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The Eluvator

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This show uses a metaphor of the ‘Eluvator’ to illustrate a philosophy that I strongly believe in, and which I personally try to practise in my daily life. If we all followed these principles, the world would be a much better place!

It is intended to stand-alone, and so has relatively high text content. For presentation purposes, I would of course abbreviate the text substantially.

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The Eluvator

  1. o The E luv ator 7 ways to Lift your Love via Slides advance automatically G www.slideshare.net/grahairs
  2. If you GIVE your love generously…
  3. it will enrich your life…
  4. and the lives of everyone around you
  5. We are all born for love. BENJAMIN DISRAELI (1804 - 1881) From “SYBIL” It is the principle of existence, and its only end.
  6. Then practise every day! Learn from each floor Take the E luv ator up Enter the Tower of Love Here’s How To Do It…
  7. TOWER of LOVE FULFILLED LOVE 1 st Floor 2 nd Floor 3 rd Floor 4 th Floor 5 th Floor 6 th Floor 7 th Floor Penthouse Fulfilment!!! Declared Love Written Love Learned Love Glory Giving Patience Good Deeds Compassion The 7 Love Levels Ground Floor To Enter E luv ator
  8. E luv ator This Way
  9. Prepare for an U P L I F T I N G life experience!
  10. Welcome to the E luv ator G ELUV ATOR o o Going UP
  11. The Sky’s the Limit!
  12. 1 st Floor Compassion Re-focus your concern on others! Put yourself in the shoes of others & focus on their situation. Appreciate how they must feel; show your concern & offer your assistance when needed. Experience compassion & feel the love returned! ATOR ELUV 1
  13. Now to level 2 1 ELUV ATOR o o Going UP
  14. 2 nd Floor Good Deeds Do at least one good deed daily! Do something really nice for someone, but don’t mention it to anyone else… ever! Experience the wonderful feeling of loving fulfilment that will come to you with true giving! ATOR ELUV 2
  15. Now to level 3 2 ELUV ATOR o o Going UP
  16. 3 rd Floor Patience Count to ten & think again! Realize the innocence in people and situations by gently reminding yourself to relax when challenged. Keep calm, relax your breathing, realize your loving self & be at peace with the world! ATOR ELUV 3
  17. Now to level 4 3 ELUV ATOR o o Going UP
  18. 4 th Floor Glory Giving Direct the glory towards others! Resist the temptation to claim all the glory for successes. Surrender your need for personal attention. Instead - share in the delight when you attribute successful outcomes to others! ATOR ELUV 4
  19. Now to level 5 4 ELUV ATOR o o Going UP
  20. 5 th Floor Learning Imagine all others as your teachers! Imagine that even the most challenging people are ‘enlightened’ and are only here to teach you something, i.e. ‘patience’. Just try to work out what it is! Live life this way to realize inner peace & love ATOR ELUV 5
  21. Now to level 6 5 ELUV ATOR o o Going UP
  22. 6 th Floor Written Love Write regularly from the heart! Write at least one weekly heartfelt letter or note (or web comment) to someone else, to remind yourself of the beauty they bring to you. Focus on the people in your life and fill up with gratitude ATOR ELUV 6
  23. Now to level 7 6 ELUV ATOR o o Going UP
  24. 7 th Floor Declared Love Tell people that you love them now! Find a way now, to say it to the people you care about. Declaring your love often will unlock people’s hearts and they’ll feel empowered to return it! Do it now! - Don’t wait until it’s too late! ATOR ELUV 7
  25. Now to the Penthouse 7 ELUV ATOR o o Going UP
  26. Penthouse ‘Fulfilment’ Routinely practise all 7 steps and you will be truly fulfilled! The view from the top is awesome! Love is, above all, the gift of oneself Jean Anouilh 1910-1987 ATOR ELUV P
  27. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Whoever you are… young or old… it’s never too late to E luv ate!
  28. So fire your love arrows generously to enrich your life and the lives of everyone else around you
  29. Now it’s YOUR choice… OR TOP FLOOR ? BASEMENT ?
  30. www.slideshare.net/grahairs All themes, graphics & photos designed and produced by: THE END o The E luv ator 7 ways to Lift your Love via