Golden Gekko Review of iOS8- for users and developers

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9 Jul 2014

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Golden Gekko Review of iOS8- for users and developers

  1. (Replace with full screen background image) iOS8 What’s new What does it mean for your app?
  2. News for Users
  3. (Replace with full screen background image) App extensions Apple is allowing apps to share data and features with other apps to a far greater extent than previously possible. Historically apps and their data in iOS have been confined to their own ‘sandbox’, mainly for increased security. With the new APIs provided in iOS8, apps can now share data whilst security in the OS remains strong.
  4. Why is it important? Extensions will simplify the way people use their iPhones by not having them go to a specific app interface every time they want to take a certain action. It will enable developers to create custom functionality within a specific context for the users which could help create richer experiences in different apps.
  5. (Replace with full screen background image) Battery Usage Indicator In iOS8 Apple has added, without fanfare, the ability for users to see which apps are draining their battery most. Apps which perform similar tasks can now be compared on battery usage, easily, side by side by users everywhere.
  6. Why is it important? Battery life has always been a crucial battleground for apps, as seen so often with tracking apps. The new battery usage features in iOS8 have the potential to bring the energy efficiency of your app front and center.
  7. (Replace with full screen background image) Contextual App Suggestions App suggestions are provided on the bottom left of the lock screen based on location. Here the Starbucks icon allows users to quickly open the Starbucks app when they’re in a Starbucks. Other examples include suggesting the app for a particular train station when the user is there and taking them straight to the download page in the App Store.
  8. Why is it important? Everything is about context. You want to have what you need, when you need it. This functionality will help facilitate the on-the-go lifestyle that so many users have already adopted by presenting them with relevant app suggestions.
  9. (Replace with full screen background image) Family Sharing Family sharing enables 6 family members to join a group and share content across all their Apple products. Parents can enable consent features to give them control over their children’s purchases. Most purchased content can also now be shared. Preventing users having to buy the same app each time a new person in the family wants it.
  10. Why is it important? Besides increased parental control when it comes to purchasing digital goods, this will include location tracking (keeping track of who is where when it is time for dinner), and automatic photo sharing that could be used during summer vacations for example.
  11. (Replace with full screen background image) Handoff With Handoff Apple is allowing users to seamlessly move between devices mid-task. The demonstrations at WWDC were restricted to Apple apps but iOS8 includes APIs to enable the same capabilities for third party apps which have a presence on the Mac App Store and the mobile App Store.
  12. Why is it important? User journeys can now move between devices far more freely. Cross-platform applications will automatically get a strong offering since they will be able to implement this from day one.
  13. (Replace with full screen background image) Health App (& HealthKit) The new Apple health app will be able to pull in health related data from third-party apps (Nike+ etc.) on the device into a single hub. In addition third parties can work with the HealthKit framework to store, retrieve, manipulate and present health info on apps or even on third party devices.
  14. Why is it important? Apart from being useful for tracking of health and fitness related data, this addition to will help connect the iPhone to all the wearable devices we’ve seen during the last couple of years. And one can only imagine the impact this could potentially have if the generated data could be leveraged in medicine in the future.
  15. (Replace with full screen background image) Widgets iOS8 allows widgets for the first time. The widgets, which can be accessed through the Notification center, will perform similarly to those already present on Android, fulfilling a variety of simple tasks. In the WWDC keynote, an eBay widget was demonstrated allowing a user to follow progress on a bid as well as put a new bid in all from the Notification center.
  16. Why is it important? Again, this is something that will allow us to carry out far more actions without resorting to the individual apps’ own interfaces. Quicker actions and having everything you need up front.
  17. News for Developers
  18. (Replace with full screen background image) App Store & iTunes Connect New App Store features that come with iOS8 includes app previews (promotional videos for your app) and app bundles (multiple apps that can be installed with a single click). On top of this you will get free analytics through iTunes Connect and TestFlight making it easier for beta testing of pre-release apps.
  19. Why is it important? This is a great opportunity to get exposure for a group of similar apps while being able to promote them with videos as already possible on Google Play. What we like most about this update is the fact that it makes it easier for developers to carry user testing, something that will help create better apps for everyone.
  20. (Replace with full screen background image) CloudKit CloudKit is a new cloud storage system for developers that is effectively free and features a huge amount of free storage. It works as a scaleable back-end solution which eliminates the need for writing server code and maintaining servers.
  21. Developers can now store and retrieve app data like structured data in a database or assets right from iCloud. It also enables users to anonymously sign in to apps using their iCloud Apple IDs (without sharing any personal information during the process). Why is it important?
  22. (Replace with full screen background image) HomeKit Apple has provided a framework for home automation devices to be integrated with iOS device while the apps controlling the devices can now be integrated directly with Siri. Home devices can also be grouped together to be controlled with single commands. A user can now set up a voice command ‘Get ready for bed’ which could lock the doors and dim the lights in their home.
  23. It was only a matter of time until the Internet of Things reached the iPhone. However, we are still waiting to see successful projects including connected devices. We predict this will be an important piece of the puzzle in making that happen. Why is it important?
  24. (Replace with full screen background image) Metal In short, Metal has been described as “more efficient rendering of detailed 3D graphics”. It consists of a group of new APIs that gives apps with graphics (specifically the A7 chip) dramatically lower overheads, 10x performance gains compared to iOS7 in draw call speed and efficient multi-threading.
  25. Metal is a big leap towards new technical capabilities since it gives developers a single API and a single target for all graphics hardware. We should be able to see the result of this in the quality of gaming apps next year. Why is it important?
  26. (Replace with full screen background image) PhotoKit PhotoKit provides API access to the same features as Apple uses for its own Photo App including non-destructive edits, more control over focus, white balance and exposure.
  27. This improves the workflow when editing photos, meaning no more importing, exporting and having four different copies of a single photo. All edits are non-destructive and changes are synchronized across apps and devices. Why is it important?
  28. (Replace with full screen background image) Swift Swift is a new programming language for iOS and OS X that makes it easier for developers to create apps. Swift helps developers write safer and more reliable code by eliminating entire categories of common programming errors, and coexists with Objective-C code, so developers can integrate Swift into their existing apps.
  29. Swift uses a more concise syntax that will help increase iOS developers’ productivity while keeping up the performance of apps. It is, supposedly, quicker and easier to learn than Objective-C, potentially helping to solve any deficit for iOS developers in the future. Why is it important?
  30. (Replace with full screen background image) Touch ID Fingerprint security is now available to third party apps on Apple devices with fingerprint scanning capabilities. Highly sensitive data contained within either B2C or B2B apps can be secured without the need for further passwords.
  31. This will have a significant impact by removing a step in verifications, payments, the customer registration process etc. PayPal is already reported to plan integration of Touch ID-powered mobile payments in its app. Why is it important?
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