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Appodeal mobile ad revenue booster

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Focus on creating unique & engaging apps. We will take care of monetization.

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Appodeal mobile ad revenue booster

  1. 1. We take care of monetization. Focus on creating unique and engaging apps Increase revenue
  2. 2. Joe Cod, Wiscod Games « and so far I think Appodeal is doing better than other big networks, and this surprises me. If Appodeal keeps this performance, I am sure it can be the best ad network.» I have just used Appodeal in my app for several days, Increase revenue
  3. 3. Stop spending time on searching, learning and testing new ad providers 1 Has done it all for you! Product Ads Increase revenue
  4. 4. No need to integrate with each ad provider individually! 2 One MEGA SDK! Product Ads S D K Increase revenue
  5. 5. Too small to integrate with RTB exchanges and ad agencies? 3 Appodeal gives you the access! Increase revenue Only biggest publishers small publishers Brands DSP $80% OutThere $100% $60% $40% RTB Networks
  6. 6. No more monitoring and manual eCPM optimization for each ad network! Use the same old networks - double your revenue! Increase revenue Dynamic traffic allocation! OK eCPM OK Fillrate Network 1 High eCPM Low Fillrate Network 2 Low eCPM High Fillrate Network 3 Highest eCPM Ad 3 $0.17 Network $0.68 $0.40 $0.30 $0.70 Network $ 0.55 $0.50 Network $ 1.15
  7. 7. Setting accounts across multiple ad networks is in the past! One account - all networks Increase revenue 4
  8. 8. Forget about manual blacklisting and targeting Automatic targeting! Increase revenue 4 Blacklisting low performing advertisers!
  9. 9. Waiting to see your money for months? Can’t cash your earnings? 6 Payouts upon request! Flexible channels! Wire transfers Increase revenue
  10. 10. Still have multiple logins and passwords across ad provider websites? 5 Access all your data on a single easy-to-use dashboard! Increase revenue
  11. 11. We have one of the highest eCPM on MoPup Increase revenue Feel the difference We are using dynamic price floors on MoPub to optimize your revenue Moreover, using Appodeal you’ll get access to all major ad networks and RTB-exchanges using 1 simple SDK, fast and secure payouts and the best customer support ever.
  12. 12. Impression volume remains the same Revenue grows x2 with our optimizer Increase revenue
  13. 13. Date: March 7th, 2015 Publisher: «LuckyStarGame » Total impressions: 1.4M/day; 98% International Increase revenue Appodeal AdMob AppLovin Chartboost Impressions,K Fill Rate CTR eCPM Revenue Missing Revenue 1,424 99% 5,71% $1,65 $2,350 0 1,110 78% 3,48% $1,49 $1,654 -$696 44 3% 16,86% $2,39 $106 -$2244 10 0,8% 9,03% $5,06 $53 -$2297 0% 30% 95% 97%
  14. 14. PhoneGap Increase revenue
  15. 15. FREE! Increase revenue
  16. 16. Thank you! Follow us on: angel.co/appodeal facebook.com/appodeal linkedin.com/company/appodeal-inc Reach us at: 620 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94104 hi@appodeal.com appodeal.com Increase revenue