Tripadvisor
  22. 22. Now, Conversation beats Monolog
  23. 23. A new Marketing Paradigm emerges
  24. 24. How will this make money? Behavior, habit & culture changes always come first Monetization is a possible consequence (not a starting point) Every large and engaged audience can be turned into money.
  25. 25. Social Media beats eMail, Video beats Search
  26. 26. Stop Pushing Start Pulling
  27. 27. In Content, we must now reinvent how get paid! Source: Universal McCann
  28. 28. Why I have spend $1000+ on iStockphoto • Good quality images • Finding the right photo is quick and easy • The rights (licenses) are cleared • The price is right (well... mostly) • I don’t pay just for the content - I pay for ease of use, peace of mind, the interface, service & curation...!
  29. 29. Free gets you to a place where you can get paid. Quote by Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures www.avc.com
  30. 30. ‘Feels Like Free’ Content >> Paid Services
  31. 31. Crucial: Sharing generates Income
  32. 32. The Future: Creators Going Direct
  33. 33. Convergence is finally real Telecom TV Advertising Internet Mobile Media
  34. 34. n ? a tio u c E d of u r e u t e F T h
  35. 35. The Art of Attention-Getting
  36. 36. Engagement not Interruption
  37. 37. Advertising / Branding / Marketing 2.0: Interruption costs Money Engagement costs Control
  38. 38. Summary 1. Attract the right people by publishing relevant content 2. Get and hold their Attention, build Trust 3. Think Followers not Users 4. Offer added values to convert followers into $$
  39. 39. Thanks for your time email me at gerd@mediafuturist.com twitter.com/gleonhard facebook: gleonhard more presentations at www.mediafuturist.com