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AWS Summit - Trends in Advanced Monitoring for AWS environments

Why you have to rethink your monitoring strategy when moving or building apps for new stack cloud based environments:
#1: Why "the old way" of monitoring doesnt work any longer!
#2: How the Cloud and New Stack has transformed Dynatrace!
#3: How Dynatrace Redefined Monitoring for Cloud Applications

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AWS Summit - Trends in Advanced Monitoring for AWS environments

  1. 1. © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Andreas Grabner / @grabnerandi Wednesday April 19th, 4:30-5:00 Trends in Advanced Monitoring for AWS environments
  2. 2. confidential Dynatrace is the industry-first AI-based monitoring solution Runs on the AWS Cloud, monitoring thousands of servers The biggest companies in the world trust us when it comes to monitoring We are certified for AWS competencies Available via the AWS marketplace
  3. 3. Monitoring used to be about looking at dashboards …
  4. 4. .. and about analyzing logs & exceptions …
  5. 5. confidential
  6. 6. .. and finding bad code through CPU Sampling
  7. 7. confidential Deployment
  8. 8. But the apps and services we build have transformed …
  9. 9. Develop Ship Deploy Run Scale Compute nodejs mongo db netty cassandra redis ansible jenkins puppet chef docker cloudfoundry rh openshift rh atomic rocket core os rancher kvm busybox mesos marathon kubernetes swarm amazon azure openstack mesosphere calico weave eureka/hystrix A whole new technology stack & polyglot development
  10. 10. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Big monolithic application. Small interconnected purpose-built services. Develop
  11. 11. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Ship Deploy Big Bang Releases of single special built Small continuous service delivery of standardized delivery
  12. 12. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Run One size fits-all operating systems. Slimmed down OS to run containers.
  13. 13. ruxit theme 2014.05.15 Compute Hardwired datacenters. Datacenter as an API.
  14. 14. THIS IS WHY monitoring had to transform as well
  15. 15. 2major releases/year customers deploy & operate on-prem 26 major releases/year 170 prod deployments/day self-service online sales SaaS & Managed 2011 2016 sprint releases (continuous-delivery) 1h: Code -> Prod6months major/minor release
  16. 16. confidential Monitoring as Pipeline & Platform Feature Dev Perf/Test Ops Biz Faster Innovation with Quality Gates Faster Acting on Feedback Unit Perf Cont. Perf New Deploy New Capability CI CD Remove/Promote Triage/Optimize Update Tests Innovate/Design $$$ Lower Costs Happy Users
  17. 17. confidential acting as Engineers Role of Dynatrace DevOps Team Dynatrace Managed/SaaS Orchestration Layer DynatracePipeline Visualization Deployment Timeline Log Overview using Dynatrace Log APIJIRA Integrations & Product Managers
  18. 18. confidential Learnings when scaling DevOps Pipelines Service Team A Service Team B Service Team X Improve “Efficiency” Cloud Ops Ensure “Operational Service” PM/Biz Improve“Business”
  19. 19. confidential Be proud of your feature! DevOps  NoOps
  20. 20. confidential Dynatrace Transformation by the numbers 26 170 Releases / Year Deployments / Day 31000 60h Unit & Int Tests / hour UI Tests per Build More Quality ~200 340 Code commits / day Stories per sprint More Agile 93% Production bugs found by Dev More Stability 450 99.998% Global EC2 Instances Global Availability
  21. 21. Confidential, Dynatrace, LLC Monitoring redefined Every user, every app, everywhere. AI powered, full stack, automated. Full lifecycle - development, test, and production
  22. 22. Here is what we have built …
  23. 23. confidential OneAgent for all Technologies and Use Cases
  24. 24. confidential We get to know your environment better than you do small, and bigones …
  25. 25. We baseline your hosts, processes and services
  26. 26. … And understand your end users
  27. 27. confidential And we speak AWS natively
  28. 28. All this new monitoring requires a new approach to analytics as well …
  29. 29. confidential Cloud Ops: Automatic Problem, Anomaly and Root Cause Detection
  30. 30. confidential Biz: Automated Problem, Impact and Root Cause Detection
  31. 31. confidential Dev: Executing Fact-based Remediation Actions #1: Compare w prev. Timeframe / Release #2: Actionable Diff-View for Devs
  32. 32. Redefining monitoring doesn’t stop with monitoring and analytics …
  33. 33. confidential davis – the first digital assistant
  34. 34. confidential Everybody knows how to ask a question
  35. 35. confidential How are we doing from an operational perspective? Do I need to adjust the priorities of the team? Anything important for my team? The standup
  36. 36. confidential The board meeting Are our digital processes working well for customers ? Are we meeting availability, technical requirements and costs? Are customers adopting new functionalities as expected?
  37. 37. confidential Slacking with davis
  38. 38. confidential Learn more @ https://www.dynatrace.com/meet-davis/
  39. 39. confidential AI-Driven Digital Operation Ecosystem DAVIS / REST
  40. 40. confidential Try what we’ve built @ http://bit.ly/dtsaastrial or visit http://www.dynatrace.com Stalk me  @grabnerandi
  41. 41. Monitoring redefined. Thank you.