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Digital Strategy for Recruitment - IOR London

Digital marketing strategy for recruitment sector slides I presented for IOR in London June 27th 2013

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Digital Strategy for Recruitment - IOR London

  1. 1. DIGITAL STRATEGY FOR RECRUITMENT @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  2. 2. http://www.ph-creative.com/blog/posts/2013/june/know-your-seo-from-your-elbow-using-the-best-tools-for-the-job.aspx @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  3. 3. http://moz.com/blog
  4. 4. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  5. 5. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  6. 6. WHY SHOULD IT BE EASY…? @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  7. 7. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  8. 8. DIGITAL MARKETING ECO-SYSTEM @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  9. 9. GOOGLE CANDIDATE HIGH STREET @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  10. 10. GOOGLE TRENDS CANDIDATE RESEARCH @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  11. 11. GOOGLE KEYWORD TOOL HOW PEOPLE SEARCH @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  12. 12. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents GOOGLE KEYWORD TOOL HOW PEOPLE SEARCH
  13. 13. GOOGLE ADWORDS PAY PER CLICK (PPC) @googledave @phcreative #IORevents Why use Google Adwords? 1. Target people who are already searching for jobs or have jobs to fill 2. Only pay for it when they click into your website 3. Spend as little or as much as you want from £1 to £1000’s per day 4. Local, regional and global targeting; control where your ad’s are seen 5. Track ROI metrics – see the profit it can bring to you business http://www.ph-creative.com/blog/posts/2012/november/using- google-adwords-for-recruitment.aspx
  14. 14. GOOGLE ADWORDS (PPC) GEO TARGETING @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  15. 15. SOMERFIELD ROI GOOGLE ADWORDS @googledave @phcreative #IORevents The numbers 1. 170 Applications per month 2. 5-8 hires per month 3. Average £69 per hire
  16. 16. SEO ORGANIC LISTINGS @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  17. 17. SO MANY UPDATES SO LITTLE TIME @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  18. 18. OLD SCHOOL SEO Over optimisation Unnatural content Unnatural links Keyword stuffing Poor user experience Leads to the darkside! @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  19. 19. PANDA AND PENGUINS MAKE THIS HAPPEN @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  20. 20. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  21. 21. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents GOOGLE HAVE A ‘JEDI’COUNCIL
  22. 22. OVER 200 FACTORS INFLUENCE YOUR SEO @googledave @phcreative #IORevents Relevancy (on page SEO) • Focus on your users, give them what they want • Freshness of content – how often do you change yours? • Content strategy, evolves, purposeful, hot topics, contagious • Don’t spam, keyword stuff Recommendation (off page SEO / Google Penguin) • Commit to outreach and engage with communities • Create content your audience will care about • Will people vote for you with inbound links? • Social mentions is ‘word of mouth’ marketing and builds links • Use Google+ and gain ‘authorship’ and your ‘identity’ • Manage you link profile, assess risks and take action Experience (Google Panda) • What do users ‘think’ of your pages? Find out. • Reduce clutter and friction • Don’t keep people waiting – improve load times • Do all you can to engage and ‘romance the share’
  23. 23. SEO AND PPC ATTRACT MORE CANDIDATES @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  24. 24. IF CARLSBERG DID NETWORKING @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  25. 25. WHO WOULD YOU WANT BEHIND THE DOOR? • Your target audience • Where are they, ‘which pub’? • Strategic partners • Your customers • Influencer networks • Who influences them? • Who else and why? • Who would you, buy a beer? @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  26. 26. • A good conversationalist, listens most of the time, that’s how, when you talk, you know what to say • # Who are you listening to? • Be interested in others, not yourself! • Don’t broadcast sales messages • Make friends, build trust and help others • 80 / 20 rule • Remember… ‘Givers Gain’ PROBABLY THE BEST SOCIAL NETWORKING ADVICE! @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  27. 27. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  28. 28. GOOGLE + SOCIAL AND IDENTITY ENGINE http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/ @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  29. 29. http://www.ph-creative.com/blog/posts/2013/june/know-your-seo-from-your-elbow-using-the-best-tools-for-the-job.aspx GOOGLE + HANGOUTS @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  30. 30. GOOGLE + CIRCLES @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  31. 31. GOOGLE + BUILD TARGET AUDIENCES @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  32. 32. Making Connections on Google + • Search by keywords • people, locations • Business and occupations • Brands and interest • Demographic filters • Age, looking for, male, female • Education, employer Allows you to • Discover influencers • Assess who follow them • Assess who the follow • Levels of engagement http://findpeopleonplus.com/ GOOGLE + BUILD TARGET AUDIENCES @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  33. 33. WHY YOU NEED USE GOOGLE+ Get your content read and ranking faster • Faster indexing of your content – make it relevant to your candidates • Extended circles, means you influence your followers and theirs Authorship Tag = Identity • Have you set yours up? AuthorRank is coming! • How authoritive and interesting are you to your audience? • Share-ability of authors content • Number of people in your circles and how many you are in • Engagement levels of your content @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  34. 34. AUTHORSHIP IN PRACTICE @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  35. 35. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  36. 36. UNDERSTAND YOUR PERSONAS @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  37. 37. PERSONA WORKSHOPS @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  38. 38. YOUR BIT – PERSONA MAPPING Background and role 1) Typical Age, education 2) Their Role/Job Title & Level? Characteristics 1) What are their key business pains? 2) Who do they look to for trusted information online? Their influencers? 3) Where are they online? • What social media channels would they actively use • Who would follow on twitter? • What websites would they visit regularly? Message 1) What ‘pain killers can you provide to them? 2) Why should they choose your business? 3) How do you overcome the objections they would have to using you? 4) What are your key messages? @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  39. 39. CONTENT PILLARS @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  40. 40. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  41. 41. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  42. 42. @googledave @phcreative #HDevents
  43. 43. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  44. 44. In association with Mersey Maritime Got a question? @googledave @phcreative
  45. 45. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  46. 46. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  47. 47. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  48. 48. Write or video the process to leverage the results online.
  49. 49. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  50. 50. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  51. 51. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  52. 52. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUG9qYTJMsI @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  53. 53. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  54. 54. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  55. 55. DIGITAL MARKETING AND MULTI DEVICE EXPERIENCE @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  56. 56. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  57. 57. Got a question? @googledave @phcreative CONVERSION RATE OPTIMISATION (CRO)
  59. 59. Got a question? @googledave @phcreative Pages Content Traffic Device Landing pages Copy / Message Organic Desktop Data Capture Call to action PPC Tablet Live chat Promotion Social media Smartphone Sales funnels Colours Affiliate SMART TV Shopping cart Social proof Geography Google Glass Template style Video W'end v W'day Voice search Squeeze pages Images New & repeat Interactive/Flash Long v's short Demographics Dynamic Buttons Behavioural
  60. 60. WEBSITES IN YOUR WORLD @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  61. 61. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  62. 62. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  63. 63. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  64. 64. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  65. 65. NATIONWIDE-JOBS.CO.UK @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  66. 66. NATIONWIDE-JOBS.CO.UK MOBILE RESPONSIVE @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  67. 67. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  68. 68. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  69. 69. HEAT MAPPING CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  70. 70. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  71. 71. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSnB06um5r4 @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  72. 72. FUTURE PROOFING YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  73. 73. FUTURE PROOFING YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  74. 74. FUTURE PROOFING YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  75. 75. FUTURE PROOFING YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  76. 76. FUTURE PROOFING YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  77. 77. FUTURE PROOFING YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  78. 78. FUTURE PROOFING YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  79. 79. FUTURE PROOFING YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  80. 80. DIGITAL MARKETING ECO-SYSTEM @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  81. 81. @googledave @phcreative #IORevents
  82. 82. THANKS FOR LISTENING! QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS @googledave @phcreative #IORevents