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English Language - News Report

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These slides are used to explain the idea of writing a news report for English Language.. Students are introduced to the concept of news report from English newspaper in Singapore and then expected to identify the 5 key areas of a news report and from there, write their news report in the follow-up activity. These slides also explain the differences between hard and soft news.

The 5 sections of a news report are
1. Headline
2. Byline
3. Introduction (Lead)
4. Body (Details)
5. Conclusion

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English Language - News Report

  1. 1. Factual RecountsWriting News Reports
  3. 3. The Straits Times The New Paper Business Times TODAY EXAMPLES
  4. 4. Why do we read papers?
  5. 5. Learn current events & new information Publish comments Provide opportunity to express opinion on issues Provide entertainment
  6. 6. SECTIONS in The Straits Times Prime Asia World Singapore Today Home Forum Sports Obituaries Money
  7. 7. HEADLINEa heading at the top of an article or page in a newspaper or magazine.
  8. 8. Man Drowned in Quarry Chicken flu hits HK again COE prices drop to all-time low Farming goes hi-tech
  9. 9. NEWS HEADLINES The Memory Lingers on Father-son Team in Perfect Harmony The Sound of Silence Better Late than Never
  10. 10. Types of News Reports Hard News Immediate reports of recent events Soft News News which provide readers with information which is of general interest
  11. 11. Hard News Road Accidents Criminal Acts Natural Disaster National Events Announcements on Public Policies Sports Events
  12. 12. Soft News New Inventions Trends in Society and Lifestyle Choices Celebrity Profiles Travel Destinations
  13. 13. Exercise 1
  14. 14. For Headlines A-G, decide if they are Hard News Soft News
  15. 15. A) Victorious Lions return home to roaring welcome B) Dismembered kittens found outside Chong Pang flat C) 7.7 quake hits off Alaska, triggers local tsunami D) Top 10 little-known dream islands E) Worker dies from fall at Sengkang site F) Thousands flee wildfires in southern Australia G) Thinner, lighter iPad launching March 2013?
  16. 16. Purpose Hard News Inform Factual Objective Soft News Entertain Need not be factual Subjective
  17. 17. Our Focus Hard News
  18. 18. Structure of News Report 1. Headline 2. Byline 3. Introduction [Lead] 4. Body [Detail] 5. Conclusion
  19. 19. Exercise 2
  20. 20. 1. Headline 2. Byline 3. Introduction [Lead] 4. Body [Detail] 5. Conclusion Arrange this news report according to this structure:
  21. 21. Let’s go through the answer now
  22. 22. Robbery Suspects nabbed after chase By Jalelah Baker Taxi driver Tan Chai Cheng, 52, had picked three passengers up at 7.40am yesterday and was about to drop them off at West Coast Park when he was held at knife point. Byline Headline Introduction
  23. 23. Body He was then forced to hand over about $250, his cellphone and also the key to his taxi. Although stranded, the quick-thinking cabby stopped a car on West Coast Highway. The driver, 60- year-old man, then called the police before agreeing to drive around to look for the suspects.
  24. 24. They were spotted minutes later and Mr Tan gave chase. Student Michael Theofanis, 19, who had heard Mr. Tan’s cries for help, instinctively joined in. When the three suspects tried to escape by taking a bus, Mr. Tan stopped it by standing in front of it. He then did the same when they tried to board a taxi. Even threats by one of the suspects welding a knife failed to deter the pair.
  25. 25. The police arrived shortly and caught a man and a woman. The third suspect was arrested at his house about eight hours later. The three suspects are aged between 18 and 22. Yesterday evening, at the Clementi Police Division headquarters, Mr Theofanis was given a plaque and commended for his actions.
  26. 26. Conclusion Mr. Tan who had remained calm throughout the incident, had learnt his lesson from a previous experience—he was robbed of $10 000 eight years ago in a lift by three knife-welding men and still has a scar to show for it.
  27. 27. Those convicted of armed robbery with hurt may be jailed up to 20 years and are liable to a minimum of 12 strokes of the cane.
  28. 28. The End