B2B Digital Marketing Roadmap

B2B Digital Marketing Professional à Mirum India (Formerly Social Wavelength) : A WPP Company
22 Jan 2016

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B2B Digital Marketing Roadmap

  1. Roadmap for DIGITAL MARKETING
  3. DIGITAL BRAND PRESENCE Website Content Marketing PHASE I
  4. Key elements of great website • Objective of website • Navigation • Mobile ready / Responsive • Should have engaging content • Contact information • Social Media integration
  5. Types of content Video Product demo Troubleshoot Customer Testimonials Corporate AV Case study Textual Whitepapers Customer Testimonials EBooks Research reports Maintenance manuals Blogs Newsletter Images Product pics Customer pics Graphic Infographic
  6. DRIVE VISITORS TO DIGITAL PRESENCE Social Media SEO Email Marketing Events & Webinars Online Advertising Contests & Competitions PHASE II
  7. How Social Media helps B2B Industry? • Helps to identify clients, based on profiles • Helps to initiate initial discussion with the client • B2B sales process involves lot of different stakeholders, like commercial head, QA and purchase managers. SM helps them, to learn more about YOU and how YOUR strengths align with their requirements • Average sales cycle is long and SM helps to be in touch with stakeholders during this process to influence their decision
  8. • Cost effective medium • Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) contributes to over 70 percent of the clicks • Helps to build inbound marketing • Top ranking of website and content • Helps in competition analysis on search engine How SEO helps B2B Industry?
  9. • Email is the OLDEST and most cost-effective B2B marketing tactics. • Email marketing’s strength is in building and nurturing relationships • With developments in marketing automation and big data, email marketing continues to get more sophisticated and effective. How Email Marketing helps B2B Industry?
  10. • Webinars should be used for lead generation and nurturing campaigns. • Webinars and online events are popularly used to present sales/product demonstrations, training, and online education illustrating thought leadership around particular topics. • Webinars are cost-effective when integrated across the customer’s buying journey. How Webinars helps B2B Industry?
  11. • Targeting a Managed Site List: There are many online websites that cater to specialized niche audiences, and most of these are largely ad-supported. • Targeting Based on Context: TG is likely to be interested in reading articles online that pertain closely to their business. Imagine being able to buy ad space in the New York Times, but only on the page next to an article about MACHINE TOOLS? How far in advance can you learn which content is going to be published? With online display advertising, it is possible to buy ad inventory at the time the article gets published, using contextual targeting. • Retarget to Nurture Interest: We need to use retargeted display advertising to stay top of mind to viewers who are most interested in offer. Retargeting involves using a cookie on your website to identify your site visitors and send additional ads to them as the surf onto other websites. How Online Advertising helps B2B Industry?
  12. • Build your email list and generate leads. • Increase brand awareness. • Increase social media page / profile engagement. • Conduct market research • Building Confidence How Contests helps B2B Industry?
  13. CONVERT LEADS & VISITORS TO CUSTOMERS Landing Pages Website Remarketing Lead Nurturing PHASE III
  14. • Landing pages should be designed keeping in mind different target audience. So landing page for automobile should be different from construction sector • Helps to easily Generate Leads • Collect Demographic Information About Your Prospects. • Shouldn’t have Navigation Elements • Should be responsive, easily adaptable across different screens • Should load within 1.5 secs How Landing Pages helps B2B Industry?
  15. • Getting lots of visitors to website and social media channels is great, but need to turn them into leads and then into customers. • Need to be intentional about it and help visitors be able to take action on what they read. • This strategy helps in generating better ROI on digital marketing activities How Website helps B2B in lead generation?
  16. • Remarketing will target prospects who are already interested in your business. • Motivating consumers. • Target messaging for your customers as it tracks the website visitors and show the ad only to them How Remarketing helps B2B?
  17. • Focus on nurturing prospects to the next stage in their decision process instead of directly to a sale. • Use content selection to tease prospects forward in the sales pipeline and to give more visibility into where they are at. • Start with three basic nurturing pathways: • Keep in touch (for example a regular content blast) • Trigger (a communications sequence triggered by an action like a content download or tradeshow booth visit) • Big fish (true 1-1 nurturing using the same content and analytics as the other pathways but with a dedicated BD or sales rep handling the communications personally). How Marketing Automation helps in lead nurturing?
  19. Else!
  21. CONVERT CUSTOMERS TO ADVOCATES Survey Advocacy Programs Customer Service PHASE IV
  22. • Helps to understand customer loyalty. • Most dissatisfied customers do not complain, survey helps to identify the reasons behind it. • Insights helps to work and improve on products and support services. • This helps in customer retention. • Can use customer data to improve sales and marketing process How Customer Survey helps B2B
  23. • Helps to gain customer referrals. • Drive product development • Test new products for acceptance amongst select advocates. • Helps to spread Word of mouth • Create a community • Higher conversion rates, more qualified leads, and greater sales efficiency when they involved advocates How Advocacy Program helps B2B
  24. • Social media tools can help to build better customer support . • Videos with instructional content • Maintenance / trouble shooting tips. • Provide a weekly tips email / social media update to share solutions to the top customer support questions • Solutions gallery on website, including PDFs, web-accessible content, videos and reference links How Customer Support channels helps B2B?
  25. So Let’s start