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Data Driven Journalism. SoCon13. 2-9-13.

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Slides used to prompt my lecture on data and journalism at SoCon13. 2-9-13.

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Data Driven Journalism. SoCon13. 2-9-13.

  1. 1. Data Driven Journalism Two kinds
  2. 2. Crunching NumbersReading the Tea Leaves
  3. 3. http://gawker.com/stats/bigboard/
  4. 4. "Web publishers have traditionally had trouble making money off ofsudden surges in visits to their site." Ad Age Digital
  5. 5. http://deadspin.com/5976517/manti-teos-dead-girlfriend-the-most-heartbreaking-and-inspirational-story-of-the-college-football- season-is-a-hoax
  6. 6. "So after an afternoon of back and forth with one of our partners, the agency and clientunfortunately werent able to pull together thebudget and creative fast enough to capitalize on the story," Mr. Del wrote Gawker Medias advertising director
  7. 7. Deadspin may have made a lifelong supporter along the way. ComedianNick Kroll, whose ads for his ComedyCentral series happened to be running on the site on Wednesday, took to Twitter to express his gratitude. "Thx, @deadspin," he wrote.
  8. 8. Better headlines
  9. 9. Money woes sparked flap over UGA newspaperGovernor Deals JNC gets 75 names for appeals courtWoman chasing ex-husband loses slip-and-fall lawsuitSupreme Court of Georgia issues discipline decisionsSuperior court contests arise for 15 seats
  10. 10. http://gawker.com/stats/bigboard/
  11. 11. Its the (original) controversy, stupid.
  12. 12. Not really. Its the excellent journalism, stupid.