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  1. 1. Entrepreneur Application for Venture Presentation Bay Area Capital Connections IV Conference
  2. 2. Company Introduction SixPackFoods is a unique meal delivery service with a focus on helping people meet their fitness goals. Using expert nutrition ideology, SixPackFoods provides six small, balanced, homemade meals a day. The goal is to stabilize the body's blood sugar by eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, thus increasing energy and allowing the body to run more efficiently. The meals offer a carbohydrate-protein ratio that is suited for muscle retention and development, while facilitating fat loss. SixPackFoods is a lifestyle change rather than a "get fit quick" program, which commonly leaves people unsatisfied with results. Capitalizing on current health trends and scientific understanding, SixPackFoods' priorities include a focus on whole foods prepared with minimal processing and use of local, seasonal ingredients. SixPackFoods aims to provide delicious, nutritious meals while saving clients time and effort, and relieving the stress of grocery shopping and food preparation. Creativity, variety, sustainable food sources, and taste are all top priorities for each SixPackFoods meal. SixPackFoods' menus have been reviewed in focus group research, and improved based on customer feedback. SixPackFoods is a company ready for expansion, as the business model has been established.
  3. 3. Market Need and Size The niche market reached by SixPackFoods has potential for national scalability. SixPackFoods embraces the established ideology of eating smaller meals more frequently, backed by many nutritionists and similar to programs such as Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem. SixPackFoods provides the service of homemade, conveniently delivered, delicious meals nutritionally balanced with fitness goals in mind and made with seasonal, local, whole foods. Ideal Candidates: <ul><li>Those with the good intention and financial means to eat right, but may not have the time, know-how, or energy to get the job done.
  4. 4. Body builders and those training for races, triathlons, etc.; eating six small meals a day provides sustained levels of energy and blood sugar needed for intensive physical activity. (Those in training hardly have time for meal preparation after hours of daily exercise in addition to working a full-time job.)
  5. 5. Have likely worked with a personal trainer, or have been educated regarding nutritional requirements and the positive effect of proper eating habits on getting in shape. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Competitive Analysis I While there are other meal delivery services available in San Francisco, none are specifically focused on achieving personal fitness goals. SixPackFoods is also committed to supporting local suppliers and using sustainable practices (reusable food containers and delivery bags, locally sourced produce, etc.), something that competitors do not necessarily emphasize. Competitors: <ul><li>Lilah Belle
  7. 7. Beautifull!
  8. 8. Cook SF
  9. 9. Evolution Catering </li></ul>All offer freshly prepared, delivered meals. Each company provides an online menu allowing customers to choose their meals for each day. Daily maintenance is required to keep deliveries consistent. Indirect Competitors: <ul><li>Nutrisystem
  10. 10. Weight Watchers </li></ul>Offer prepared meals delivered to your home with the goal of losing weight in mind. Emphasize smaller meals, more frequently, but meals are not freshly made.
  11. 11. Competitive Analysis II What makes SixPackFoods unique: <ul><li>Orders are made weekly, rather than daily, without menu choices, cutting down on time spent reviewing menus and placing orders.
  12. 12. SixPackFoods takes the guesswork out of daily meal planning. Customers don't have to make decisions regarding what is the healthiest meal option or what will best help them achieve their fitness goals. SixPackFoods' recent focus group research indicates that clients enjoy the variety that SixPackFoods offers and appreciate not dealing with the task of deciding what to eat for each meal.
  13. 13. Nutritional makeup of each meal is planned with fitness goals in mind. People can more readily get in shape and eat right without the chore of reading labels and calorie counting.
  14. 14. Sustainably sourced, whole foods with little processing emphasized. Meals are freshly made with enough variety and creativity to keep even the most sophisticated pallets pleased.
  15. 15. Environmental issues are considered: local, seasonal produce is utilized and meals come in reusable, glass containers and are delivered in reusable bags. No plastic means no chemicals leaching into food upon reheating. </li></ul>
  16. 16. Daily meals delivered in reusable glass containers No toxic plastics leaching into food upon heating Fresh, delicious ingredients in each nutritionally balanced meal Weeks worth of food delivered in a box Freeze-dried and frozen plastic-packaged meals VS.
  17. 17. There is a need for freshly prepared, conveniently delivered meals that meet specific nutritional goals. Leading personal trainers' manuals indicate that as much as 70 percent of positive results at the gym are linked to eating smaller meals, more frequently, as SixPackFoods meal plans offer. People have the desire to get in shape, lose weight, build muscle, etc., and as people see the link between proper eating habits and achieving fitness goals, SixPackFoods becomes a viable option for those who don't always have time to eat well. SixPackFoods facilitates reaching fitness goals faster, more free time, and the peace of mind and good physical feelings that come with eating right. SixPackFoods' meals... <ul><li>Provide predetermined nutritional content.
  18. 18. Stabilize blood sugar levels needed to sustained energy.
  19. 19. Offer a carbohydrate-protein ratio suited for muscle retention and development.
  20. 20. Facilitate fat loss.
  21. 21. Eliminate time spent shopping and preparing food, allowing customers more free time. </li></ul>No other freshly prepared meal plan fits this profile. Product Solution
  22. 22. Marketing Strategy and Revenue Generation Six meals/day @ $45/day + $25 delivery charge $250 per week Successful Marketing Strategies: <ul><li>Postcard distribution at gyms (offer free consultations and the first day of meals free).
  23. 23. Presentations to office groups (50% of those in attendance signed up for SixPackFoods).
  24. 24. Encouraging referrals from current clients ($100 discount to any current customer who refers a friend to sign up).
  25. 25. Client testimonials posted on the website. </li></ul>New Strategies: <ul><li>Partner with personal trainers to set up a referral system.
  26. 26. Set up daily pick-up locations at local gyms for customer convenience. </li></ul>
  27. 27. Financial Projections Monthly gross income for 2011: $4000 Monthly gross income for 2010: $2500 Sixty percent growth rate from 2010 to 2011
  28. 28. SixPackFoods is owned and operated by Keith Hodge. Keith has worked in the food service industry for 20 years, working in restaurants for 12 years and in nutritional beverage sales and distribution for eight. Keith has been a fitness enthusiast for 30 years and has been utilizing the SixPackFoods plan personally for over two years. His ongoing relationships with trainers at local gyms, his fitness and nutrition sense, and his dynamic personality all help grow SixPackFoods. Keith has also employed the business development expertise of such entrepreneurial management teams as GreenBusinessOwner.com (Scott Cooney, author and business development consultant) and Wicked Start, an online entrepreneurial service specifically geared towards new companies that has the support of nationally recognized media outlets. Management Team
  29. 29. Investment Needs An investment sum of $20,000 would cover the following short term (three months) expenses: <ul><li>Commercial kitchen rental
  30. 30. Utilities
  31. 31. Insurance deposit
  32. 32. Sales and marketing expenses including stationery, marketing
  33. 33. materials, and outdoor signage
  34. 34. Website development
  35. 35. Office, kitchen, and janitorial supply expenses
  36. 36. Kitchen Equipment (long-term assets)
  37. 37. Cooking and kitchen utensils
  38. 38. Computer and small business software
  39. 39. Various office supplies </li></ul>Wish List Items: <ul><li>A vehicle for delivery and supplies: $22,000
  40. 40. One year's salary for two part-time staff to help delegate labor in
  41. 41. production and delivery: $30,000 </li></ul>