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Teams community day april 2020 microsoft teams as app platform thomas goelles

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Teams Community Day April 2020 Microsoft Teams as your app platform

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Teams community day april 2020 microsoft teams as app platform thomas goelles

  1. 1. Online Online 29. April 2020 1
  2. 2. Online Sponsor Join the ScriptRunner Lounge/Bar2
  3. 3. @thomyg @stephanbisser Teams as your app platform 29.04.2020 – Teams Community Day – The Tour Edition
  4. 4. ABOUT US THOMAS GÖLLES MICROSOFT MVP (Office Dev) SOLVION https://thomy.tech @thomyg Head of Modern Workplace Solutions Graz, Austria STEPHAN BISSER MICROSOFT MVP (AI) SOLVION https://bisser.io @stephanbisser Technical Lead Graz, Austria
  5. 5. Teams App Platform
  6. 6. Microsoft Teams Communicate through chat, meetings & calls Collaborate with deeply integrated Office 365 apps Integrate the tools you need using apps, processes, and workflows Work with confidence enterprise level security, compliance, and manageability
  7. 7. Evolve how your people work, with the tools they need Organization-based applications Partner applications Office 365 applications Departmental tools Employee resources Support & info Processes & workflow Ready to use Custom Apps Vertical solutions RetailHealthcare BankingManufacturing
  8. 8. Robust tools to manage and deploy Enterprise Developers Upload to your organization’s app catalog Bots and Connectors Notify and help users get tasks via natural language Commands and Actions Trigger commands to kick off workflows or search content Microsoft Graph ISVs Publish to AppSource and make your app available in the Teams app store Rich apps, seamlessly integrated into the Teams experience Teams Platform Overview Tabs and Modal Popups Surface rich content within Teams IT admins Manage apps in your organization App publishing and certification Bot Framework SDK Reach Across Devices Seamless integration with the Teams UX App features exposed as native Teams features Certification and Publisher Attestation Submit your Teams app for certification, or document your security and compliance practices and be featured on AppSource
  9. 9. Approaches to Teams apps No Code Low Code Custom Dev
  10. 10. Custom forms and bots 3rd party integration Notifications Integrate O365 services Lifecycle Management Teams’ hierarchy of extension needs
  11. 11. Lifecycle Management
  12. 12. Graph can automate team lifecycles Create a team Add members and owners Configure team settings Add channelsInstall apps Add tabs Archive or delete the team when the time comes
  13. 13. • Teams PowerShell • Office365 CLI • 3rd party / ISV tooling • Microsoft Graph Tools to do lifecycle management
  14. 14. Demo Microsoft Graph • Create Group • Create Team • Archive Team https://aka.ms/ge
  15. 15. Integrate Office365 services
  16. 16. Office365 services
  17. 17. Forms
  18. 18. Power Automate
  19. 19. Power Apps
  20. 20. Microsoft Stream
  21. 21. Yammer
  22. 22. SharePoint Online
  23. 23. Office365 services
  24. 24. Demo Microsoft Form & Power Automate
  25. 25. Notifications
  26. 26. Connectors
  27. 27. Power Automate – Daily Dilbert
  28. 28. Bots (Proactive Messaging)
  29. 29. 3rd party integration
  30. 30. SharePoint App Page Teams Tab SharePoint Framework
  31. 31. Teams Tab
  32. 32. Message Extensions
  33. 33. • Take actions directly from any message in Teams • Kick off a workflow or send message content to an external system • Append the result of the action to the thread Message actions
  34. 34. • Enrich link sharing with custom previews • Register for domains to get link shared events • Add actions to preview to make link sharing more productive Smart link unfurling
  35. 35. Demo SPFx WebPart & Polly
  36. 36. Custom Forms and Bots
  37. 37. Collecting inputs from the user
  38. 38. Enable users to complete tasks while in the flow of their work Minimize switching by surfacing apps contextually Collect inputs through rich modal forms Commands and actions in Teams Messaging extension Command box Compose box Task module to collect user input or surface richer information
  39. 39. • Simplify bot usage using forms in place of syntax • Allows your bot to be invoked in any conversation • User gets to see a preview of what the bot is going to send • Bot automatically gets added to the channel or chat Combining Actions and Bot interactions
  40. 40. Bots
  41. 41. Complete Solution
  42. 42. Teams’ hierarchy of extension needs No Code Low Code Custom Dev 3rd party integration SharePoint Framework Teams Tabs Message Extensions Message Actions Link Unfurling Notifications Connectors Power Automate Bots Integrate O365 services Word, Excel, PowerPoint Yammer, Stream, Delve Forms Power Apps Power Automate Custom forms and bots Parameters Adaptive Cards Custom Form Bots Lifecycle Management PowerShell Office365 CLI 3rd Party solution Microsoft Graph
  43. 43. Learn more Task Modules https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/platform/task-modules-and-cards/what-are-task-modules Teams Tabs with .NET https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/platform/tabs/quickstarts/create-personal-tab-dotnet- core-mvc Teams Tabs wir Node and yo teams https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/platform/tutorials/get-started-yeoman Example of spfx 1.10 with Graph in Teams https://github.com/SharePoint/sp-dev-fx-webparts/tree/master/samples/react-graph-calendar
  44. 44. @thomyg @stephanbisser Thank you! https://thomy.tech