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TNT Dinar - TNT Tony Court Case 2:12-cr-20041 Update
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TNT Dinar - TNT Tony Court Case 2:12-cr-20041 Update

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TNT Dinar - Anthony Renfrow court case 2:12-cr-20041 update. In this document, you can see that on Thursday May 21, 2015, Tony Renfrow (TNT Tony) has changed his plea from not guilty to guilty. More information on this can be found at the following websites:

learn about the reason Tony was arrested on Indictment charges

This is my official Twitter page

in this article I discuss the #wearethepeople trend from Jan 2014 which continues into May 2015.

this article goes into the history of Anthony Wayne Renfrow (TNT Tony / TNT Dinar) and the failed predictions.

Page on the global currency reset

Page on the Iraqi Dinar Currency

I'm pretty sure a large group of people will be happy to see this update, however, an equally large group of people will say I'm attacking Tony. Here is the truth, in one way or another, Tony has lied/cheated us. With the 14dailyplus dot com scam, there were millions of dollars involved. Simply looking up the court case 2:12-cr-20041 should bring you to the original indictment.

I suggest you do your research into TNT Dinar, especially people on Activeboard who believe everything they hear.

I was deceived for about a month, but I woke up, and decided I needed to expose the lies, little did I know that sites like dinardaily.net and mriqd.com had already done so. I simply continued what they had done.

Hopefully, this explains it.

As for TNT Tony, I'm seeing him going back to jail for his crimes.

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