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Mobile Marketing & Advertising Futures (Data is the new Oil)

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From my presentation at CommunicAsia 2009 (Singapore) see http://tinyurl.com/kup9pt
The State of the Mobile Marketing Industry and beyond: Consumer generated content, social networking, online on-demand video, engagement and the death of television as we know it - The velocity of change only seems to be increasing. Zenith Optimedia estimates online advertising spending will grow 8.6% in 2009, reaching $54.3 billion by the end of the year, even as the overall market slumps by 6.9%, as marketers increasingly leverage digital media and technology platforms to establish a dialog with their customers, optimize messaging and delivery and, ultimately, drive brand preference. How will the looming recession impact on media and advertising? Will digital media suffer along with other platforms or might our industry benefit from these tough times as marketers shift a disproportionate amount of spending to performance-based marketing channels? Gerd Leonhard www.mediafuturist.com

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