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Different calories

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Easy gourmet recipes will carry calories but take note that calories are different from one food group to another. So keep reading and learn about these.

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Different calories

  1. 1. Did you know that 450 calories in meat cannot be compared to the same number of calories in a sweet carbonated drink? That is because in addition to a product volume and chemical composition the degree of absorption in the body is also calculated. Digestion of meat - is not as an easy challenge for our organism that is why almost all calories in the meat are burned in a process of digestion and absorption. To add, this process continues quite a long time, so the feeling of fullness respectively remains much longer. On the other hand high calorie sweet carbonated drink cannot be equal to normal easy gourmet recipes and does not give a sense of fullness. All of this has been proved by one experiment. One month continuously teens were given a daily sweet drink containing 450 calories, and the whole next month research participants got same amount calories containing jelly with beans. The research results showed that for the first month teens gained weight, while the next month eating richer food they even dropped the unnecessary weight. As it is known, calories are needed by all, woman, man and children. They are needed by engineers, handlers, researchers, writers, actors and athletes, differently said for all age groups and profession people. This is because every second in our life our organism burns the calories. It happens on the simple pattern: the higher physical load man has the more energy his body needs. And vice versa, the less physical load we have the less we need calories. That is why if you choose to lay in your bed whole day, your organism burns only 0.9 kilocalories per hour for each kilo of your body. On the other hand while running you can burn 6.7 kilocalories per hour, swimming in the pool - 5 kilocalories per hour, riding a bike - 12 kilocalories per hour, doing morning exercises - 3 kilocalories per hour, and doing nothing serious - 1.5 kilocalories per hour. And remember that calories are not going to turn into flowers or butterflies, but to the unwanted, unnecessary and the most real layers of fat in
  2. 2. your body. For sure it happens only if body will not be able to burn received calories. It is believed that to the most unpleasant metamorphoses are tend to lead those calories which are received from fat and fast carbs. So, for the ideal diet the most appropriate food would be the one which is low in fat, has average quantity of protein and complex carbohydrates. Product calorific value and richness value are different conceptions. It often occurs, that very high-calorie products are not filling and vice versa low-calorie products perfectly solve hunger issue. For example, a spoon full of vegetable oil contains about 180 calories; however it would hardly suppress hunger. To add, same amount of calories are in 250 g of rice or buckwheat, 200 g of fat-free cottage cheese, 120 g of veal meat. The question is where the secret lies? Simply different nutrients play different role in our organism. For example, when eating food with relatively small quantities of carbohydrates and proteins, the fullness comes quick. And organism does not store these nutrients. The different story is with fat. The body can store them in the quite massive quantities from 15, 20, and 50 to 100 kilos reserve. This is why fat food is less filling than food rich in carbohydrates and proteins. And one gram of fat has a double colorific value. So what can help to burn unnecessary and unwanted calories? It turns out that calories can be burned not only by traditional physical activities, but also by the most pleasurable activity - sex. Italian scientist Bruno Fabri claims that 15 minutes of oral sex burns the calories received from a glass of wine. Professor calculated that 26 minutes sex marathon ending with orgasm, "burns" calories amount of half of pizza ate. 53 minutes of "french kisses" utilize near 500 calories, which could be found in the one cheeseburger and the serving of fries.