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  2. 2. Who killed Professor x Jhennie
  3. 3. PLOT PARIS 1900 During one of the greatest scientific conferences, the famous Professor X killed. All participants supposed as suspects. Who actually killed professor X? This murder is the starting point of this wonderful novel Who killed professor X. It is also a good reason for an exciting journey in the world of philosophy and science. This story is based on true events and it’s characters are true. Who killed Professor xWho killed Professor x Jhennie
  4. 4. WHY DO I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK • I recommend this book because it contains information about great and intelligent people that were once alive. It will also make you understand how much pioneers they were in their profession affecting the science of Maths Who killed Professor xWho killed Professor x Jhennie
  5. 5. QUOTATION • “ If God does not exist , no one will be harmed believing otherwise. But if there is and you do not believe you loose everything ” Who killed Professor xWho killed Professor x Jhennie
  6. 6. Who killed Professor xWho killed Professor x Jhennie
  7. 7. AESOP'S FABLES • The ancient myths were first collected in the 4th century BC. by Dimitrios Falireas, but they are not saved today. Later, however, he was made the same by many other ancient writers, each of whom drew on an important part of them, and for this reason there are several variations of the same myth. So we are not sure about the authenticity of everyone. • Aesop's originality lies both in the fact that he often makes animals talk, thereby giving lessons to humans as well as to the myths that are generally apt and refer to our daily lives.
  8. 8. • One day the hare mocked the turtle for slow walking. • Disturbed, he turns to him and says: • "Let's do a race to see who is the fastest." • The hare laughed, listening to the turtle, but accepted it • challenge. The race was set for the next morning. • The fox gave the slogan and the fight started. • The turtle started walking, slowly of course, • but with steady steps to the finish. THE HARE AND THE TURTLE
  9. 9. • The hare watching the slow pace of his opponent, • sure of his victory, in the middle of the road, • lay under a tree and slept. • When she woke up, it was already late, after the turtle • had already reached the finish, eventually winning the race.
  10. 10. THE FOX AND THE CROW • Once upon a time there was a fantasy crow who thought he was awake and beautiful. One day, the crow of our history found a piece of cheese, grabbed it, and sat down on an olive branch to eat it in his quietness. • At that moment a cunning and hungry fox passed under the tree.
  11. 11. • As soon as the fox saw the cheese in the crow's mouth the shawls started running. And after not being able to climb the tree to steal the cheese from the crow's mouth, he began to think with what cunning he would deceive the crow to get the cheese. • After thinking well, the fox says to the crow: • - Oh, crap what a beautiful bird you are! Your plumage is black and shining, your feet are slender and beautiful, and your nails look like pearls. Your eyes are the prettiest and brightest and your beak would be envied by all birds!
  12. 12. • The crow, who was tired, as soon as he heard these, began to pride himself on the branch with all pride and joy. The fox went on to say: • - With such beauty and intelligence you should be the king of all birds. Oh, how I would like to hear your voice! I am sure it will be sweeter than the vagina! • The crow with all that he was listening to was very pleased and one and two opened his beak to sing: • - Hold, hold, hold ... • But as soon as his beak was opened, the cheese fell down and the sly fox opened his mouth and made it a mess! • Then he turned and said to the crow: • - Crotch stop now with your wild boar. If you had a mind right now you would be fat and I was fasting, but I fooled you and ate the cheese. Hello now and again be careful of those who flatter you because you may rejoice
  13. 13. THE NORTH WIND AND THE SUN • Once upon a time, the Sun and the North had a great discussion about which of the two was the strongest. • - Me, the Sun was saying. • - No, I said, North. • And they were so stubborn that none of them stepped forward • But so it would never come to a conclusion, never to be so stubborn that they were both.
  14. 14. • - I suggest you a bet! said the North. • What bet? asked the Sun. • - To choose a man by chance and whoever of us both succeeds and strikes him, he will be the strongest. • - I accept the bet! said the Sun. • In a short while, there was a man in the field who was going solo. • Then the North began to blow loudly.
  15. 15. • The passenger bowed his head and crossed his arms over his chest to protect himself from the air. • Vorias blew even harder and the passer-by clung to his garment and because Vorias powered his blast, the angry man pulled out a woolen blanket, which he carried in a sack, and wrapped with it, in order not to defrost. he stronger the north wind, the tighter the passenger was wrapped in his blanket. • In the end, North was bored and stopped blowing
  16. 16. • He turned to the Sun and said: • - It's your turn now to try to strip him. • The Sun looked up into the sky as soon as the North stopped blowing, and immediately the passenger pulled the blanket over him and put it in the sack. • The sun shone brightly and the traveler unbuttoned his garment. • But the Sun was intensifying its glow, and the passer-by, who had begun to sweat, began to take off his clothes one by one, until, in the end, he was left naked and looking to the right and left, seeing no tree to go to lie in his shade. But because he could not find a tree, he fell into the river, passing by and staying in the water, until the Sun slowly diminished its radiance.
  18. 18. MARVEL ILLUSTRATED: ODYSSEY Authur(s): Homer, Roy Thomas Main characters: •Odysseus, •Penelope, •Telemachus, •Athena, •Poseidon, •Kalypso, •Kirki
  19. 19. MARVEL ILLUSTRATED: ODYSSEY Plot: After the ten year war of Troy, Odysseus is trying to return to his homeland Ethaky facing many difficulties on his way back. He has to face the furry of Poseidon, while, inside his palace the fiancés are trying to marry his wife Penelope and steal his treasures.
  20. 20. MARVEL ILLUSTRATED: ODYSSEY Memorable Quotes: Εκμεταλλεύτηκες το σπίτι μου και προσπάθησες να πάρεις τη σύζυγο μου.Tώρα θα πεθάνεις!!!!!!!! You exploited my home and tried to steal my wife and now you ‘ll die!!!!!!!!!! Why I recommend it: I recommend this book because it refers to an all-time great story in a unique and appealing way
  21. 21. Γιάννης Γεωργακάκης John Georgakakis
  22. 22. LITTLE PRINCE '' Little Prince '' is a book written not only for children but for all ag of life‘s principles and values As soon as narrator-Antoine de Saint Exupery has an air acciden the desert, he meets a child who asks him to draw a lamb. The narrator, though surprised, started drawing it. The Little Prince began to ask various questions to the narrator, but when he asked himself, the child didn’t answer.
  23. 23. After a long discussion between them, the narrator realized that the Littl Prince was coming from another, smaller planet. By the way, the Little Prince began explaining all details about his trave around the world. He talked about the planets he had visited and the different people he m there. Finally he talked about a fox that became his friend on earth.
  24. 24. he Little Prince met a snake. After a while, the Little Prince ared.
  25. 25. WHY DO I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK? • It's interesting • It is suitable for all ages • This book is full of life time values • Ιt had been written according to an amazing way of writing.
  26. 26. QUOTATION •Only by the heart can you see clearly. •The essence is not seen by the eyes.