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How to bring your Company's web presence in 2015

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Starting up? Then you need to focus on how to bring up your Company's web presence in 2015. Read the Slide set to understand it in a graphical manner

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How to bring your Company's web presence in 2015

  1. 1. Bringing Your Company’s Web Presence into 2015
  2. 2. 47% Stanford  Web  Credibility  Project  found  that of  users  make  BUYING  DECISIONS   based  upon  A  BUSINESSE’S  SITE  ALONE.   h"p://wpbusiness-ps.com/2014/08/good-­‐design-­‐ma"ers-­‐business/
  3. 3. 87%of  U.S.  SMBs  cite  WEBSITES   as  their  MOST  IMPORTANT     digital  markeKng  tacKc. h"p://www.emarketer.com/Ar-cle/Responsive-­‐Design-­‐Aims-­‐Solve-­‐Mul-screen-­‐Dilemma/1009904
  4. 4. h"p://designers.hubspot.com/blog/15-­‐years-­‐of-­‐homepage-­‐evolu-on 67% Use  of  MOBILE  DEVICES  to   access  the  internet  has  increased worldwide  over  12  months.
  5. 5. Overall Layout & Design
  6. 6. 15 h"p://-me.com/12933/what-­‐you-­‐think-­‐you-­‐know-­‐about-­‐the-­‐web-­‐is-­‐wrong/ seconds   The  average  reader  will  spend  only on  your  website.  
  7. 7. Modern Aesthetic
  8. 8. New School Cool Flat  Design User  Experience Simplicity  &   FuncKonality Hero  Image  &   Background  Video
  9. 9. One  of  our  favorite  new-­‐schoolers  
  10. 10. Another  example  of  beauKful  design…  
  11. 11. Background  videos  are  blowing  up  right  now  -­‐  for  good  reason.  
  12. 12. Case  3D  couples  parallax  scrolling  with  great  design.  
  13. 13. Old School Complex  Menus Non-­‐Responsive Not  Enough Lots  of  Links
  14. 14. Minimalism  gone  horribly  wrong  
  15. 15. Even  worse  
  16. 16. Maze-Like site structure Over-­‐Complex  Sitemap   No  clear  call  to  acKon   Menu  item  order   Too  many  steps   Or  too  few-­‐   nowhere  to  go  
  17. 17. Yikes  –  too  many  opKons.  
  18. 18. Where  to  click…  where  to  click…  
  19. 19. Menu  items  mid-­‐page   Sidebar  +  two  headers   Outdated  slider   Long  company  descripKon   Yikes!  
  20. 20. Redundancy  in  menu  structure  
  21. 21. Way  too  many  links  
  22. 22. LEAVE YOUR SITE Users  will when  they  don’t  know  what  to  do.   h"p://blog.crazyegg.com/2013/07/19/why-­‐users-­‐leave-­‐a-­‐website/
  23. 23. Responsive Design
  24. 24. Why Responsive Design Increasing  mobile  and   tablet  users   Consistent  experience  on   all  devices   Less  work  for  you  and   your  customers   Fading  lines  between   device  types  
  25. 25. Non  responsive  Desktop   Non  responsive  Tablet  
  26. 26. h"p://designers.hubspot.com/blog/15-­‐years-­‐of-­‐homepage-­‐evolu-on Historic  Non-­‐Responsive  Design The  Responsive  Design  Experience  
  27. 27. 80%of  internet  users  are  using   SMARTPHONES  to  search  online. h"p://designers.hubspot.com/blog/mobile-­‐website-­‐design-­‐examples
  28. 28. 2 The  average  tablet  user  spends with  the  device. h"p://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33328/21-­‐Internet-­‐Marke-ng-­‐Stats-­‐That-­‐Will-­‐Blow-­‐Your-­‐Mind.aspx Hours/day  
  29. 29. What’s happening April 21, 2015?
  30. 30. 40%of  mobile  queries. h"p://designers.hubspot.com/blog/mobile-­‐website-­‐design-­‐examples On  that  day,  Google  will  make   MOBILE  FRIENDLINESS   a  ranking  signal,  affecKng…   12% of  queries. 4% and  Penguin  affected  about… To  put  that  in  context,     their  Panda  update  impacted   only  about…   of  mobile  and  desktop  queries.  
  31. 31. 48%of  users  who  arrive  on  a  website   that   ISN’T  WORKING  WELL  ON  MOBILE   take  it  as  a  sign  that     THE  BUSINESS  DOESN’T  CARE. h"p://blog.hubspot.com/marke-ng/compelling-­‐stats-­‐website-­‐design-­‐op-miza-on-­‐list
  32. 32. Headers & Footers
  33. 33. Headers We Love
  34. 34. Footers we love… to hate Skinny  Footer   Super  Footer  
  35. 35. Information Absorption Top  le^  corner   Linking  to  Home   The  “F”  Paaern  
  36. 36. Visuals
  37. 37. 50% Almost of  your  brain  is  involved  in   VISUAL  PROCESSING. h"p://neomam.com/interac-ve/13reasons/
  38. 38. 70%of  all  your  sensory  receptors  are  in   YOUR  EYES. h"p://neomam.com/interac-ve/13reasons/
  39. 39. Hokey stock images Images  that’ll  make   your  visitors  gag  
  40. 40. Text & Image Make  certain  to  have…   Oh,  Text  as  Image?  Yeah,  no.   Editable  text   Searchable  text   Imagery  to  dissolve   monotony  Alt  tags  
  41. 41. Don’t  neglect  your  text  placement…  or  this  could  happen  to  you  
  42. 42. 94%of  people  cite  DESIGN  as  a  reason  they   DO  NOT  TRUST  A  WEBSITE. h"p://www.instantshiY.com/2013/09/02/importance-­‐of-­‐effec-ve-­‐website-­‐design-­‐infographic/
  43. 43. “3D” icons/buttons/text Avoid  painful  3D  design   at  all  costs  
  44. 44. What  too  many  3D  elements  looks  like,   even  with  an  overall  responsive,  flat  design.  
  45. 45. Resolution One  of  these  images  does  not  belong…  
  46. 46. Fonts There’s  no  excuse  for  not  using  great  fonts.  
  47. 47. Your Website’s Code
  48. 48. No CMS? Here’s  what  you’re  missing,  ability  to:   Monitor  SEO  Edit  your  content  
  49. 49. HTML5, the modern standard NO  FLASH!  
  50. 50. Load Time… Clean  up  your  code   Pay  aaenKon  to:   File  caching   File  type  
  51. 51. Your Domain
  52. 52. Domain Name Registration Memorable  name   Less  is  more   Register  long-­‐term  
  53. 53. Syntax Avoid  complexity   Website  name  vs.  URL   Hyphens  vs.  underscores  
  54. 54. Content Marketing
  55. 55. Blogging What’s  your  audience   reading?   Your  content  needs  to   resonate  with  your   audience   Post  sufficiently  frequently   Google  rewards  fresh   content  and  penalized   stale  content  
  56. 56. 46%of  people  READ  BLOGS  more  than  once  a  day.   h"p://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/the-­‐science-­‐of-­‐blogging-­‐6086313
  57. 57. The  name  says  it  all…  
  58. 58. How  to  do  it  beaer  
  59. 59. The  beauty  of  simplicity  conKnues…  
  60. 60. Style & Voice Tone   Geography   Consistency  
  61. 61. Who’s your audience? End  user  vs.  reseller   Customer  vs.  employee   Regulatory  bodies   Current  user  vs.  potenKal   Local,  regional,  naKonal   notes  
  62. 62. Videos, Infographics, Podcasting, & More
  63. 63. 100% Viewers  spend   more  Kme  on  PAGES  WITH   VIDEOS.   h"p://www.marke-ngsherpa.com/ar-cle/how-­‐to/videos-­‐a"ract-­‐300-­‐more-­‐traffic
  64. 64. 85% Viewers  are   more  likely  to  PURCHASE  A  PRODUCT   a^er  watching  a  PRODUCT  VIDEO. h"p://www.invodo.com/resources/sta-s-cs/
  65. 65. 90% Adding  INFOGRAPHICS  boosts  credibility  and  traffic  for  websites  as   of  all  informaKon  we  remember  is  based  on  VISUAL  IMPACT. h"ps://vwo.com/blog/snackable-­‐content/
  66. 66. Should  have  picked  a  beaer  image  for  that  video…  
  67. 67. Compelling Video Content About  Us   TesKmonials   AnimaKon  vs.  Live  Product  Demos  
  68. 68. Search Engine Optimization
  69. 69. 94% Users  click  ORGANIC  SEARCH  RESULTS  over  paid  ads   of  the  Kme. h"p://searchenginewatch.com/sew/news/2200730/organic-­‐vs-­‐paid-­‐search-­‐results-­‐organic-­‐wins-­‐94-­‐of-­‐-me
  70. 70. Shady SEO Practices Bogus  Backlinks   Fake  Comments   Link  Farms  &  Directories  
  71. 71. On-Site SEO - Keywords Finding  the  best  keywords   A/B  tesKng   Image  alt  tags  HTML  tags  (headers)  
  72. 72. Meta Description Google  snippets   Keywords  go  here,  too  
  73. 73. Off-site SEO is everything else Including,  good  ol’  fashion   spreading  the  word  to   create  clean  quality   backlinks   Outreach   In-­‐person  networking  
  74. 74. Outreach Marketing
  75. 75. Blogger Outreach Third-­‐party  experKse   Backlinks   Brand  recogniKon  
  76. 76. News & Reviews Local  news  sources   Industry  professional   reviews   User  review  sites  
  77. 77. Local SEO Tactics Google  my  business   Local  landing  pages   Meta  tags,  again  
  78. 78. 61%of  LOCAL  SEARCHES  result  in  a  purchase.   h"p://searchenginewatch.com/sew/study/2305421/315-­‐businesses-­‐boost-­‐rankings-­‐by-­‐op-mizing-­‐their-­‐google-­‐local-­‐pages-­‐study
  79. 79. Another Good Reason To Get This All Right
  80. 80. 44%of  online  shoppers  WILL  TELL  THEIR  FRIENDS   about  a  BAD  EXPERIENCE  ONLINE. h"ps://blog.kissmetrics.com/loading-­‐-me/
  81. 81. Doing It Wrong vs. Doing It Right If  you  neglect  online  best  pracKces…   If  you  take  your  web  presence  seriously…   Loss  of  visibility   Higher  page  ranking   Lower  traffic   More  visitors   Damaged  image   Respectability  &  ValidaKon   Abandonment   Conversion    
  82. 82. 151  E  22ND  ST.,  LOMBARD,  IL  60148    |    630.473.4907    |    MARQANA.COM   Photo  Sources:      Startup  stockphotos,  Unsplash,  Picjumbo,  Financial  Kmes  photos,  Markus  Spiske,  shuaerstock,  flickr   Check  out  our  blog:   www.marqana.com/blog