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Maximize your business potential and efficiency with Live Excel-based JDE Reporting

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Download the whitepaper from http://www.globalsoftwareinc.com/efficient-JDE-reporting
When the familiarity of excel is combined with the power of JD Edwards data, you get the best Excel automation experience. Live, excel-based reporting, allows you to use a common, intuitive toolset across functional groups and analyze information more efficiently.

Take a look at this presentation to know how Global Software, Inc. helps you get the best of both worlds through their ‘dynamic spreadsheet methodology’.

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Maximize your business potential and efficiency with Live Excel-based JDE Reporting

  1. 1. Global Software, Inc. Combine the familiarity of Excel with the power of JD Edwards data
  2. 2. When it comes to capturing finance, operational and budgeting data, the winner is - EXCEL 2 90 % 76 % Every company owns it, 300+ million copies worldwide Everybody knows how to use it It works on every platform Native features and advanced add-ins keep it competitive Of Fortune 2000 financial executives rank Excel #1 of 14 technologies Of global executives use Excel spreadsheets daily
  3. 3. But you’re not maximizing its potential when you… 3 Enter data manually Aren’t sure you’re using the latest data Analyze data from multiple sources Rely heavily on IT for every change to a report template Export static data from JDE Distribute large files across global teams
  4. 4. Global Software, Inc’s Excel-based Automation Suite for your JD Edwards Platform adds what is missing… 4 Limited reliance on IT resources No re-keying No hardware, staging areas or data warehousing FASTR Report Conversion
  5. 5. + + + We’ve worked closely with JD Edwards to validate our Dynamic Spreadsheet Methodology… 5 Total Solution Integration
  6. 6. With Spreadsheet Server, powered by the QueryExchange™, you can... 6 Provides access to all of your data in Excel: JD Edwards and beyond GL, AR, AP, FA, Inventory, ALM, CRM, FMS, HCM, HSE, PM, SCM, MFG and more Share queries with fellow users in the cloud-based QueryExchange Leverage existing JD Edwards security Customize reports and dashboards
  7. 7. Streamline and control your budgeting process With Enterprise Budgeting, you can… 7 Centrally define spread methods and budget rules Quickly spread budget amounts from annual to monthly Leverage live, intuitive budgeting data Utilize workbook tracking and individual role-based security
  8. 8. Distribution Manager Get the right version of the right reports to the right people at the right time 8
  9. 9. 9 Live Excel-based JD Edwards Reporting… It’s all about EFFICIENCY Use common, intuitive toolset across functional groups Analyze accounts more efficiently more often Reduce time to close quarter or year-end cycle Share pre-configured content via cloud-based QueryExchange™ Get the most from your people, your data and your ERP
  10. 10. What our customers are saying 10 Suzanne Schuler, Assistant Corporate Controller, Churchill Downs We have grown from 70 users to over 200 users, because it’s simple enough for everyone to use. We provide templates; they pull those templates up; they update the period; and they have the information immediately. Linda Nelson, Corporate Accounting Manager, La-Z-Boy Incorporated The accuracy of our data has improved! We aren’t spending our time doing manual manipulation of data. We are really able to spend our time where we should: analyzing data and focusing on accounting issues and business analysis. If you have JD Edwards, you have to have Spreadsheet Server. It pulls information from JDE automatically into Excel for financial analysis. Because of it’s ease of use, user adoption is immediate. Bringing information together for decision making…it’s the only way to go. Charles Schmidt, IT Director, Fisher Brothers
  11. 11. 11 Global Software, Inc., Live Excel-based Reporting for the JDE User Community 5000+ 500,000+ 120+ 50+ companies users partner organizations countries around the world Find out more 4 Join one of our communities Globalsoftwareinc.com