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Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard: Bottom Line Future Trends (summary)

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These are some of my favourite memes and bottom lines from 10+ recent slideshows and presentations see http://www.futuristgerd.com/category/gerd/gerds-presentations/ and www.gerdtube.com for videos

If you enjoy my slideshares please take a look at my new book “Technology vs Humanity” http://www.techvshuman.com or buy it via Amazon http://gerd.fm/globalTVHamazon

More at http://www.futuristgerd.com or www.gerdleonhard.de
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About my new book: are you ready for the greatest changes in recent human history? Futurism meets humanism in Gerd Leonhard’s ground-breaking new work of critical observation, discussing the multiple Megashifts that will radically alter not just our society and economy but our values and our biology. Wherever you stand on the scale between technomania and nostalgia for a lost world, this is a book to challenge, provoke, warn and inspire.

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Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard: Bottom Line Future Trends (summary)

  1. 1. Clip via IBM / Youtube Exponential Societal Changes
  2. 2. The end of ‘going online’ is near: connectivity, and information becomes like water or electric power Social-Local-Mobile (SoLoMo) + Big Data + Cloud +AI
  3. 3. Image of BP platform via US Coast Guard Data is quickly becoming more valuable than Oil.
  4. 4. BRICs / CIVETS / MINTS: digital transformation will be even faster, expect a series of leaps that are not feasible in US / EU Twitter: @gleonhard
  5. 5. 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 “How does a person go broke? Gradually, then suddenly” Ernest Hemingway
  6. 6. How many components of your business are digitally contestable ?
  7. 7. Previously closed/walled businesses that have been cracked open by ‘great tech and smart people’: HR, Banking…
  8. 8. How can your company become an ‘Exponential Organization’ ?
  9. 9. Emotional Intelligence Subjective Reasoning Social Intelligence Imagination Negotiation Questioning Empathising Storytelling Connecting Creativity Design
  10. 10. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bobsfever/ 7034556759/in/photostream/ “Machines are for answers, humans are for questions” (Kevin Kelly)
  11. 11. The end of silos: time to innovate beyond the core!
  12. 12. Photo by iamos - http://flic.kr/p/5uUFSo Media pre SoLoMo: provide mousetraps for advertisers
  13. 13. Massive gains in Marketing Intelligence driven by Big Data, SoLoMo, AI, NUI
  14. 14. Ubiquitous low-cost connectivity will bring… Even more market fragmentation Less mass-markets, more hits in niches Brands can increasingly ‘go direct’ Big Data moves centre-stage Privacy is major concern #datawars Digital hyper-efficiency everywhere Digitally-native disruption abounds Even more market fragmentation Less mass-markets, more hits in niches Brands can increasingly ‘go direct’ Big Data moves centre-stage Privacy is major concern #datawars Digital hyper-efficiency everywhere Digitally-native disruption abounds
  15. 15. Broadcasting meets Broadbanding: First the Medium, then the Message, too!
  16. 16. Social Media-Telecom- eCommerce-Broadcasters Facebook is paying more than double its annual revenue for a chat program that has little revenue. The purchase price is slightly more than the market value of Sony Corp. "Facebook is the leading global social- sharing utility. Now, it has a significant opportunity to be the leading global communications utility," RBC Capital Markets said in a note.
  17. 17. Image of BP platform via US Coast Guard Interaktion before transaction: the future of marketing
  18. 18. What happened to media will also happen to other sectors: digital hyper-efficiency
  19. 19. When content becomes disembodied…Source: TheAtlantic.com ‘New Generatives’ become crucial
  20. 20. Increasing Scarcity inside Increasing Abundance outside
  21. 21. “We give the greatest subjective value to things that are relatively scarce” (Ronald Inglehart)
  22. 22. Broadcast & Print Cable & Satellite The evolution of content, media and entertainment Cloud (+ social + mobile)
  23. 23. Films, TV, Music, Print: from Unit Economy to Access Economy
  24. 24. The Future is OTT. Liquidity. Relevance.
  25. 25. “Software is eating the world” (Marc Andreessen) Inevitable transfer of value from traditional companies to software companies
  26. 26. Global Paradigm Shift in Marketing | Advertising | Public Relations | Branding
  27. 27. =
  28. 28. Wearable computing will likely become as common as smart phones Moto 360 Android / Google
  29. 29. Google Now is only the very tip of the AI iceberg: automation, real-time data, inter-connectivity, technology in the background, NUIs / voice / gesture control, intelligent digital assistants… Google Now via Youtube
  30. 30. The automation of everything?
  31. 31. The automation of jobs: huge changes are imminent Live demo of Quartz interactive graphic http://qz.com/202312/is-your-job-at-risk-from-robot-labor-check-this-handy-interactive/
  32. 32. If Advertising is ‘entertainment that shapes culture’ can it be ‘automated’ ?
  33. 33. Works for ‘data’ but not for ‘in-between-the-data’
  34. 34. Businesses must become extremely data-smart & technologically super-intelligent - and even more extremely human In a recent lecture at Harvard University neuroscientist Jeff Lichtman, who is attempting to map the human brain, has calculated that several billion petabytes of data storage would be needed to index the entire human brain. The Internet is currently estimated to be 5 million terabytes (TB) of which Google has indexed roughly 200 TB or just .004% of its total size. http://www.industrytap.com/knowledge-doubling-every-12-months-soon-to-be-every-12-hours/3950
  35. 35. Trading personal data for a few coupons, digital ‘friends’ or a cool app is no longer as appealing to ‘consumers’
  36. 36. Time, relevance, value, privacy will matter more than ‘free’ http://wattsupwiththat.com/2008/12/21/jim-hansens-agu-presentation-hes-nailed-climate-forcing-for-2x-co2/
  37. 37. Total digitization, ubiquitous connectivity, machine intelligence and very very big data will require new norms, rules and markets - and new social contracts
  38. 38. Image of BP platform via US Coast Guard Algorithm ‘Humarithm’☯
  39. 39. Social Local Mobile (SoLoMo) Connected Everything (IoT) ‘Software is eating the world’ Intelligent, Learning Machines Digital Assistants and AI Big Data in all Business ProcessesVia IBM on Youtube