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  1. The five seasons of salem
  2. Salem, Massachusetts is considered to be the Halloween destination of America. Residents consider October their fifth season of the year with a month-long calendar of celebrations. In October alone, Salem manages to accumulate over 300,000 visitors to the city. activities include giant street parties, costume parades, haunted storytelling and lantern- guided walking tours in efforts to attract as many visitors as possible. Background of Salem
  3. Campaign goals The celebrations in October bring in the most tourism for the city and they want to expand tourism to other months as well. In Salem it is their goal to increase tourism during the other months of the year and not just focus on the month of October. This campaign worked to aim tourism toward things that aren’t Halloween related so the city is able to attract visitors during other months of the year.
  4. More goals The city wanted to reach everyone from the Salem Hospital, the downtown shops, local restaurants, and Salem State University. Salem paid the advertising and marketing company $25,000 to create the new brand and make a positioning strategy to appeal to the stakeholders, tourism businesses, and Salem residents. The company created a new logo for Salem which provided the viewer with two different visual interpretations, either a sailboat or a witch’s hat.
  5. Reach niche audiences LGBTQ family travel culinary international meeting and group tours Tactics
  6. Tapping into the Boston market -Focused on people traveling in Boston -Did research and discovered most people traveling to Boston are white-collar middle-aged people -This allowed Salem to focus marketing efforts on that target audience
  7. -Advertising -Media relations -Social media -Website More marketing
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