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Employee Retention

  1. Critical Findings One Out of Every Three People Plan on Leaving in the Next Two Years Hay Group
  2. Critical Finding It Costs Much More to Replace Employees Than to Keep Them
  3. Key Finding Money may attract people to the front door but something else is needed to keep them from going out the back.
  4. Critical Finding Working for an underperforming boss 80% said the experience prevented them from learning and hurt their career. 85% said it made them want to leave the company. “ War for Talent”
  5. Have you ever hired the wrong person?
  6. Integrity Test-Stop Bad Hires
  7. Establish Motivational Fit “ Candidate’s interest in doing the job” Determines how long they will stay on the job JOB Alignment Alignment = What a person expects from the job and what the job can offer.
  8. Use Behaviorial Assessments to Identify The Best People
  9. Which Practices Have the Greatest Impact on Productivity and Shareholder Return? TALENT MANAGEMENT Attracting Top Talent Retention of Top Performers Collegial & Flexible Workplace Rewarding Performance & Accountability Communication
  10. FREE SEVEN-LESSON COURSE ON EMPLOYEE RETENTION World Wide Web Chart Your Course International 770-860-9464

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